A Month of Mick (#25) – It is my fantasy and I am sticking to it…..

How do you tell a man twice your age that you are his father?

You don’t!

– Mick St John, Moonlight, Episode 15

For so many reason, Episode 15 – ‘What’s left behind’, of Moonlight has got a special place in my heart. One of them is the warm fuzzy feeling in my heart whenever we get to see Alex interact with children. His tenderness and ease with them always astounds me. He just has this ability to let the child actors shine and be the best at whatever they need to be…..

Another reason of course is the warm fuzzy feeling I get in “other” parts whenever he is afforded the chance for some romance and love. Oh boy, we are getting far to little of that in his career!! (and somehow when we do, people find reasons to complain about it 😕 )

The other wonderful thing about this episode, is that we meet “normal” Mick. I guy who was born just before and grew up during the great depression years. A guy who grew up in a normal middle class American home. Mick St John, the shy man, who went to war for his country. And suffered in the trenches in the snow, during the “Battle of the Bulge”…..


We meet Mick, who just like many men of that time, not only got injured in the war himself, but came back, having lost his dearest friend as well. A friends who’s dying words were, take care of my wife. And that is exactly what he did. But in the process of looking after her and maybe as they were both grieving for somebody they love, they fell in love with each other. Was it true love or just consoling each other. I guess we and they would never know.




What we do know, is that a half paralyzed Ray came back and 7 months later a very large prem baby was born. Is this all a coincidence or not? The odds are definitely in the favor of a healthy Mick, to be the father of a child that was not actually born prematurely.

We have to realise that Mick knew the consequences of having a human family in his life. He told Beth in Episode 3, that he had to give up his family. Even if he did get involved with Robert and Jacob, how would he be able to explain to them as the years go by, that he is not aging. For vampires the only way they could be with humans and be safe, is for the human to know the truth. How will Mick be able to explain the truth to Robert?

From there my belief that Mick made a conscious decision at that very moment, that Robert and Jacob can’t be part of his undead life. For me he actually shows his love towards them for putting their feelings and safety before his own need of family. Also as he receives the results, he says “Good for you Ray” – for me that was his way of saying – Good for you Ray, you raised our son well and you took him as your own. You might have come back from the war as a cripple, but I gave you a son and you took my gift without contempt. Good for you for doing that! This is the way it was supposed to be. Thank you my friend, I will honour you and not disrupt their lives with my own need for a family…….





A lot of the arguments against my view, are that most believe Mick would not lie to Beth. But there are so many things that Mick were withholding from Beth and not sharing with her, because of her being human. He was most probably also thinking of her feelings and the fact that they could never have children, but that he now has got offspring of his own. Something that might somewhere down the line, become an issue between the two of them…..

So all in all I want to stand by my fantasy that Mick indeed had a family, with some potential of stories yet to come……

My first question is: ‘Can I shine in this role?’ Do I have a comprehensive understanding of this character? Do I also have an inherent, instinctual understanding of how I’m going play this character, does this character live within me already on some level? Am I going to be able to authentically bring honesty, integrity and life to this character and, defend this character with all my might? And so that’s our job as actors

– Alex O’Loughlin, Vampires & Slayers, November 2008



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48 responses to “A Month of Mick (#25) – It is my fantasy and I am sticking to it…..

  1. BlueEyedMonster

    I agree that Mick was Robert’s father.
    Mick never actually showed the results to Beth, he just told her they were negative. I also heard the rumor that the in the original story Jill wrote Robert was Mick’s son but maybe the thinking was that story line would be a problem for future episodes for the reason mentioned here.
    And Mick as a soldier let’s just say I love a man in uniform.

    • Maybe the fact that it was originally wrote that way and then changed at the end, is sending out the mixed signals that we all get from this episode. In most of the discussions I have been part of before, the people said that Mick was telling Beth the truth and that he was not the father.
      Can’t wait for the white uniform in H5-0. Yummy Steve! 😀

  2. This episode hit a little too close to home for me when it was first aired. It was around the time when after several years of being poked and prodded and having exploratory surgery done and finally ending up at a fertility clinic my husband and I were more or less told ‘Congratulations, the chances of you ever having children is less than one in a million’. We opted not to go ahead with the IVF treatment we were offered and when this episode aired I was still coming to terms with not having a family, so the whole thing with Mick not being able to have children as a Vampire, and then thinking that maybe, just maybe he does have a human family out there, and Josef talking about no little rug rat regrets and just…yeah, this episode was a tough one for me to sit through. I’ve had a lot of time to accept that I won’t have kids, and to be honest in the end I think it has been for the best, but even now, this episode, there’s something about it – I skip to the Josef/Mick scenes and then I skip over it. Impactful and powerful viewing.

