#AlexOLoughlin – Because the world is round……

Scott was born here in the United States on the 23rd at night, and I was born in Australia on the 24th in the morning, so we’re actually born a couple of hours apart!

– Alex O’Loughlin, TV Week, 4 June 2011

This will most probably confuse a lot of you. In the end we will most probably confuse ourselves, but because we are all for having fun and solving (but sometimes creating) questions, we will attempt to do this in any case……..

Since the first time I read the quote we have on top of the page here, a question has always been on my mind (okay, small unimportant things amuse me. 🙂 ).

If you count actual hours alive on this earth, who of Scott or Alex is the oldest? 😕

We all know that if you use the date of birth, Scott will always be a day older than Alex. And of course any normal person celebrate their birthday on the actual date it is recorded. But when we look at when their parents and hometown friends celebrate, a lot of hours overlap.

Hypothetically, if Alex’s dad from Sydney or his mom from Canberra, were to phone him at midnight on the 24th August to congratulate him, it will only be 04h00 on the 23rd August for him in Hawaii (because Hawaii is 20 hours behind Sydney & Canberra in time).

It will then be 07h00 on the 23rd August in Los Angeles, where Scott’s dad lives and where Scott was born (17 hours behind Sydney & Canberra). This means that when the day of Alex’s birth started in Australia, it was only 7am on the day of Scott’s birth in LA. So if Alex says that he was born in the morning it can be any time from midnight to midday (00h00 to 12h00) in Australia and that means from 07h00 to 19h00 in LA.

What time does night-time begin? Maybe 6pm – that only gives Scott the chance to be about an hour older than Alex. Fact is, they could actually have been born at the same hour and still differ in dates of birth – all because the world is round!

I know this sounds confusing, so let us create a scenario where Alex’s mom will call him at the exact time of his birth from Australia and Scott’s dad will call him at the exact time of his birth. Who will get a call first?

My guess is that if Alex was really born in the morning as he says and Scott was really born at night, Alex would most probably get the birthday call first, making him the “older” one 😀

This chart shows the comparison in times between East Australia, L A and Hawaii

Let us illustrate with some hypothetical times of birth and a call from a parent at the actual time of birth:

  • If we say Alex was born at 08h00 on 24 August in Australia, his call in Hawaii from his mom, would come through at 12 noon on 23 August in Hawaii. If Scott was born 21h00 in LA, his call would come through at 18h00 on the 23 August in Hawaii. This means that Alex will then be 6 hours “older” than Scott in hours on this earth (remember this is just some chosen time and not based in fact)
  • If we say Alex was born at 11h00 on 24 August in Australia, and Scott was born at 18h00 on 23 August in LA, their phones will ring at the exact same time at 15h00 on the 23 August in Hawaii. Making them the exact same age in hours on this earth 😀 (remember this is just some chosen time and not based in fact)

Taking all this into account, it looks like the possibility that Alex might actually have been born a little bit earlier than Scott is the biggest. Making him the “older” of the two, although never on paper because of the birth dates as recorded………..

Are you confused now? 😛

Would be an interesting question to ask them. – Who is older in ‘hours on this earth’?

More modestly, O’Loughlin reckons their chemistry was written in the stars. “Scott and I were actually born just a few hours apart,” he reveals. “So I think there has to be something in our horoscopes.”

(And because it is already 24 August in Australia)




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19 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Because the world is round……

  1. Maria Joaoi

    Wow! Another intensive study made from the heart, thank you for doing it. And as u say it’s already the 24th in Australia Happy Bday to Alex.


  2. LaHagela

    Wow, my head hurts


  3. Karen

    So confusing (but regardless Scott still remains the older by a few hours – if that much)! Happy Birthday Guys!! Hope you both enjoy your special day(s)!! (I have identical twin friends who were born on different days – one a few minutes before midnight, the other a few minutes after – each year they celebrate on both days-just like Scott and Alex!)


    • The thing is Scott will always by any normal standerds always be the older one.
      But if what Alex said was true in that interview, the chances are bigger that he was actually born a few hours before Scott…. 😀


  4. lunaterra12

    Mind-blown. Happy birthday to the boys!


  5. gracenotpark

    Awesome. I had started thinking thru this once but didn’t get very far before I got confused. Y’all figured it out! Cuz we DID need to know. We DID. 😆


  6. AlexNymph

    GREAT POST FOYeur! Thanks for going through the numbers. I think about this every year when their birthdays roll around and kind of laugh to myself because I somehow feel that Alex is actually older (on this earth). I DO understand you! (Don’t let that scare you, too much.)


    Hope we get some good cake pictures later 🙂


  7. Must admit I could only properly read through this once, 2nd time would have been catastrophical for my braincells 😉


  8. Thouroughly enjoyed this FOYeur! I knew they were just a few hours apart, but I never thought Alex may be the older one. HMMM. Definitely he is the sexier one! NoH8 for Scott 🙂 He has his attributes, just not as tantalizing of attributes as our favorite birthday boy!
    I wish I could have given him his birthday present in bed this morning. 😛 He really could take advantage of the birthday situation and have 2 full days of celebration. I have a feeling he always gets what he wants for his birthday. 😯 If he is the lover he says he is, he gives right back and it would be like birthday, Christmas and Happy New Year all at once! *shudder*


    • buttercup

      😆 it’s their birthday and we’re talking “naughty” again! That’s why I love you so much here Lurxgirl, with you there’s always a reason to talk about sex here! (I meant, with Alex as a topic 😉 )


  9. buttercup

    Great post, thanks! It’s actually the first birthday with me as a H5O fangirl! It’s about a year ago that I came across your blog, and I’m still grateful for the incredible found!
    I really hope we get a picture with the cake, he was really busy with taking pics with his fans and he’s so gorgeous and decent with all the people who meet him!
    Thanks you Alex and Happy Birthday! (2 hours till midnight here in switzerland !)


  10. kiwi

    The most confusing study you ever did FOYeur, but we have to know these things they are important. So I thank you for this intens study of yours. {{{{hugs}}}}


  11. Ontlls

    HOLY Hannah!! Okay, after the day I just had, and now you want to confuse me more!! OY!! Congrats.. you did it, but that’s okay, I love this study, it was great. Thank you – did I make any sense now??
    Happy Birthday Guys, Hope they have a Great Day or Days 😉


  12. glenna

    WOW. yeah head hurts. still confused. But maybe one day we might know exact time of birth and then we will know. But it does not matter. I wish them Both a very happy Birthday!!!


  13. marnov2205

    W.O.W!! FOYeur, you are scaring me… You showed to me that I know nothing. Thanks God there were enough pics among the graphs and charts and whatnots to relieve my eyes and brain 😀 … Thank you for this intellectual exercise!!


  14. That was I-N-T-E-N-S-E! I need to lie down….


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