#H50 Season 3 – A Season of Ugly Corpses and Awful Surprises…Part 1

I think viewers are going to be surprised at how thoroughly they enjoy the show on every level. I really do believe this show delivers character, crime and comedy in perfect balance.

Alex O’Loughlin, Chicago Now Show Patrol, 7 September 2010

It is always sad to come to the end of another season of Hawaii Five-0. But I believe in the law of ‘beginnings’ and ‘endings’ and that it is what makes life, LIFE. (and in about two months time we’ll be entertained again – hopefully 😀 )

For the purpose of a quick review of this season’s 24 episodes, we divided them into 4 categories – ‘The Mom Files,The Bromantic Affair‘, The Ohana Diaries’ and The Key as a special wrap-up of it all.

This is the first chapter – Please take note, that we start with Mom because she was the central part of the first episode. However it was also a big Ohana episode and that should not be forgotten. It also turned out that most of these episodes that I have here as mom episodes were all about Steve’s team Ohana (his work family) as well.

Mom is back .....for how long?

The Mom Files (7 episodes)

Whether we like it or not, this season was going to be a lot about mom. Mom is the key because she turned out to be Shelburne and that is Steve’s connection to Wo Fat and the sorrows of his family’s past! That is and will always be the central thread of this show. (unless the writers take a whole new turn on events) It is the reason why Steve left the Navy to be in Hawaii’s’ special task force. Without it, the story ends…….

3:01 La O Na Makuahine – Mother’s Day

McGarrett brings his mother back to the island. But her life may be in danger after Wo Fat escapes from prison with the help of an unlikely partner: Frank Delano.

So what happened to out main characters during this episode?:

  • Steve – begins this episode with ‘Mom?!’, moves on to ‘Doris‘ pretty quickly and by the end of it, it was ‘MOM!‘ again!
  • Chin Ho – started off as a victim, moved on to a terminator like brutal revenge and ended the episode with his sorrows in front of the oven!
  • Kono – started as a victim, got saved by a shirtless knight (Adam) in a dingy, moved on to revenge and ended it in relieve.
  • Danny – was just Danny…….

This all more or less set the tone for these four characters for the rest of the season (even up to the last episode) :grin:.


Ugly corpses: We only saw Malia’s corpse and it was definitely not ugly, but kind of serene. But I can only imagine what Delano’s corpse looked like after being shot at such close range with a shotgun! (If I was Chin, that sight would haunt me for the rest of my life!!)

Awful Surprise: It looks like the biggest surprise all belonged to Wo Fat this time, when finally facing Shelburne and it was apparently not the person he would expect it to be ……. what kind of past do they share and why did neither of them shoot the other one?



In Episodes 3:02 we get Steve searching desperately for mom again, because her not killing Wo Fat when she had the change needs to be explained (well it still does! 😀 ) – Asking Cath to look for her and in Episode 3:03 having to answer uncomfortable questions from Danny for doing so…….


3:04: Popilikia – Misfortune

While Five-0 investigates the beheading of a polo player, McGarrett’s mom returns to pay him a surprise visit

This episode was not so much about mom, but it about her return (once again) into Steve’s life (very awkwardly and funny of course, “disturbing” Cath and Steve in the early hours of the morning! 😳 ) It also revealed the fact that she has been hiding something important in the McGarrett house all these years. 😯

The reason for me including it as a mom episode, is because of the case. It was all about mothers and sons and the things that can go wrong between them!

Pretty Steve

Ugly corpses: Of course a beheaded man would be an ugly corpse – yikes …… Not to mention seeing a flying head (twice)!!

We also get to see the dead face of a mother (or was she a monster), bombed and then later smothered by her own son!

Mom or monster?

Awful surprise: Mothers are capable of abandoning their children and children (sons) are capable of taking revenge and murdering their parents (mothers). After seeing this episode, I really just hoped that this was not something we were going to see form Steve and Doris. That she might turn out to be so bad, that he would have to be the one to shoot her…..yikes! 😥

Do you think I belief you?


3:07: Ohuna – The Secret

Mary arrives in Hawaii and finds out that her Mom is still alive, while Five-O team tries to find out why a high-school boy gets kidnapped.

