OMG, mini Alex all vamped up and such a cute fangy smile!

I stumbled upon a ML interview, that had small bts inserts, and suddenly this tiny brief moment popped up. I do love discovering tiny video clips, after all this time 🙂 I felt this gif deserved a post of it´s own. What do you think about this?


and the same but with a smile in the end, thanks to Claire for posting the other video links 🙂


I can´t believe how cute he looks with those horrible contacts and make-up and smiling as himself 😀

I love him even more now…adding a better quality fan pic, sorry for disguising the fan, but no idea who she is.



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30 responses to “OMG, mini Alex all vamped up and such a cute fangy smile!

  1. OMG, hadn’t you seen that clip yet? That’s some of the BTS from Fated to Pretend, where he says ‘That’s a wrap’, or something like that at least. It’s been a while since I’ve watched the clip myself.


  2. visage13

    He looks freaky like that lol I finally finished going though all the old posts and all I can say is well done ladies!!! I am looking forward to the new season and the discussion that will surely ensue. And of course more beautiful pics of our favorite Navy Seal!


    • Those pale blue contacts are not my favorite look on him, but with that smile, why not 🙂
      Oh so 4 Steve is still so far away, so looking forward to his tight butt and front 😉


      • visage13

        Me too! Only six weeks away. 🙂 I cannot wait to see how this season plays out. i have my theories. Nice videos Emerald!


    • Thank you V13. We really had a lot of fun over the past year to put it all together. There are so much more to be done, hope we will be able to keep up the pace! Sometimes real life keeps us from doing all the things we want to….


      • visage13

        I hear ya, that pesky little thing called real life lol Whatever you two share with us in the next year will be great and more then enough. 🙂


  3. Love the Mick St. John clip. Love me some Mick 24/7. I can’t wait to the new season either.


  4. canadagirl66

    Awwww…this is so great. Love to see Mick/Alex all vamped out!

    On a side note…his finger is really, really, REALLY LONG! GUH!!!


  5. gracenotpark

    Extremely fun! Yes he is sooo cute here! And clearly was having fun on his set. 🙂

    I gotta tell y’all, I am getting addicted to your daily little pressies. It’s starting to feel like Christmas. 😉


  6. Audrey



  7. lunaterra12

    Oh hot flashes hot flashes hot flashes hot flashes… and the panties poofed….


  8. AlexNymph

    Never seen these before–thanks for posting them 🙂

    What a goof!


  9. Helloeeze

    I bet that was a fun kick ass scene for Alex to film. And such a beautiful scene when Beth touched his face and asked “What happened?” I will never forget that little show. Thanks for the goofy gif. “It’s a wrap.”


    • It´s almost like seeing another side of him, behind the cameras as we usually see only what happens in front of them. I´m thinking that those fans that only see him as Mick and didn´t move on, never looked at Alex working on the set, or watched these bts videos. Maybe they might have realised it was just a character he played…


  10. Ontlls

    Okay, first things first.. Thank you Paula, Thank you
    Secondly – Look at the size of that cigar 😯
    Thirdly – um.. Oh yeah, I have to watch those interviews.. back after 😉


    • Ontlls

      Okay, saw the interviews and some other stuff, I have a lot of stuff to watch on YouTube – OY!!
      He looks really cute at the end. Love the little wrap with the finger, and I agree with CG66, his finger is long, he must have big hands 😉


  11. marnov2205

    What a little gem you got here, Paula! The make-up scares me to death, but it’s incredible how Alex shines all the way through the make-up. In the gifs as much as in the last pic with the fan. Thank you for this!


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