Need Some Vitamin C – Prescribing Some Orange #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 Steve

Our guy takes his fight routines seriously, and yet he claimed it is Justin (his stunt double) that makes him look good.

Well Alex, modesty suits you very nicely 😀

201-bts-fight3 201-bts-fight4 201-bts-fight1 201-bts-fight2

Oh, they are also using hypnotism on the set.

Alex in a deep, deep trance…


and then he wakes up all confused…in a prison yard!


Look at Justin, in the back, he´s the guy that makes Alex look so good 😀




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22 responses to “Need Some Vitamin C – Prescribing Some Orange #AlexOLoughlin & #H50 Steve

  1. I thought for sure this was going to be a post about the gecko and the one that’s not the gecko. Lol!


  2. Is this the prep work for the prison escape sequence? Cool to see the choreographic work.


  3. buttercup

    It’s obviously – we can’t get past the fact that his body looks so hot even in an orange colored jumpsuit!
    Only AOL can make this happen! I’m pretty sure i can make out every muscle and meaty buldge in that jumpsuit, or is it just my fangirliesh imagination playing games with my insane mind!??😉
    Ihate orange/noidon’t’cause orange hugsmyfavseal!! Thanks!!


  4. AlexNymph

    Vitamin C? Sure, I can drink that up! A BIG glass please.


  5. Not his best look but we won’t kick him out of bed for it – Brenda


  6. es tan hermoso :3


  7. Don’t care about the orange. It’s Alex and this is like a dance! And leiCa the Fangirl considers Alex as a great dancer. In a totally manly way of course! 😀


  8. Ontlls

    Great posts. I have surfaced. I am done watching “Moonlight” gonna watch some H50 Season 1 with commentaries and extras.
    Baseball season has taken over my weekends, but taking advantage and sorting all my H50 pictures and screencaps 😉


  9. lurxgirl

    That giant orange jumpsuit just swallows him up. Hmmmm…I’m soooo jealous…*slurp*


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