At first I listed this episode as a Ohana episode, but after watching Mary do her thing, I decided that it was about mom after all. Mary showed us all the raw and unforgiving moments that we all would have liked to see. Steve’s reaction, most probably too practical because of his training, a little older when mom left and also a man, just made the emotions seem to easy, but Mary gave us a chance to live through them a whole lot more.

Morty was the great surprise of this episode. He gave us terrific moments between Mary and Steve and he played a perfect catalyst to teach us all about forgiveness. Forgiveness, even if that person might hurt us again, will always be better than the regrets of not taking that second chance. It really does not matter what that person has done, when given a chance to put the hurt behind us, take it!!

Ugly Corpse: A child being tortured to death is not a pretty sight!

Awful surprise: The child being tortured to death was also a big and awful surprise when they opened the stolen van. One of the main reasons I try to avoid trailers (apparently it was part of one ) – it totally surprised me because I do not watch them!


3:08:  Wahine’inoloa (Evil Woman)

McGarrett is convinced that a psychiatrist murdered one of her patients, but will she get the last laugh? Meanwhile, Catherine discovers that an assassin is on the island and is looking for Doris McGarrett.

Steve told Cath that he doesn’t like getting played! Is mom playing him? Is mom evil or did she just defend herself – remember Mangosta came after her and somewhere in the struggle, she got the better of him and reversed the roles. Most people only see her torture him, but he came to her home and also beat her up “nicely” – she did not go after him, but only defended herself and wanted information of who is after her! Does this make her evil?

Ugly corpse: Shot, soaked in gas, burned and hit by a car. Talk about over kill!

Awful surprise: Your Madam!! – Steve thought he got this evil woman all figured out, but in the end she still surprised him. He never saw that one coming and neither did I!

Your Madam!


3:16: Kekoa – Warrior

Five-0 connects the murder of a local businessman to a fight club, and McGarrett asks an old friend to do surveillance work on his mother.

Poor Steve, still thinking that he can outsmart mom! 😀 Lessons learned – Mom is not fooled easily, mom is a hot-blooded woman and she can be attractive and attracted to your friends! 😯

For me this little bit of being “normal” humans said a lot about Steve and mom – I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

Ugly corpse: A man nearly beaten to death and then finished off with some more bullets after being in a car crash.

Awful surprise: Sometimes a person close to you, can be the one that betray you and even kill you. Greed can sometimes be bigger than a lifelong friendship!


3:18: Na Ki’i – Dolls

Five-0 discovers that a murdered kindergarten teacher had a secret life as a roller derby star, and some very important information is stolen from Lois McGarrett’s safe and could put her in danger.

This episode was all about how mom and her past is interfering with Steve having any chance at happiness in a “normal” life. Mom still being in her old mode of thinking that withholding important things from Steve will somehow protect him! This was a very necessary first move for these two characters to come to terms with the fact that to protect them both they need to be honest with each other……

Ugly Corpse: A beautiful woman falling to her death on a car, seems like a classic movie move – but it is still never a pretty sight!

Awful Surprise: Even innocent looking school teachers can live double lives (remember, mom was also a teacher). Was Crimson’s eulogy at the grave saying things about Dana, that we need to know about mom as well………?!

Crimson Bride: I know a lot of people here knew her as Miss Moore, and I really would enjoy hearing stories about what a great teacher she was, but I want you to know there is a lot more to her than that.

I knew her as Dicey Hot, Star Jammer for the Diamond Dolls. She was a great friend and one of the strongest people I have met on and off the track. She was so strong, she stood up for me even when I did not ask for help, even when I did not know I needed it. She was always doing the right thing. It’s just who she was.

I guess that’s where the Dana you knew and the Dicey I knew came together. She was a leader and a protector and she had our backs all the way to the end…..

Is this maybe who mom really is? – “She was a leader and a protector and she had our backs all the way to the end…..”


3:23: He welo ‘oihana- Family business

McGarrett helps Doris on a dangerous mission to retrieve stolen microfilm, and Kono is shot while investigating a lead about Yakuza secret burial site that may be connected to her boyfriend.