    • Karen

      Oh Emerald thank you for sharing your story. How brave and bittersweet. Through choice/circumstances I don’t have children either and, like you, I now know that everything works out exactly how its supposed to. Truthfully, tt doesn’t make a difference how many years have passed either because when I watch scenes like this, it always makes me cry. You’re so right, impactful and powerful viewing. Sending {{{{{{big hugs}}}}}} your way.

    • venia

      Emerald you are not the only one who cannot have children. a deacade ago I had to have a operation. I had tumors in my reproductive system and these tumors ate up my reproductive system. I was told that they can remove the tumors but I will never have children. I cried on it over night and was sad. That year my sister ( who is younger than me) had her first child. But in time to learn that maybe things happen for a reason, and now I accept the fact I cannot have children. I am very close to my nephews who I love very much and I am very happy with my life. I see from my sister that being a mother takes a lot of time, sacrifice, and money and right now there are so many things I want to do in life that maybe it is a good idea I don’t have children in my life. I am very happy and feel complete and no less of a woman. I understand the pain but you are not alone on the matter and you can have a happy complete life.

      • Venia and Karen, I’m truly sorry to hear of your own circumstances in this matter. Fate has a funny way of making things right in the end though, even if it’s hard to see it in the moment.

    • For me as someone who chose never to have children, it is sometimes difficult to understand how people feel, who wanted them, but could not have it. So I would not ever try to understand how devastating it must be…..
      but as you say, things also work out the way it does, for a reason.

      • One really good thing did come out of it. I’d been suffering from Anorexia Nervosa for almost 24 years, and when we first started trying for a baby I was still clinically emaciated and very much stuck in my disease. When I got the surgery results back and found out I had severe endometriosis and a blocked fallopian tube I thought to myself ‘it’s going to be hard enough for me to get pregnant with this, let alone being Anorexic on top of it’. I’d already done a 12 month period of what is sometimes called ‘stasis recovery’, where you make a pact to at least maintain your weight and slowly start to challenge some of the thoughts and behaviours, but that moment in the hospital after receiving the test results was when I committed 100% to full recovery. By the time we found out that there really wasn’t any chance at all of us being able to have children, I’d already gotten so many benefits out of recovery that I stuck with it. That was 9 years ago. Am I recovered now? No, I’m still ‘in recovery’, but I consider myself about 75% of the way there. Not bad for someone who nearly every single Doctor and Therapist had given up on.

        Everything happens for a reason.

        • Darling Claire,
          Thank you for the great love and courage you showed in sharing this with us, I am glad things are better for you now and that you continue to win your battle with food to stay healthy and strong !!
          With much love from your old friend “Mary E”” aka “POMMIENANA”

        • Wonderful to be able to see the good that can come from bad situations. I think that is a wonderful attitude to have in life…..!

    • lunaterra12

      I also cannot have children. It took me a long time to come to terms with that, and every now and then I see a baby and have that longing. Makes me sad.
      Sending you big hugs and love.

  3. Karen

    I agree as well that Mick was Robert’s father.

    I’m so sad to see this month of Mick end. He was such a wonderfully complex, emotional, vulnerable character. I think he’s Alex’s best character. I love and adore both “Steve” and “Andy” but there’s just something about Mick that sparks the imagination of what could have been.

    • venia

      Karen I agree I hate that we are now at the end of Month of Mick. I have enjoyed this so much, the pic, the background stories and the quotes from alex about playing mick. I agree I love him as steve and happy he finally has a show that went pass Moonlight, but to me in my heart Alex will always be Mick and my favorite performance from him.

    • Thank you very much Karen. A lot of the people commenting at the beginning have disappeared. Although we can see a lot of people read the stories, it seems like we are boring the people that usually also comment….so thank you for at least liking it! 🙂

      • Karen

        FOYeur I loved it – I might not have been able to respond to all of them but I enjoyed seeing and reading everyone. Mick will always be my first love!

  4. I also am one of those that believes Mick was Robert’s father. IDK what it is, maybe a feeling but that’s the reality of it for me. BEM I heard that same story! We were probably told by the same person LOL
    Sorry Claire, your courage never ceases to amaze me ♥

  5. venia

    I love this episode of Moonlight. It was one of many episodes I enjoyed from season 1. I enjoyed it becasuse it had so much heart and emotion. Those are words that I sum up about Mick as well. I think this episode was more about mick feelings he had a family out there somthing that would still tie him to being human. I think i think a lot of fans missed the point of this episode that it was about heart and emotion and Alex played that so beautiful, you don;t see that on to many vampire shows. I hear NBC will bring back Dracula but to me no vampire stand to what alex did with mick.

