A Month of Mick (#6) – Who was Mick St John?

The real Mick St John:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is episode-15-mick-lilah.jpg

  • He was born in November 1922.
  • He died on his wedding night in 1952, at the age of 30, at the hands of his own bride, Coraline DuVall. He has been undead since then.
  • He grew up in Los Angeles, as an only child in a fairly religious home (most probably Roman Catholic). As a child he attended church with his parents every Sunday.
  • He served as a medic in the army in World War II.
  • He fell in love with his best friend Ray’s “widow” when he came home from the war, only to discover that his friend was still alive, but only “misplaced” when he was injured in the war.
  • He was some sort of accountant – on his wedding certificate his occupation is listed as business professional in finance.
  • He was a part-time musician, who played at parties. At one of these parties he met Coraline, and he started to obsessively pursue her. Not known to him at the time, was that she was actually undead and a 286 year old  vampire……

In 2008, Mick at the age of 85 yrs, became human again for a week or so ………

(We are not sure who to credit for this wonderful picture. My guess is that it is @mymaximus, because chances are that when you see a beautiful rare picture of Mick, that @mymaximus is the original source.

Don’t know where you find them, but thank you so much for always sharing  these pictures with the Alex fans & Moonlight community! 🙂 )

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ml-12-mick-beauty-dl.jpg

Mick is the loneliest man in the world. Even though he’s surrounded by people, he’s isolated and cut off from his own humanity. Mentally, he’s one of the most damaged characters I have ever played. He’s not in a lot of physical jeopardy, but emotionally, he’s a wreck. I try to reach inside of him and find the humanity at his heart.

— Alex O’Loughlin, CBS Watch!, 2008


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37 responses to “A Month of Mick (#6) – Who was Mick St John?

  1. Thanks for the post! It’s always nice to read who/what Mick is.


  2. Karen

    My first love and such a tragic character. This is just such a stunning photo of him (not that Alex ever takes a bad photo)!When he had to be turned back by Josef and that tear slid down his gorgeous face, I was a sobbing along with him. Sigh…


  3. Anwyn

    I’m smitten. The lashes, the profile, the wonderful outlining of who Mick was and is, Alex’ statement about the wrecked character Mick, the loneliness seeping through all of it. Well, it kills me and I volunteer to make it better.

    TY for your wonderfully intense studies…


  4. that picture of Mick is only a screencap… anyone can do it, even you do it on regular basis… it’s just lighter than it is in episode, but really no big deal… probably is MyMaximus, but it really doesn’t matter… it’s one of my favorite scenes in that episode, so I screencapped it a lot…


    • I have to disagree about “just a screencap”. There are some bts/promo pics of Alex on the beach, the quality is far superior to any dvd cap. Not everyone will pick up on the rareness of certain pics. Perhaps those, who where around the ML “heat”, have seen them often enough but for many new fans, these are more of a rare treats (for me these are special gems). Even I don´t always pick up on these, which are regular caps and which are something else 🙂 I actually look at the original size and quality and by that info I would say that bottom pic is not a regular cap. But I could be wrong.
      I am actually sort of “passionate” of pic quality (FOYeur knows this all too well 😀 ) so that´s why I wanted to address this matter. It hurts me that fans post poor quality pics when better are around too. I cry myself to sleep every night 😉


      • AlexNymph

        I was thinking it was a screencap, from when he was human and about to bite into the hotdog, but I thought he had cuts on both sides of his face then. Maybe not.

        Glad you have pictoral integrity because I appreciate quality also. 🙂


      • It is a BTS. At least I saved it as such last year. And yes, source is MyMaximus. 🙂


      • mymaximuswp

        Aw thanks for those sweet words, babe. Happy to share! ❤ You're right, that's not a screencap. It's a crop of an unreleased (no longer lol) UHQ promo still. The original sizes are over 4,000px. 😉 That's one of my faves too!