Mom, not really having learned the lesson of trusting Steve (and always trying to ‘protect’ him) embarks on an “impossible mission” with two of Steve’s old friends. Lucky for her, Steve catches them in the act of planning it and they get the chance to work together, to secure a better future for their “safety”. It was a wonderful fun way for mother and son to go out all ninja together and to learn to trust one another when in danger!

Now mom just have to come clean about her connection with Wo Fat and they can live happily ever after ….. 🙂

Ugly corpse: Not only one, but a secret graveyard full of them!

Awful surprise: Steve can do magic tricks. 😆


The best surprises in the Mom files:

  • Mom lived through the whole season. My first thought when we heard the last words of the previous season, was that she might only last half an episode and would be dead by credits of the first episode in Season 3. But then we heard who was going to play her and I gave her at least half of the season.

(Well my real first thought was that she will be shot in Steve’s arms in the opening scene of the first episode). 😀

  • Steve playing matchmaker for his mother – funny and interesting twist.
  • Steve and mom doing abnormal, normal stuff (How many grown up sons still row with their mothers. And how many grown up sons go all ninja with their mothers and do some breaking and entering)

Things I would have liked to see explored:

  • Steve, Mary and mom in a real scene together – not just the short hug we saw at the end of Episode 3:07
  • Of course we all would have liked to know everything about her past and what she did to pass the time for the past 20 odd years….. 🙂

In conclusion:

I have always said from the start, that I was disappointed at mom being Shelburne and even more so when mom turned out to be a “super spy”. However in life we are dealt with hands we do not like, but what we make of it determine how we enjoy it. The Doris we got, was the one the story tellers wanted to have and it is their story to tell.

Of course we were not supposed to always like or trust Mom. Steve did not – so why should we.

Of course mom would cry a lot – if she was the wonderful mother to Steve for the first 15 years of his life and how he remember her, she must have big parts of her who regret her past and the decisions she made in her youth and how it affected her loved ones! However she did not only cry, she showed us humour, she showed us fun, she showed us passion and responsibility, but most of all she showed us her beautiful smile! She showed us she is human and the mother of the guy we all love and adore……

Human mom..

For me it was always about what Alex was going to do with the chance to play opposite a mother. He did not disappoint me. His emotional tour in the few minutes he had with mom when he first saw her, was indeed a pleasure to watch. From there on all the scenes between him and Doris were always something to enjoy. Always a tug of war between wanting to trust the mother that he once knew and the spy who abandoned him. Up until the last episode where he told her outright that she has never been 100% honest with him during his whole life!

In the end the writers, Christine  and Alex convinced me that Doris might have some redeeming factors and I am actually rooting for her and want to see more of her. 🙂

Questions is – will we get some sort of clear answer about whether Doris is to be trusted and what she is all about, via Wo Fat in the first episode of Season 4……..?

It’s really marvellous to work with her and she’s playing the role pitch-perfect. Christine and the other quest actors bring new flavours, a new flair and a new rhythm.

Alex O’Loughlin, Herald Sun (AU), 17 October 2012

……………To be continued

find Part 2 here


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  1. That’s their idea of a corpse that’s been bombed and then smothered to death, or vice versa? Right, that’s it, someone get me on the make up team STAT! The show might never make it past the censors again, but by gods those corpses will be nice and juicy! *grin*

    Having said that,I now need to go skip through these episodes to see said corpses. And the burn victim better not have his eyes intact! *harrumph*



    • The Evil Woman ep: Okay looking at photos of actual fuel explosion victims, they at least got the overall look of the corpse pretty damn accurate, except for the fact that the body was in the wrong position. Burnt corpses go into what’s called the pugilist pose as the muscles shorten and contract. That guys arms shouldn’t have been just laying by his side, they should have been raised, along with his legs.


      • The Dolls ep: Oh look it’s the old Hollywood standby of make the pretty girl still look pretty, even though she’s just fallen from a height great enough for her body to dent in the roof of a car and blow its windows out.