  6. venia

    I will be honest I wish he could grow his hair back out like mick. Not that he is not sexy now,but I loved the mick hair.

    • I love it somewhere in between.
      Not really Mick long, but definitely longer than the last 2 seasons of H5-0

      • I love it long enough to run my fingers through and give it a tug. 😛 What?! I just wanted you to know I hadn’t died or fell off the earth somewhere. 😉 Still as naughty as ever!!

      • I want his hair to be Season 1 of H50 length, like the pictures you have on the sides 🙂 but I don’t think Alex like the curls too much, and the humidity in Hawaii, would make it curlier!
        P.S. I speak from experience! I have natural curly hair too and more humid, the more it curls.

  7. FOYeur
    Thank you for a really beautiful post ,I had never heard this theory before but it is a lovely one and makes perfect sense to me. I agree Mick IS Roberts Father and how right it was that he was conceived by love of BOTH Ray and his wife by Mick as they loved and comforted each other ..

  8. FOYeur, you are doing an incredible job with these posts and I personally don’t think people are bored, just probably busy. Paula, I can not say enough about your new gifs! The porch scene is like a wet dream come to life! I loved the passion that human Mick displayed. Good lord, what it would be like to be slammed against a wall, legs spread apart, dress pushed up, his hips thrusting into you with his mouth all over your mouth and neck…*shudder* Those pants make his @ss look spectacular and my mouth is watering thinking about grabbing on to those delicious glutes while he rocks into me. Why oh why didn’t we get to see more of this hot, sexy, passionate Mick?! *stomping feet like a spoiled brat*

    I agree with you FOYeur about Mick being the father. He knew that there wasn’t anyway he could be a father and grandfather to them in the traditional sense. He would just be a protector for them like he had for Beth. I wouldn’t doubt he would lie to Beth. If he told her the truth, she would have pressed him on the issue the way Beth did on every thing! It would have stirred up feelings of regret that he couldn’t give Beth a child. I remember how jealous and uncomfortable Beth was when he was telling her about his affair with his best friend’s “widow.” Mick had lived so many years and had given his heart to two other women, and I feel Beth was a very jealous woman. It would have been interesting to see how Beth handled aging and not being able to have Mick’s child.

    One of my favorite scenes was in the car when he says “You wanna have my baby?” S&T!! (I had it on my phone as a text alert for a long time. The looks I’d get were hilarious!) 😆
    Then the look on his “I want to f*ck you stupid” face when she says “..it (the sex) may not be any good..” Seriously, how could
    ANY WOMAN with a pulse NOT throw herself across the front seat into his lap and suck his face off…for starters! 😛

    • Oh exactly!! 😯
      When Beth says “You may not be any good!” and he responds with that look *drools* I think everyone woman in the world yelled at Beth “You stupid Woman”

      • One of the gizzlion times I yelled “You stupid woman!” to Beth. 🙄

          • LOL!! When talking about Beth or Mick or Josef, spelling mistakes are okay.

            Now back to Beth, I agree with you and how Beth looked when Mick was telling the story of how he cheated on his best friend, with his wife. Beth was looking a bit nervous.
            She is the Jealous type. Beth drove me nuts a bit cuz in the last episode she asks about “freshies” and how many he had, and has Mick turned anyone! She wanted to know a lot of answers, and so do we, but she was bit pushy on the subject. Give it time woman!! Geez!! Anyhow – thanks for letting me talk on!! 😉

      • And I complimented Beth´s sense of humor for her response LOL

      • KarinA

        I didn’t yell anything – I was too stunned to be able to do that! Of all the crazy things to say (even if she was just teasing)…

    • OMG Woman Your post should have come with a warning. HOT HOT HOT, I think I just had THE BIG O just from reading it,

      • Those porch gifs are HOT,HOT,HOT!! Paula dangles the bait and I bite! I hear some men like that! 😛 I thought by now everyone assumed when I comment, the warning is implied. 😆

    • buttercup

      All I want to do while reading this is “scream, scream and scream” 😉 because it’s so hot, there are no words just desire, endlessly!
      The car scene, “scream, scream”, because it’s so good, and everybody knows the s*x is going to be smashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lunaterra12

    I so loved this episode. It gave us an insight into Mick’s past that wasn’t addressed in other episodes.
    I also believe Mick is Roberts father

  10. This is my second favourite episode. Love the back story of Mick, and the army stuff. In the scene where you see Mick and Ray walking on the road you see Mick smoking! Yes, there is puff of smoke coming up! It’s isn’t often you see smoking on T.V.
    Anyhow, back to the story.. I love the Mick/Josef scene, and the the jealous scene in the kitchen with Ben, Mick and Beth!
    It just hurts every time I watch this episode, cuz I know it’s the second last one of the series, I want more of Mick.

