Sweet? criminal

A little quickie post with Michael for a change. Our blonde cherub wasn´t all that bad 😉


Com´on in sweetie…


Take off your clothes, I mean jacket…oops.


Pretty sight… (oh he likes it too) Did you bring me a pressie?! Yey!



Get OUT! Eek! Helllp…

And keep out!




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20 responses to “Sweet? criminal

  1. Michael had nice…..pants. 😉 and curls…if only they weren’t blonde. 😦


  2. canadagirl66

    I predict that I’m not going to get a thing done today because I cannot take my eyes off that second gif. Damn…that man has a gorgeous @ss!! So fkg sexy!! I would give anything to feel how soft his pants are…and how HARD that @ss is. *moan*


  3. Leah

    I still love Alex even though blonde hair is a big no-no!


  4. Anwyn

    He can turn a B.L.O.N.D disgusting serial killer into someone you want have sex with. That is talent.


  5. Have to agree with Anwyn. I would SO go there. I just keep remembering the scene with the chcoclate sauce. Delicious. Don’t judge me…


  6. Such a perverted sick bad BAD boy—–But SO pretty. S&T


  7. Leah

    I have a huge weakness for Alex playing villains. 😀


  8. buttercup

    I really want to see that @ss with only white cotton for cover 😉 !


  9. I love this film. This was the film that made me a fan of Alex’s acting. I don’t usually get into actors work, or if I do I’m pretty selective about it. When I was first watching Moonlight I was more into the characters (like with Grimm now, I love the show, love the characters, but haven’t really gotten into the actors themselves), until someone on Moonlight Fans mentioned this film Alex had done called Feed, and how sick and twisted it was. Of course that caught my attention and then I just *had* to see it. Alex’s performance blew me away, I’ve been following his career ever since. Although I have to say in the realms of sick and twisted films, I’ve seen way worse than Feed.


  10. lunaterra12

    That last pic of him looking all angry made me weak….


  11. His voice was so high in these early roles. Our beloved flawed characters make AOL AOL. Thanks Paula 👍


    • I think his voice is high when he speaks in his Aussie lingo in these early movies. But in the recent RU OK video when he spoke with a heavy accent he still had a low voice, he really sounded good in there 😀


  12. Ontlls

    Okay, I broke down, and asked friend for a copy of “Feed”
    Um.. Well – WOW!! Oh my I can’t describe what I am feeling!! I am confused, but um, freaked out, I want more Steve after watching this movie!!
    I know the director was the same guy who did “Virtuosity” with Russell Crowe (another Aussie) and thought it was gonna be strange kinda movie, but 😯
    Some great body shots of AOL in it.
    Question: When he is exercising, with the weights, is that his beautiful buttocks we see, or shorts really far down, or is he sitting down??


    • Definitely not for the faint hearted… 😛
      As far as I can remember you can see that it is pants.
      And I think he is definitely sitting as far as I could see and that spesific exersize is usually done while you sit ( I think 😀 )


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