        • The Warrior ep: Meh, average looking dead guy, some more blood and bruising would have set it off a bit better. I like the touch with his hands though, showing defensive bruising/wounds. This is one of the things I find frustrating with the makeup effects on this show, it’s like they get some of the details spot on, but then they miss others and it just ruins the overall effect. I mean if I’m watching a B grade splatter flick, as long as the blood is spraying and the body parts are flying, I’ll give things like nit picky details a pass, but this is supposed to be more of a real world type situation, so why not get the make up for the bodies right.


          • Fact is, this is not a coroner show or even a CSI show. The evidence and the corpse detail is much more important in a show like ‘Quincy’ or ‘Body of Proof’
            With H5-0 the body makes up a small part of the total story and in that regard I think they are really not doing to badly with what they do.
            My use of the ‘Ugly Corpses’ is of course mainly metaphorically. No person that meet an untimely death is ever beautiful! In my next chapter you will see that one of the ugliest corpses. is actually the “most beautiful” for me, because I believe that person thoroughly deserved to die – in my opinion they just died to quickly!!
            For me the ugliness ties in with the innocence of the person and the way they died, much more that how the actual corpse look.


            • That’s a really good point. Obviously I look at it strictly from an FX point of view, but yes death is always ugly, not matter how it comes, and H50 isn’t CSI or Criminal Minds, the episodes I have scene are more layered than the standard ‘body of the week’ type stuff.


        • And they always hit the car dead center (even though she only fell and did not even jump) 😆
          Must say, it makes me think twice about parking next to a high building 😉


      • You should also remember that this guy was still running when he was hit by the car so maybe that made a difference in the position of the corpse. 😀


        • It shouldn’t have done, the body was pretty charred meaning presumably after being knocked out by the car it continued to burn, especially because as he’s running into the car you can see his face and it’s nowhere near as burnt up as the body they show later. I could show you a picture of just how well they did do the charred effects on that particular corpse, if they’d just had the positioning right they would have knocked that one out of the park. I say I could show you, but I won’t, same as I won’t show you what a shotgun blast to the face looks like. I sound like a total ghoul I know, I’m just extremely fascinated with/interested in special FX make up, and part of that includes studying real life death pictures to see how the human body responds in certain situations. I think the H50 artists have said something similar in a halloween show interview, that they have all sorts of forensics manuals on hand to look up for a particular injury or death.


    • Of course this show is meant for family viewing and not aimed that the horror movie market 😉


  2. I have to say that I love to hate mom from the bottom of my heart! 😀 So your take on her is a very interesting read – and of course intense and incredibly well done. As always.
    Danny’s ‘advise’ for Steve to just ask his mom was downright ridiculous and stupid, had he ever listened to what Steve experienced with this woman? Talking to a woman who can’t stop lying in her only son’s face? Pfft! I was so angry at her (and still am) at the end of Kekoa. Her laugh after telling him he could have simply ask (seriously? he did that again and again only to be lied to!) her was so deadhearted. I never call her mom, just LLWL! Getting teary eyed and then lying.
    S: “I have trust issues mom!”
    LLWL: “Get over it”!
    I think this sums it up. What a horrible reaction from someone who is the reason for all his problems. And btw for being tortured. Doesn’t she know that? See? I hate her. 🙂 But I don’t hate her scenes with Steve. Actually I want more, because Christine and Alex are amazing together! Especially Alex, his emotions are palpable!
    And this “… was a leader and a protector and [she] had our backs all the way to the end…..” I think is who Steve McGarrett is! The camera showed Steve while we were listening to these words and I was instantly thinking “Yes. Well done, show. That’s him!”

    See what you’ve done here? Such a brilliant post and I can’t stop rambling even though I’m sitting in 31 degrees Celsius in front of the screen. Phew!


    • Thank you leiCa.
      Just remember moms “job” and her whole life and survival mostly depends on lies. For a person like her to make a paradigm shift and to start to trust (even a son that she hardly knows) must be difficult.
      Maybe we can somehow forgive her for being a LLWL 😉


    • I forgot to respond on the eulogy comparison.
      Yes, I think it is the Steve we all love – a leader and a protector, but I also think they want show us that Steve got a lot of his character from mom – maybe more so as from dad? And is the eulogy with the reference to the double life of Dana, it tied in more to mom and who she is.


