#AlexOLoughlin as ….. mmmmmMick

Mick and his pretty face with so many human emotions….


The cutest nostril flare ever 😀


Dirty minds exploding, to be walked by Mick…


Tall, dark, and handsome, looking for you…


Could you be any more desirable?!


Finishing us off with that smile……bye ….



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43 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin as ….. mmmmmMick

  1. I’m just getting re-aquainted with Moonlight. It’s been a while so it’s great getting to know Mick all over again. Love that nostril flare…so sexy. Well, all of him is sexy. And the thought of kissing him with those fangs. *faints*


  2. lurxgirl

    Definitely stirring my emotions! I need to lie down and gather my thoughts after gif #2. GUH! I hope I don’t get banned from WP when I comment later. :wicked:


  3. buttercup

    Wow, paula you made a nice collection of mick’s hotness! How i wish it was me being walked by H.I.M across the floor 😄!!
    That man is like one of those disco-ceiling-crystal-sparkling-light-spreading-balls out of an ancient john travolta movie (saturdaynightfever), you know, spreading AOL- sexyness to all parts of the world!!


  4. tanja

    I wanna do sexy and bad things to/with this vampire! Starting by riping his clothes off……………….


  5. The middle gif, he is just oozing all kinds of wonderful tension, danger and what-not…Will let lurxgirl take over with her dicktionary 🙂


  6. Oh Sweet Heavenly Saints “RIPP” Pommienana
    “Resting in Pantieless pieces”
    THAT SMILE!! I am DONE.[But it was GREAT}
    i will Thank you Paula when iIrecover my senses and it may take a while.


  7. Anwyn

    You girls really pamper us. Just no time to relax here, cause you are really quick in entertaining us. … catching my breath while I watch Mick do the move. How can anyone be so sexy and so threatening at the same time. Just one of his many talents…


  8. Ontlls

    No, no, no..:shock: Don’t.. no 😦 Oh my.. you win!! *gives up* Thanks a lot!! 😉

    Was deciding what to watch this weekend, thanks to you ladies, I know what I am watching, after the “42” movie 😉
    Mick, Mick and more Mick *wipes drool off keyboard* He wins every time!


  9. AlexNymph

    asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl etc etc etc etc

    WOW! He is GORGEOUS! Loved him the most as Mick. Andy was emo, but Mick was EVERYTHING. MWAH! IwanttobewalkedbyMick!!!!!!!!


  10. ursuspolaris

    Ok, you did it. My brain just left me and got all mushy.
    Nice job. If I should find myself again you will hear from me.


  11. BlueEyedMonster

    He still makes my heart flutter every time I look at him. He will always be my vampire crush.


  12. I’m watching Moonlight again these days and loving it… could you, please, do one post with all (or most of) Mick’s smiles? I mean, there were so many, it deserves some post about his cuteness when he smiles…


  13. I know it’s late for some of us in the US and some of you are going to be getting up soon. That means “goodnight” sex or “good morning” sex may be on the agenda. I however have my iPad and a glass of wine and extremely naughty thoughts of one sex on legs vampire named Mick St. John to keep me company for the remainder of the evening.
    I am always amazed when I first see a set of gifs of Mick, it reminds me even though I don’t particularly love his long hair and his body wasn’t perfect, he could “move” me like no other of Alex’s characters.
    I’ve mentioned what his nose does to me at nauseum, but it sends chills down my spine thinking of him sniffing my hair. His nose trailing down my neck and I shiver when his mouth begins to follow along with is nose. My heart is quickening as he settles his warm lips along my jugular and I feel the slight scrape of teeth against my skin. I pull away and see the lust and hunger in his eyes. He senses my fear, but his appetite for blood and sex has control of his morality. He pulls me closer to him, his mouth diving to my exposed flesh and licks my neck from collar to my ear lobe. The hot breath from his nose and mouth sending my mind spinning as he continues to taste my flesh with tongue and slight of teeth.
    His strength could crush me, but he only uses enough to keep me in his grips. His teeth break skin and I try to scream, but nothing comes out of my mouth. He’s saying in my ear, “Just a little. Trust me, I won’t hurt you. It will be amazing, I promise.”
    It’s as if I am hypnotized by his breathy sounds in my ear and the way he is walking my backwards until my knees hit the bed.
    My arms are held behind me and my heart feels like it is jumping out of my chest. My legs are shaking and a fire of passion is welling in my belly. I find my voice and say “Yes, I…want it. I want…you.”
    He frees my arms from his grip so I can bring them up to his face. I place my hands on his cheeks and he turns his head down to gaze into my eyes. His eyes smoldering as licks his lips, then pulls me in for a kiss. His mouth sucking and tongue f*cking me to the point of breathlessness. He gives me a quick light shove and I am lying on the bed, feet still over the edge.
    He swoops down over me, reaches under the small of my back, and lifts me up to the head of the bed. I look down at my blouse and it is already unbuttoned…How did he do that so quickly, I ask myself. My shoes and pants soon follow. I still feel like I am in a trance. I know I shouldn’t let this happen, but my mind and body are not wanting the same thing.


  14. Sorry ladies..it is a book. I guess I was inspired more than I thought. I broke it up because WP wouldn’t let me type anymore on one post.

