Mini Andy out of scrubs

This is what an interviewer said about Alex:

“O’Loughlin has an extremely charismatic vibe about him that is very fresh and inviting.”

so I guess he can only blame himself for those unexpected midnight visits to his bedroom 😉



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8 responses to “Mini Andy out of scrubs

  1. Grinning – *sigh*
    Pink beast – *sigh*
    NOOOO! This ugly bathrobe! Take it off!!! 😆
    (Btw, I would pay for seeing and hearing Alex playing his guitar!)


  2. lunaterra12

    I loved the scene of him jamming on the wii guitar thing. lol I dunno what you call it


  3. Let´s be thankful that he didn´t close the robe. That would have been awful. That chest is so perfect…


  4. buttercup

    Ahh, bare chest and hair, FTW! Closed-eyebrow-porn FTW! Sleepy Alex in robe FTW!
    Sorry, ladies the guitar sucks, blocks the view of the FOY in shorts 😉 !


  5. Marta

    I hate, really hate that ugly bathrobe. But his smile, the view of his chest and enthusiasm to play the guitar making me love these gifs so much. There aren’t enough gifs of Dr. Andy. TY


  6. gracenotpark

    “mini Andy”? I doubt it! 😆
    Agree with Marta… Not enuf Andy gifs. You ladies are helping to relieve a serious shortage. 😉


  7. His neck looks so yummy! Burn the robe! Sleepy, sexy Dr. Andy is making me tachycardic.


  8. AlexNymph

    “Inviting.” That’s all I needed to hear. Off to Hawaii now! BYE!


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