      • It’s so interesting how different you can see and “feel” this one scene. I never though about mom, hearing these lines. Not one second. Too selfish and overbearing to be a real leader and protector. For me it was the perfect description of Steve – and even a little bit of Cath…
        I see your point but LLDL doesn’t make me feel it.
        But it’s fun to ‘talk’ and think about this, so the writers have done something right!


        • Young Doris must have had a calling to protect when she joined the ‘secret service community” at a very young age. And she must have had great leadership potencial to be doing such a dangerous job at such a young age.
          Some of us make decisions when we are young that can backfire on us. She obviously wanted to do good and “save” the world when we are young. But reality works out differently
          It looks like she tried to leave it behind to live a normal life with a husband and kids, but it boomeranged back at her and she made choices that she thought was best (to leave them for their own protection) – but we see it as selfish and cruel……!


        • Kimphin1

          I have to say that I thought that eulogy scene was paralelling what Cath is to Steve – alway there, even when he didn’t know he needed her, always doing what is “right”. I could almost see what you were saying about it referring to Doris until we get to the “doing what is right” part << because no way, no how does she always do what is right. She does what she needs to do for self-preservation mostly.


          • buttercup

            That’s what I thought too, because they had the argument about lying!


          • Was it always for self-preservation or maybe protection of her family?
            Fact is, we might never know if Doris’s decisions were not maybe the right ones – in her eyes she did what she had to do to protect her family. Sometimes we do things and they escalate into something out of control.
            My thoughts while I was watching the eulogy for the first time, were that Steve actually chose a woman (Cath) very much like his mother, even though he never really knew his mother while being an adult. (so in a sense, I also thought it was referring to Cath, but she of course the not have a double life like Doris and Dana did – well we hope not! 😀 )


  3. Karen

    Interesting take on Mom. I don’t like her and I think if they continue to play out her role she’s going to damage the show and its credibility. I agree with poetic license but this storyline is way to farfetched. Get to the end of her story, reveal the realtionship w/WoFat, allow Steve to deal w/it and maybe, just maybe, make mom appear for an occasional visit. Mary has been so far removed from this show that any reappearance by her would be redundant. Best she stay wherever she is.


    • Karen, I think what I am trying to say is that with what they have given us mom turned out to be far less farfetched and a bit more human than I feared that she would be. 🙂
      All depends on tthe answers about her and WoFat we get – there is always hope and I do not want make us all angry about scenarious that might or might not be – lets see what they give us! 😀


  4. Debbie

    Loved this post – thank you Foy.


  5. Doris makes me uncomfortable like she makes Steve uncomfortable and I credit the superb acting for that. That’s why I’m glad she’s there. We have to keep these reoccurring characters IMO to learn more about Steve. And I want to learn everything about him. I’m pretty fickle about where I think the main characters should go in the story. I need the conflict and the family aspect to keep my interest. Love flirty Steve but don’t want him going from woman to woman. Guess that’s why they pay the production staff the big bucks. Hopefully will be a great season coming up.

    Thanks Foy for this story – Brenda


    • Sam

      I would be interested in knowing where you think Steve was ‘flirty’? Or how you even entertain the idea of him going from woman to woman? As far as I know he never ever showed any interest in any woman other than Catherine.

      And flirty? What episode was he flirting with anyone? In my opinion that never happened either.

      I find it fascinating how very different people perceive a character.


      • I think he was flirty with Lori of course and flirty with Olivia in 3.8. It was very sexy.


        • buttercup

          He was a little bit flirty with Lori and that was sexy, I agree! But not that he would have cheated on his girlfried, I think it was just for the thrill!
          The reocurring roles are building up his figure as STEVE, I like that!


          • I think when Lori was there, Cath was truly just a friend that he hooked up with from time to time. So I don’t think it would have been cheating. I do think now he feels they have a relationship but he’s ready to push her away and not completely let her in. I’m thinking Cath may ask for some space this season or maybe just the old BF that showed up will stir the pot.

