A Month of Mick (#19 ) – How not to kill a vampire……..

From what we all know and have seen in Moonlight, vampires are paralysed when staked and killed when burning in a fire. Knowing that, there were always two questions that came up in discussions I have been part of.

  1. How was Coraline able to get up after being staked by Mick?
  2. How did Coraline survive the fire?

No real satisfactory answer was ever given in our circle as far as I could remember. It would be nice to hear from the old discussion forums, what they had to say……..



In the comments of one of our earlier post this month, Emerald provided us with this: – Q&A With Moonlight’s Creator ~ Trevor Munson (reprinted here with permission from Trevor & the Moonlight VampSister’s Messageboard)

Here is part of the question and the answer Trevor gave:

Q: Were there any plans to explain exactly how Coraline managed to survive a fire that should have killed most Vamps? With the scene of Lance’s hand regenerating in episode 12, most fans have assumed the ability to survive a fire is somehow tied in with either the Duvall’s particular bloodline, or their use of the mortal cure. Is this the direction you would have headed in, or did you have something different in mind?
Trevor: Personally, I like the mythology that suggests a vampire is able to survive a fire if their ashes aren’t scattered. That’s probably what we intended in the pilot episode, the bigger issue, for me was how we saw her in the window after she was staked which we had already set up as a rule. This was actually a problem that developed in the shooting which we became aware of too late.

As you can see, Trevor did not really give any answer to  either of the questions, but only told us that her not being paralysed, was a mistake made when they were shooting the scene.

FOYeur’s theory to the first question of how Coraline was able to get up, after being staked:

I give you one word, well three actually – Dextrocardia situs inversus – The simplest type of dextrocardia is one in which the heart is a mirror image of the normal heart, and no other problems exist. This condition is rare. (in other words, the heart is turned around and is more in the right side of the chest, than in the left side, where it is supposed to be)

My theory – When Mick staked Coraline, she faked being paralysed. How? If Coraline suffered from Dextrocardia, Mick could have missed the heart altogether. She realised it was her way out of the situation and only pretended to be down. The minute Mick looked away she  got up and only Beth saw her in the window, but as a human child, did not realise that it should not happen. Remember all the flash backs we get from this scene, is Beth dreaming or remembering the event.

This theory of mine can also hold water if we think about Episode 9, where Beth staked Coraline. How did she miss the heart? She stabbed on the wrong side and only caught the sack around the heart.

(Anybody out there want to give me a job as a writer on TV? 😀 )

As an answer to the second question, I would go with the suggestion from the person who asked Trevor the question. The suggestion that the French noble bloodline and the cure had something to do with her sustaining burns, but not dying from it. With my theory of her not being paralysed at the time, she could then get up and maybe escape through a back door with only a few burns that could heal easily, just as Lance’s hand healed in Episode 12. Trevor’s answer about the ashes being able to recover, might just be a tad to far-fetched.

If the answer was in the bloodline only, Mick could have had the same ability 😎 If the answer was in the cure, Mick might have acquired the ability after Episode 12, when he took the cure. 😀

So many cool stories that could have been written……….

You have no idea the stuff that went on. I can’t believe Moonlight lasted as long as it did.

— Alex O’Loughlin, Boston Herald, 1 October 2009



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26 responses to “A Month of Mick (#19 ) – How not to kill a vampire……..

  1. “the bigger issue, for me was how we saw her in the window after she was staked which we had already set up as a rule. This was actually a problem that developed in the shooting which we became aware of too late.”
    It sounds to me they made a big oopsie with Coraline standing up after being staked 😉


  2. lunaterra12

    My brain is working overtime to process this information. I always wondered what young Beth was looking at. Why I never made the connection that it was not only the probable answer to our question, but also Coraline getting up to chase them. I need to return to my re-watching of the series. I was extremely distracted by Mick the first time. 😉


  3. visage13

    I just finished re-watching for the 2nd time and the more I watch the more I love the Mick character and wish the story would have continued.

    I always attributed her living with the bloodline angle. It never occurred to me that she was staked 1st. I guess I missed that….twice oops. i just think that there was so much going on in that moment that I overlooked it.

    I never found it strange that Beth looked up to see what was happening. it is just natural curiosity.