        • I think the photo from the original Pilot promo shot that we used in #4 is also yours. Have started a file for your picture only now, so that they don’t just land with all the others in my ML file. Will be easier to remember which originally came from you 🙂


          • mymaximuswp

            Oh yeah, the B&W one where he’s looking down? 😛 Yep, that’s a close crop from a promo shot that was released for the then “Twilight”. The quality is amazing on those so I like to play. 🙂


        • There are even bigger originals!? OMG! Squee 😀
          I so love you for sharing so many special pics! I´ll be “borrowing” a lot of them for my graphics too. Last night was going through your albums and there were so much great stuff! Just loving all of them 🙂


  5. visage13

    That is a beautiful picture, thanks for posting it.


  6. venia

    after reading alex qutoe about the chracter of Mick, I can see why myself and so many of us around the world fell in love with mick, like no other vampire. I would get so mad at Beth when she rejected him or could not see his love for her, We still love him. great pics.


  7. After reading this I must go and watch Moonlight again and say hello to Mick. Not watched it for ages. My weekend is booked….do not disturb


  8. lunaterra12

    Damn this month is going to kill me. K I L L M E !!!!!!!!


  9. BlueEyedMonster

    Thank you for a month of Mick. Alex could make you see the damage to this characters soul with just the most subtle of facial expressions.
    I am a die hard Alex fan and will continue to support his career, but Mick St. John will forever be my fantasy crush. There was something about the combination of his vulnerability and his strength (not to mention Alex looked mighty fine as Mick. Mighty fine indeed) that made him so real to me.


  10. r1015bill

    Trivia point. While Mick on the show said his birthday was in November, his birthday was supposed to be October 18th. Trevor Munson, Mick’s creator, selected his own birth date for Mick.


  11. Thanks for another wonderful post about one of my, if not THE, favorite character(s) of all. 🙂


  12. I want a moonlight movie”


    • Ontlls

      I liked this episode, I like how we got to go into Mick’s past, and find something maybe happy moment. Most of the time we went back in time for Mick is was a bad memory.. Coraline, or Beth being rescued.
      This episode it’s goes back, I know it’s World War 2 stuff, but the guys are happy, and good friends.
      Maybe Mick has a family, keep your hopes up during the episode, and the pestering or jealously from Joseph
      The jealous factor from Mick about the new DA!
      It was a great episode. Thanks for the great posts 🙂


      • I of cause, am one of the few that feel Mick lied to Beth at the end about himself not being the father, because he decided it would be to much torture to get involved with them as people. (I have a few reason from the episode, why I believe that….. 😀 )


    • To be honest Kim, I think a Moonlight movie, would take away the magic…. 🙂


  13. Helloeeze

    Yeah the Moonlight Match is all screwed up. I wish I knew Mick’s real birthday so I knew when to celebrate. Perhaps the whole month of November? Doesn’t Trevor’s book have him being turned in 1942? No, October will not do.

    I loved looking into Mick’s past. Always loved What’s Left Behind, looking into Mick’s past and why he has so many regrets. Alex really had a lot of underlying passion/emotion in that episode, from talking to the father of the missing child, to having that little fantasy moment to himself when Beth was talking about having sex, or explaining to Beth how he hurt his friend. Alex said it was his favorite episode from the last four.

    Mick’s character is holding a lot of ‘stuff’ inside. All we see is the cool vamp. That makes some wonderful contrasts when we see his vulnerability, his longings peeking through. It’s damn sexy is what it is.

    Reminds me of other male characters I’ve loved, Captain Wentworth in Persuasion, John Thornton in North & South (BBC), Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. I love this type of character.

    Mick. He’s a classic!


    • So we should make Novemmber, another month of Mick?
      A lovely thing about this episode, is to know that Mick actually loved somebody way before Beth & Coraline!


  14. This is a wonderful and interesting post that brings back SO many marvelous memories Not to mention the incredible {THUD} pictures./Thanks FOYeur


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