            I can’t believe the writers will give him happily ever after in S4. They want this show to go on and marrying off the stud star is usually the kiss of death for the personal storyline.

            But what do I know?


            • I think in both the cases of Lori and the Dr, he was “flirting” with them to get information. Remember with Lori, he saw her as a spy from the Gov. offices and he did not trust her. I never got the feeling that he flirted with her to get into her pants. Like any young man he might have found her pretty or sexy, but I never saw interest form his side towards her.
              With the Dr, he only tried to get her to drop some sort of guard. He was definitely not attracted to her.
              I have been wrecking my brain to find a word to decribe better what he was doing than flirting, but it eludes me – maybe something like “toying” with them?


    • Brenda, hope you will enjoy the rest of them as well 🙂


  6. Sam

    Danny – was just Danny…… ROTFL – you nailed it. I think Danny is just a caricature now. His ranting and constant complaining was mostly stupid and not funny in the least. I think it’s a shame. He’s a character with such potential, but they simply write him like an idiot. But, this is not about Danny, this is about mom.

    I was angry when mom came back. I thought that was a really stupid move to bring her back, and I was dead set on hating her and any storyline with her.

    But then came Christine Lathi, and together with Alex it took all of a minute to make me fall in love with the character. Or better with these two on one screen. They are so brilliant together. Always a highlight to watch them. I think they dragged it out way to long to reveal her secrets and I’m not really interested in her connection to Wo Fat for example. But I’m so looking forward to seeing her again.

    She brings a lot of fire to the show, and she allows Steve to show so much emotion. That is what I really love about Doris. As a mom she was a total failure the last 20 years, and probably even now, but I’m sure she loved her son the first 15 years, and it must be hard for Steve to see this totally different person. I find it always interesting to see their power play. So great.

    So yeah, I hope we will see her again soon.


    • Thanks Sam – it looks like we had more or less the same experience about Doris.
      As for Danny, you might not agree with my next chapter 😉 – but yes, I think with the lack of interest in Danny’s personal life this last season (appart from a few small scenes with Gracie and the small scene of the custody hearing), they are making him too two-dimensional…..


  7. I think mom is being used in the episodes very randomly. I don´t think for a second they have even decided what will happen to her part. They will keep bringing her in to stories, as long as Christine is available. The promise of giving us answers, will only create more questions. But I am thankful for McMom being there, she has allowed Steve to show more versatile persona. All those tiny off duty scenes, have been a welcome change and I am hoping for more of those, although they shipped her off to the sea 🙂
    I never wanted to see mom suffering with guilt, where´s the fun in that.

    Remembering that so many guessed from so 2, that Shelburn would be mom, and now everyone is guessing WoFat and Steve are brothers, I fear this will come true in 401. But I can only hope for some hilarious encounters of these two brothers. Maybe they will go canoeing together, too 😉 or how about double dates 😀


    • 😆 – double date with Wofat 😆
      Well Christine’s next project (Beverly Hills Cop) got canceled, so she will be available I think


    • buttercup

      “Double dates” will they bring back evil woman for WF!
      I mean Evil Woman was a very interesting ep but Olivia just wasn’t hot at all, even Lori was hotter! They should have found a better opposite to McG for Evil Woman, the Psycho part wasn’t bad!


      • I think they misjudged how all the “work” on her face looked. I think she used to be a very seductive woman, before all the anti-aging “improvements” hit her face – and the bad thing is, she is not even that old yet!!


  8. Marta

    Foyeur, your season’s review by categories it’s different but very interesting way to look and recap it. “The mom files” brought us a character that i love to hate. Although I think that could be better written, Christine does a brilliant job. She and Alex together are amazing. The emotions, the trust issues, the sense of protection are there as well as determination, strength and leadership. Steve is more like mom than dad in some ways. But i never forget that she was a failure as a mom, her actions changed her family’s life and left wounds that are not healed yet. So i hope that season 4 bring us a mom that speaks the truth, shows to her children love, true regret and really understand their feelings about her behavior, so they can forgive, heal and move on. TY


    • Marta, I think unless mom reveals any more serious stuff that needs to be forgiven, they writers might feel like that have appropriately dealt with forgiveness from the children in Epi 3:07. I doubt if they will do anything more about it. 😦
      Lets just hope her “secrets” are not to farfetched and that they can maybe use her as a well written re-ocurring character – just not too often…..