    He stands up at the side of the bed, strips off his jacket, and unbuckles his thigh hugging jeans and slips one long muscular leg out at a time. He unbuttons his shirt but leaves it on as he sinks down next to me. I roll towards him and lift my hand to his chest. I brush my fingers across the soft hair and scrape a nail slightly over his nipple. He hisses and guides my mouth to soothe the tiny reddened bud with my tongue. I dig my nails in a little deeper as I cross over to the other nipple. He hisses and arches towards my touch and I get a high from making him react to my touch so remarkably.
    He rolls me onto my back, climbs between my legs and brings his face up to mine with a growing hunger in his eyes. He bites at my lower lip and follows with a soothing tongue. His nose traces a line from my collar bone, down my breast, around my nipples, down my stomach to the top of my panties. My muscles flinching and flexing under his touch as he retraces his path with soft wet nibbles until he reaches my panties. That is when the fangs come out and with one tug of teeth, they are off. He slides up my body and holds my hair back with one hand. My head pulled back gently to expose my neck, glistening with sweat and I can hear my heart pumping through my veins.
    My senses are overloaded as he thrusts into me as I feel the sharp puncture of teeth at my neck. I reach under his shirt and dig my fingers into his muscular back and aSs. I’m starting to feel light headed but my body is electrified by his touch. It’s more than I can take as I shudder beneath him and he soon follows. He releases from my neck and lays limp and heavy across my chest. I’m very sleepy. I hope to feel this way another day.
    Hope you liked it. I know I did! 😛


    • LG, you are cruel to those of us that just got up and have to live with these images now for the rest of the day! 😉


    • Oh dear…that was so good to read, thanks LG for sharing the mini novel with the rest of us. Glad I got this opportunity at home, would have been embarrassing at work, with a stupid grin on my face LOL
      You sure know how to put words on screen…whew…afterglow…


    • Holy freaking shit!!! Are you crazy??? It’s broad daylight here!
      But I love how your mind works!! Have you ever considered writing fanfiction? I would read it…


    • tanja

      Holy cow! I need a cigarette (and I just quit recently, damn!), wine and a cold shower. Thx……


    • Lurxgirl, were you around at the beginning of the ML Fandom, back when Moonlight Fans and Moonlight Line were still active? Excuse my brain like a sieve but I can’t work out if your name just reminds me of someone else, or it was you I’m thinking of. Your style of writing just reads very familiar to me 🙂

      And don’t worry I won’t scare everyone away by posting anything I’ve written LOL 😉


      • Nope it wasn’t me. I am fairly new to posting on blogs and I just started dabbling in fanfic. I have spent a lot of time reading H5O fanfic, but not much ML. I need to read some of yours.
        I’ll take any con crit you are willing to give.


        • Just to make sure, you do know I write Mick with Josef in romantic and/or sexual situations? I don’t want you to start reading my work and get a surprise or anything.

          Your writing is good, it flows well, and you paint quite the erotic picture. You should definitely write more. 🙂


          • Thank you and yes I am aware of your subject matter and I still want to read it. I’m a closet Steve/Danny fan. 😳 I guess I’m out. 😆 If I do write more, it will be M/F mostly, with a little bromance seeping through. Possibly a lot of seepage. 😀


            • Come out of that ship closet, if you like a bit of bromance or slash with your het there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s all up for grabs in the fictional universe 🙂


    • marnov2205

      LOL, I totally approve of your script 😉 , now only to find someone who’d shoot this movie!


    • Ontlls

      HOLY HANNAH!! It’s noon, and um.. Oh my..
      I agree with everyone, if you wrote FanFiction in which I am not a fan, but I will read yours. Um, I had a shower earlier, might need another one 😉


    • buttercup

      Wow lurxgirl, that’s an amazing hot story!! Like “shades of MICK” *shudder* !! They really should start ML season 2, preferibly after 10 pm!!


    • colleen

      O.M.G!!!! I have been trying to catch up on some older articles and came across this one and your mini story. Wow. My heart is pounding, my body feels like it is on fire and I have to go to sleep now. Holy crap you are amazing. Wow it’s hot in here but I have to read it one more time. 🙂


  15. vanduyn

    Okay so Mick is my absolute favorite!! I love Steve but Mick has my heart and other parts of my anatomy! And thanks to gif#4 and lurxgirl I’ll be busy for quite some time!! Loves it!! 😀


  16. The last one is the ‘basketball’ scene with Lisa! Totally love it! It was the one time Mick really seemed to have fun. Alex played it so well, we were getting a glimpse of ‘human’ Mick even if he wasn’t!


  17. Needs moar Josef *grin* Just kidding, I love Mick, *sigh* I miss my Vampire and I’ve been really depressed lately so I haven’t been able to fangirl at the level I want. This was a nice little pick me up, thanks. Maybe next time you could do a Mick!Vamp set? I lurve me some Vampi!Mick 😀


    • I keep thinking of capturing more of him vamping. And every time I have ML on, remember that you would love more gory and Josef too 🙂
      I will keep reminding myself to capture at least more vamping.


  18. marnov2205

    Mick may not be my fave Alex character, but he’s sure the most emotional one. And you, Paula, are so great at capturing his scale of emotions! The nostril flare is fun, LOL 😀 , and the other gifs are not that bad either 😉 . Thank you for this!


  19. Reblogged this on My daily dose of Alex O and commented:
    I’ve got Mick on my mind, evidently.


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