Even the camo can not hide the #AlexOLoughlin pretty …….!!


Any volunteers to scrub this boy tonight? 😛



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18 responses to “Even the camo can not hide the #AlexOLoughlin pretty …….!!

  1. lunaterra12

    Oh no! The camo makes the pretty sexy!!! I’ll coax him into the hot tub after his shower. He’s very set in his Navy shower ways….


  2. Karen

    Such pretty- the camo only accentuates the positive!


  3. Even with all the dirt on that face, those lips remains luscious & oh so KISSABLE!! …..sigh…..


  4. Amanda

    Hmmmmmmmm I’ll volunteer to give him a scrub! Well as many as I can manage actually 😉


  5. I will lick him clean if necessary !


  6. ItisSabrina

    Me!! I volunteer!!


  7. Those viewing on computers, please click on the original bluray size for the full effect! It´s worth it 🙂


  8. Sylvie

    Me,me, I want, every day and every night. No problem.


  9. AlexNymph

    My first thought was to lick it off, but then I thought maybe a lot of rubbing would be better. Gorgeous man!


  10. Anwyn

    Oh boy, this man is so fucking sexy, but with sweat, camo or blood he is even more adorable. I cannot decide which of the pics I like best, they are awesome. Thank you for the enticement. I so much want to open this button on top of wonderland …


  11. I LOVE me some dirty boy Steve. Which is funny because I HATE dirt.
    Damn you Alex for making me LOVE something I’m supposed to HATE!

    These pics are AMAZING!! 116-Smile is so DELICIOUS!! Those eyelashes are going to kill me. And that last gif…OH.MY…his mouth in SO INVITING…for my tongue and my…well…you know. *moan*


  12. buttercup

    The last gif, that amazed face is so frkn hot!
    And that face with the smile is pure beauty, thanks thanks!!!


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