    Thank you for the Great Month of Mick in August, but we still have three more days of August.
    I am sorry that some of the regulars are not posting. But I LOVE this! But then I am a Mick Fan and then Steve! Sorry!!

  11. I must be the only one then doubting Mick was the father. I always felt Mick was sort of really sad when he saw the results and assumed he was disappointed of not having fathered a child. But after all this, I think I must try to find the time to watch the entire episode to study his reactions closer. Capturing pics sometimes disturb my concentration for story, sometimes it´s the man disturbing my capturing…

    • canadagirl66

      I’m more inclined to go with Mick not being Richard’s father either Paula. I just felt like the pain he showed was the pain of realizing that he would never have the family he longed for and not the pain of a man resolved to letting his family go.
      I may also have to do a rewatch to be sure…what a hardship that will be. I adored this episode. It is one of my favourites.
      I agree LG, that scene on the porch was one of the HOTTEST scenes….and for me, that kiss is Alex’s best onscreen kiss…EVER.
      I’m one of the regulars that haven’t commented much this month…but it definitely isn’t because I’m bored.
      I LOVE ML…and I LOVE Mick…and I LOVE this blog…and I’ve been thrilled with The Month of Mick. RL is just interfering…again. Damn you RL. I also blame my broken finger (I had a little mishap) for keeping me from my usual long winded comments. 🙂
      Thanks ladies for another great post and gorgeous gifs!!!

      • canadagirl66

        Also wanted to say that I love the banner. Alex looks so handsome…it hurts my heart (and my panties) to look at him!

      • Sorry to hear about your finger CG.
        You and Paula are definitey not alone in your thinking. Like I said in a comment above, in all discussions I have been part of in the past the general feeling always have been that Mick was indeed not Robert’s father and that he was Ray’s child.
        That is why I wrote that it is my fantasy… It thought once again most people would disagree with me on it 😀

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  13. KarinA

    This was a totally new angle to this part of the story for me, and I like it a lot!
    As I have been out of internet reach for a big part of the summer I have had to read through all the posts in the last few days at high speed – they are all great! – so any comment I ordinarily would have made has been skipped, so to say, and should I have made it it would have come very late.
    I truly missed you all and are happy to be back! 😀

  14. gracenotpark

    One of my fave eps too! The backstory bits are always favorites for me, and we got too few of em! But this ep was rich in them and I loved it. I loved Lilah… As usual Alex had amazing chemistry with the actress, but then he would have chemistry with a sea sponge. 😉

    I totes agree, he is the daddy! It makes no sense otherwise. The guy with challenged working parts comes home and immediately makes a giant 2 month premie? Not happening. And I recall that the writer of this ep, at some Q&A event, told a group of fans that she had written it as Mick’s son. It was a last minute change and it was one of their stoopid changes in those final eps. So ignore! We know the truth! :mrgreen:

    The month of Mick has been delightful! I’ve enjoyed every post. Have not commented on all of em as sometimes my comments woulda just been repetitive. But this has been way fun & you girls do an amazing job with pics, gifs, research, details, discussion, themes, audio and video, and humor. And not just in Mick Month. Thank you for entertaining, informing and delighting us. 😀

    And since we seem to be going on the record… Dr. Andy is my favorite Alex character and I loooove his short hair the best… the current buzz cut is awesome. But everybody loves Mick. Ya gotta love Mick!

  15. Oh yeah, this is one of my favorite episodes too! For so many reasons. Alex and a child! No more words needed! Mick’s background. A lot of sexy vampire stuff! Sniffing, hanging, destroying and glowing eyes in the dark! And don’t forget the sexy scene with Lilah. A.Gainst.A.Wall!!! For me this was Mick’s hottest scene with a woman. Not with Beth, not with Coraline, no – THAT! Pushing her against this damn wall, grabbing her leg, pushing up her skirt – positioning himself between her legs – hoooot!
    And I have no doubt that Robert was Mick’s son. I never had. For me that was clear as a day seeing the end! Maybe Robert had a hairpiece, or the hair on his shoulder wasn’t his. I don’t care. He was Mick’s son!
    (BTW. please don’t ever think that someone could be bored here!!! Don’t! I forbid it! 😆 In my case it’s sometimes just the lack of time, due to our community, and this weird overrated thing… RL 😉 .)

  16. Helloeeze

    I was on vacation and missed this post. No, I am not bored. I loved this stuff. Great episode where Mick really showed his emotion. He longs to love so much. I always thought Robert was Ray’s son, but I can totally love the alternate fantasy version, too. Thanks for the lovely gifs.

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