A Month of Mick – a study in black and white ( # 20 ) – The beauty of Mick…….

Twenty days of Mick already! I think it is time we just sit back and enjoy………

All these pictures were originally from @mymaximus. Thank you once again for sharing all the pretty with everybody so generously! 🙂

The fact that Mick is 90 years old and that he’s still ruggedly handsome, the fact that he’s still youthful and his eyes are still bright is something that he struggles with.

— Alex O’Loughlin, SciFiNow, Issue 10, 2007



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9 responses to “A Month of Mick – a study in black and white ( # 20 ) – The beauty of Mick…….

  1. lunaterra12

    I’m going to sit here and enjoy this post. thank you. 🙂


  2. buttercup

    I had to comment on all the pictures, I had a Mick *flash* while reading your post today 😉 !!! And now I’m all *unnfff*!


  3. AlexNymph

    Bright eyes!

    Curly hair!

    Love is all around MWAH!


  4. Ontlls

    Just got my Moonlight DVD’s in the mail today. I might have to watch the series again 😉
    Love the Black and Whites, will come back and check when I am awake. Long day at work.


    • Ontlls

      Okay, I just went thru the pictures and um.. *pats couch* Thank goodness for it!! All I have to say is WOW!! That is um.. WOW!!


  5. As if he wasn’t gorgeous enough the man is stunning in black and white!! How can you not be in love with someone that looks like that?! Seriously?!


  6. A lot of men in black and white photos have to get pimped so you can see contrast and contour. Otherwise they appear simply plain and shallow. This man is a natural! And Jill is right. I don’t get how someone can look at this and not melt in a puddle of drool.
    In the last photo – if he would look at me like that I would confess everything. Everyf***ing thing! Starting with when I was 5. I’ve stolen a red bra because I was sure I would need one urgently and my parents refused to buy one. With 7 I put a chewing gum on my dearest teddy bear. He still has it…. Yuck.
    Someone has stop me please…. Don’t look at him leiCa, don’t look…


    • buttercup

      Ha ha, go on, but go straight to 18 and skip a few years, we want to hear the naughty stuff (i mean it’s mick, isn’t it!!!)


  7. He does look stunning in b&w! He was so well lit in ML and the makeup was done well, so when the pics are changed to b&w he looks fabulous! Not everyone looks good in b&w, for example my ex was a pale redhead with freckles, so when our wedding photo came out in the paper, he looked like someone went crazy with a sharpie and spotted all over his face. 😆
    Enough about him…Alex looks absolutely irresistible in the last gif! His chin dimple and chiseled, scruffed jaw line has my tongue twitching and the turned up collar is so inviting! I am with leiCa, I would confess everythingf***ing thing too and I may be the first person to actally scare a vampire! :mrgreen:
    I love the song “Toxic” the new version by District 78(feat. Cheesa). When Mick looks into the camera like that, I am under his spell. *sigh*


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