  9. buttercup

    Ufff, it took me some time to go through this post, and I wanted to make sure I’m being thorough, because you “fangirlies” are thorough too!
    This post is just great, (THANK YOU) I love this kind of discussion, it keeps my fever on a top level and I can listen to your opinion/views on my most favourite subjet!
    Mom is a kind of IHHer/NID/because she has such fantastic scene’s with Steve and all those different facial expression and hurt/love feelings he comes up around her is just a theatrical masterly performance! That’s why I like her the most, her character sucks (as Doris!!) so many secrets and lies, but it’s TV and it should be entertaining, and IT IS!
    I’m not much into veritable and I like the JamesBond-stuff (as long as it’s in a normal dose 😉 ) and it’s humorous, it makes me smirk, laugh, angry and sometimes even cry 😆 !


  10. Anwyn

    Thank you for all your effort and time. You girls take your mission really seriously.


  11. Well you’ll be shocked to learn I may have found an episode of H50 that I not only managed to sit through, but actually kind of enjoyed – Evil Woman (although admittedly I skipped through the whole Doris, Catherine, Mangosta (SP?) sub plot).

    There was just one thing I found confusing. The judge saying she’s ‘my Madam’ implies a BDSM type relationship, meaning Olivia was a professional Dominatrix. They then go on to describe her activities as prostitution, but as a general rule of practice Pro Dommes do not exchange sex or sexual conduct for money, therefore by definition it’s not prostitution. Of course that depends on the laws of the jurisdiction and what is and isn’t defined as sexual conduct. If he was referring to her as a ‘Madam’ meaning a person who runs a prostitution ring, then the line should have been ‘She’s a Madam’ not ‘She’s my Madam’. That would have made a lot more sense.


    • I understand that people who know all the correct terms in those kind of relationships might find it confusing, but for someone like me it made perfectly sense. If he said she is a Madam, we all might have thought that she is a Madam for girls and that he is her customer. With him saying, she is ‘my madam’ we immidiately understood that she was his pimp. …..Maybe he should have the used the word pimp….but just saying she is a madam would have totally been confusing for someone as ignorant as myself. 😀


      • I never once assumed he was the one being prostituted out. To me it was implied that he was her client, hence the blackmail, along with all the other men as well. They weren’t her stable of rent boys, the scene where they walk in on that girl screwing that guy was pretty clear she was running a female operation. Besides, why would a Judge go into prostitution as a sideline? I mean if he had a fantasy/kink for it he could just hire a professional and play it out with them, he doesn’t need to hit the streets or the escort services. And how is he going to trust every client he has sex with to keep their mouth shut when they recognise him from court. Makes no sense.

        Madam (1) – a name sometimes reserved for Dominants in a BDSM play scene or relationship, the more usual term is Mistress.

        Madam (2) – A woman who runs an escort service or prostitution ring, generally female orientated.

        Pimp – Usually refers to a male who runs prostitutes, providing them with clients and protection often in exchange for drugs or money.


        • Of course you are correct! Just ignore my comment – I should learn not to do comments when I actually need sleep – for a moment there I got my story all wrong. 🙂


          • (((hugs))) Go sleep, get some rest ❤


            • gracenotpark

              Actually Em, in America, it is very common language to refer to a woman who is in charge of a whorehouse as a Madam. Said Madam may or may not sleep with the clients herself, but she runs the business and wields power over the women who work in that house… or for that company. That may not jive with an official sexual dictionary, but for a tv show, it’s an appropriate shorthand reference for the audience to get, in one word, who this chick is. And to know that McG now owns her, he wins. 😉

              Foyeur! Enjoyed your post so much! I have felt since the early eps that we are sorta supposed to love to hate McMama. Which I think McG feels too. His constant switching between “Mom” and “Doris” reflects our own roller coaster with her. She’s a dodgy character, but as you said, in those 15 years with her young son, she made a formative impression. So… she very much exists to enhance McG’s character, and to give Alex amazing dramatic meat to chew. Alex rocks it, so I’m satisfied. 🙂

              Now, Wo as bro, hoping against hope we don’t get saddled with that. 😦 I wish PLenkov would read your blog. He would do well to read your blog. I think he’d fall back in love with his characters, and take em more seriously, if he read the blog. 😉


              • Kimphin1

                So you’re suggesting that AtPLenkov read the blog??? LOL!