  4. Well, now I have a question: how come that almost all vamps in the show (except Mick and Josef) were dead after they were stabbed (that doctor-vampire in episode 3, for example) – if they are supposed to be only paralyzed, but, hm, un-dead (or alive)?
    I just re-watched almost whole show again (still have eppy 15 and 16 to watch, plus Twilight), and that question was in my head after that eppy 3 when I saw it first time… in interview Mick clearly says that vamps die only if they lose their heads or if they are in fire, stakes just paralyze them…
    and doing screencaps the other day, healing the wounds part… when Coraline cuts Mick’s hand to give him the cure, how come the wound after cut didn’t heal right away, like in Fever when he was shot? I mean, it takes some time to cut your self, than to grab some of the cure and spread it on wound… and when Lanie shot him in Fever, skin healed in a matter of second… so, was this also ooops in filming it, or…? I guess we’ll never know…


    • The dr in epi 3 was only paralysed and that is why Mick burned him, to kill him. Remember, Beth wanted to take him to the police, so he was not dead on the trolley only paralysed
      Coraline was also not dead when Lance staked her.
      I can’t remember any other vamps that were at the moment….
      The wound of the cure cut did not heal, because he was imidiately turning human. I think he specifically see that it is not healing and realise something is different. She said, it start at the wound and then spreads through the body.
      Sorry, I am typing this out of memory, so I do not know the exact words they say. 😀


      • Now I´m curious to, how many vampires were killed in Ml, all in all? I also remember most were burnt to death, and the young kid got his head cut off.


      • your memory is great, but I was talking about moment BEFORE he gets cure to the wound… every other wound on him healed in a second, but this time it was like just waiting for the cure… obviously a mistake in filming…
        in eppy 13 there was plastic surgeon and his assistant… the assistant got stabbed by Mick and died on the spot, a and doctor got his neck snapped by Mick and died…
        I’d say it was about 8-9 vampires killed, in episodes 6, 7 and 13 there was more than one to kill and in some episodes criminals weren’t vamps (like in 14 and 10)


        • Oh yes and in 12 Coraline’s lab guy was also a vamp.
          You must remember the guys in 13 were only paralysed, the cleaner came to finish them off. And of course in the final the married couple was burned at the end
          The healing of the wounds does take time. Remember when Mick was staked in Epi 3, He got up and it took a while to heal, Beth even got a chance to touch the wound.


  5. FOYeur, my mind is in a very naughty place today, so forgive me in advance for the following question. 😀 So, if I would stake Mick, this would paralize “all of him” right? Because I’m thinking I would want some parts of him to be “functional” and I may have to stake him to keep him from running away. 😆 Of course if I do catch him, stake him and proceed with the “pleasantries” he will be so enthralled with pleasure that the stake won’t be needed. I would then remove it, offer my blood to refresh him and get the blood pumping through those veins. 😉 (especially that one very important vein)
    I’m being very silly I know. I just got to thinking if Mick could ‘get it up’ if he’s lacking blood or is staked? My perverted mind is blown every time I think of FREAKING HOT and ROUGH the sex with Mick would have been if he would have given in to his vamp urges. The sudden surge of intensity as he takes that first bite. *shudder* Another question is, if a freshie has sex with a vampire and things get “messy” with all the fluids, wouldn’t it be easy to turn someone on accident? I know you have to be near death, so I hope it wouldn’t go that far. Or do I? 😉 The pain afterwards may make me wish I had been. I would assume most turnings were intentional?
    I need to re read your wonderful post about how his body works. Maybe the answer was there. Well, you know me..if I think it…I write it. (well if it’s naughty anyway) 😛


  6. AlexNymph

    I have always wondered how Coraline survived. Interesting theory, FOYerur, about the heart.

    OR someone else (vampire friend or minion) found her and pulled out the stake before she burned. Where exactly was Cynthia Davis during that time?

    OR something special in the Duvall blood allowed the stake wound to heal and she got up before she burned. This, though, is rather unlikely because Lance’s staking seemed to affect her as it should. Unless he had special stakes.

    Beth could have dreamt the Coraline-at-the-window scene, but it still doesn’t explain how she survived the staking.


    • One of my previous theories was actually that the stake burned to ash inside Coraline and no longer had effect. But that is a bit far fetched I think. Especially so quickly
      Cynthia hated LA, so I do not think she was there at the time.


      • AlexNymph

        No necessarily–stake could have burned to ash or she had enough compound in her blood that her body expelled it (though she had fangs, so she was in her vampire state).

        I give up? Easier to go with the Oopsie?


  7. In Interview with a Vampire, Lestat comes back also after supposedly being finished off. I think that ending the undead is rumored and they never go away. Hard to keep a good man/woman/immortal down and all. 😆 . You know how rumors spread. Those vamps like to keep everyone uneasy and they need some kind of threat to keep new vamps from running amuck. In other words, I have no idea but love the debate.

    FOYeur your medical expertise is amazing and this cracked me up. Thanks – Brenda


  8. FOYeur love your medical explanation. Totally makes sense. This is a fabulous post. I’ve watched ML so many times. I guess I just don’t look for things to make sense. You guys are GOOD!! 😀


  9. gracenotpark

    Another fun post in our Mick month! Loving it!


  10. Joanne McDonough

    Want to know where the writers were going to go if it went into the next season. Who gave that list to the detective? argh!!!


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