A Month of Mick (#15) – Mick in some purple …..


Paula made these two beautiful new gifs (the 1st and the last one). And I thought it would be nice to recycle some old ones with it, to complete the picture! 😀

A love story

Was it destiny that drove him mad?

Was it pure love that spurred him on?

Was it lust for something outside his reach?

Did she lure him in with pure vampire appeal?

Was he drawn in like a moth to a flame?

Was it the animal from within, that would not be tamed?

OR was he just a poor sod that fell for the oldest trick in the book….

a woman playing hard to get.

A love story that ended in a nightmare.

mick-cloudsWhy did they not show us more of the passionate human being behind Mick the celibate vampire…….?? 😦

It’s sexy. It’s not gratuitously violent, but the action is pretty radical. I’m really surprised they’re letting me do the stunts I’m doing. It’s awesome stuff.

— Alex O’Loughlin,  PinkRayGun.com, September 2007


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15 responses to “A Month of Mick (#15) – Mick in some purple …..

  1. Is it just me, or is a lust/love crazed, human Mick extremely sexy? Awesome gifs. You have made this month perfect with Mick every day! Thank you! 😀


  2. marnov2205

    A great story, I love it!! The two new gifs are just awesome, you’re so enviably creative, Paula! Thank you for this!


  3. buttercup

    I just loved the way Mick was mad about Coralyn as a human, driven to her from the very first moment they met, even though his friend told him to be careful with her!
    He was all out-of-mind and she teased him and made him jealous (not nice, Coralyn, really not lady-like) and when he threw that chair into her window – wow, I could feel the sexual longing through the screen of my laptop 😆 !
    He was still crazy after her, even after (how much 60 years!) so many years and I loved the way Mick kept eyesexing her after her reoccuring as a human! And the way he ripped off her cloths (to find the tattoo) and scaring her, it was so real, so hot and so sexy, unfff!
    Nevertheless, he choose Beth and that was fine with me, because Coralyn was a deceitful woman, who didn’t really care for him!
    Nice gifs and beautiful work and interesting post, thanks so much!
    Mick (as a human) was a passionate guy, (grrrr, I remember the way he kissed his friends lady after the war was over) – and I agree, I would have loved to see more Mick passion, a lot more!


    • Oh yes, if only we had been served more of Mick´s passion with the ladies! I actually don´t care at this point who it was, just seeing him making love to anyone, would have been great 😉


  4. Ontlls

    Wonderful gifs, wonderful job. Love the month of August.. Thank you.
    Buttercup said mostly what I wanted to say – Again (just kidding!) but I agree with BC “Nevertheless, he choose Beth and that was fine with me, because Coralyn was a deceitful woman, who didn’t really care for him!” Coraline (sp) all she wanted was the Sex, she didn’t want commitment. Beth wanted commitment, cuz she called it dating, Coraline just wanted Mick. that the best I can come up with.


  5. lunaterra12

    Damn nice gifs. You girls are fabulous!!


  6. Paula, your gifs are incredible!
    Mick certainly was a moth drawn to a flame, knowing damn well he was going to get burned! Coraline brought out the sex crazed, smoldering hot Mick that I found extremely alluring. The way he nearly devours her lips when they kiss is so FRKN HOT! A kiss like that makes my toes curl. *shudder* I’m pissed that they we don’t see him kiss like that enough! I agree with buttercup about the kiss on the porch with Ray’s wife. He yanks her dress up and pushes his way in between her legs…unf!
    I know Coraline was deceitful and selfish for turning Mick without his permission, but she is a vampire. Most vampires don’t take human feelings into consideration. Right? So I don’t hate Coraline for wanting Mick forever. Who wouldn’t?! He must have been “some kinda lover” for her to want him for eternity. Mmmmick!


  7. SueB

    Love these! And thanks for visiting Mick and Coraline’s romance! Love Moonlight forever!


  8. Human Mick with that tiny brief smile before smashing in the window is just so sldkjadsjjdsfj! Oh such passion…


  9. Anwyn

    Paula, you are an artist and revived with these wonderfully created gifs the spirit of this incredible passion. In Mick’s opinion it has definitely a very destructive side. I remember what he said to Beth about it and the way he looked at that moment had a certain amount of disgust in it. He may have liked the passionate sex, but he did not like the addiction and what this addiction made him do. He made a fool of himself and Coraline treated him like a dog, but still he came back for her cause he just couldn’t help it. And this was something that he surely hated about himself as it was completely against his true nature, as much as he hated that she turned him without his consent.
    But still I would have loved to see more of this steaming ill-fated love affair.


    • If only ML had had a 2nd, a 3rd and 4th season….we would have been given lots of background stories, more of Coraline and Mick…maybe 🙂


      • Anwyn

        Oh yes, totally agree. But the producers should have been HBO then, cause CBS is too well-behaved.


        • AlexNymph

          Wow, this show would have burned us up if it had been on HBO–not only our panties going up in flames, but our entire beings. Anwyn, you need to become a big honcho studio exec in L.A. because you have GREAT ideas! 🙂


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