                Not that you’re wrong. ‘Cuz you’re totally not.


              • It’s common language in Australia too, that’s why I said the line should have been ‘She’s A Madam’, not ‘She’s MY Madam’, they have different inferences. But that’s just me being nitpicky in a very rare instance of finding a H50 episode I actually enjoyed (albeit with a bit of skipping here and there). 🙂


  12. Kimphin1

    As much as I hated the reveal that Shelburne was McMom, I think that they handled it in a way that made it different and interesting. Everyone thinks of a Mom as having “unconditional love” and being all “milk and cookies” (metaphorically speaking) << and before the season, it was a struggle to reconcile that idea of a "Mom" with someone who would leave their children and go into hiding for 20 years. I recall a lot of us saying "How could a mother do that?" and "I don't know if any answer would justify that"

    Well, then we met Doris. And we find out that she is a spy (I really don't think that anyone is ever an EX spy). I would imagine that being a spy trying to live a normal life is very difficult to maintain. They are so used to lying and having covers and not trusting anyone – living a non-spy life like us normal folk is very foreign to them. I think that Christine did a wonderful job as Doris (she got us to really hate her and like her at the same time, didn't she?). She doesn't know HOW to be a mom, yet she is one. She made breakfast, she did magic tricks, she told stories about "Little Stevie", and I do believe that she loves Steve but all of those acts were just that <<ACTS that a normal Mother would do. Her spy-self really is the dominant character trait and we saw how those traits were hurtful and dangerous to those around her. I just don't think that she has the ability to be a real mother to Steve and MaryAnn. She will always default to deceit because it is her natural state.

    Well, that was long-winded! Sorry!!

    Another great study FOYeur! Looking forward to the next one!


    • gracenotpark

      “She will always default to deceit because it is her natural star”. YES! This is why we struggle with her, cannot identify with her, and want to protect McG from her! She lies when she doesn’t even have to because… she just lies! Love to hate her, hate to love her… 😉

      And hells yeah, Lenkov should read the blog! Would help him “get” his own characters and wouldn’t hurt his respect for the actors. 😆 I highly recommend it.


      • Thank you Grace for the compliment of feeling Peter should read what we write. I think a lot of people write their reviews, thinking that it would be great for Peter to read it and in the hope that he does, they try and preach a bit to him of what to do! For me it all about finding the joy of what he has given us and also about thinking a bit deeper about where these characters came from and what makes them tick. And to let not just what we see about them, define them. There must be some reasons for certain actions that makes them who they are. 🙂
        Fact is Peter has got so many restiction to what he can do – things that we on the outside never know about. Things like do’s and don’ts from CBS, availability of actors that play regulars, talents of the actors to do stuff. budgets for stunts, locations for shooting, etc.
        I really do hope CBS would see the light and allow more background stuff – of course without turning the series into a soap opera. I think the actors ask for it all the time and we as regular followers of the show would love it! As long as those stories don’t become absurd of course! (I was fearing that for superspy mom and they manage to keep it not too farfetched – lets hope it stays that way! 😀 )


        • gracenotpark

          Yes! You don’t preach. You explore and try to explain and enjoy. That’s why I think the blog would interest and benefit even @PLenkov! I think he sometimes forgets what has gone before, or how they showed (or didn’t show) it. Or the ep writer is less knowledgeable about the characters and their histories and Peter doesn’t catch their glitches. Or perhaps doesn’t care about the inconsistencies until tweeps begin to complain. By reading y’all, he would see the intense love for these characters, and how we are willing to suspend disbelief a little, but there’s a limit! I think it would re-inspire him, and make him want to up his game a bit. He won’t do, but he should! 😉


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