Moving Andy

Not sure there´s a theme going on here (not that there´s one in my posts usually), always his expressive eyes that catch my interest, but the butt wanted to make a brief appearance too 😀
3r-turn andy-sigh andy-troubledandy-fun


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26 responses to “Moving Andy

  1. marnov2205

    Oh yes, Paula, there IS a theme going on, that of the handsome devil 😉 ! His eyes are amazing and you are amazing for capturing them in action 🙂 ! I won’t even start about his other a$$etts… *snort* Thanks for the treats!!


    • Hi Marnov.
      It is wonderful to see that you are back!
      Hope you had a good time…wherever you travels took you….. 🙂


      • marnov2205

        Hi FOYeur!! *waving happily* I’m sooo glad to be back with you all! I had a “great” time, got harassed in a subway (but escaped harm) and frisked at the airport on the same day – I probably look like I’m about to make a bomb from my lipstick and wet wipes. But Andy is making me good again 😀 !!


  2. Anwyn

    Yes, Paula, thanks so much for the nice treats … and the same old theme – over and over again…
    and heaven forbid that I’ll ever will be confronted with a DOCTOR looking like him, cause I would seriously harm myself just to have an excuse …


  3. Debbie

    Oh Paula! Thank you – GIF number 4. Beautiful.


  4. Ontlls

    Love the eyebrow one, Love it.. but the butt first thing in the morning Oh my 😉
    Thank you Paula for all the great gifs again! 🙂


  5. Karen

    I recently had surgery and while my dr. sure doesn’t look like Andy he had an intern working with him who did! So for just 3 days I had my own Dr. Andy and I’m positive my Dr. Andy was the reason I healed so fast!! But there’s nothing like the real thing!!


  6. Can’t decide! The ‘turn around sigh’ is so Andy, the third gif is so like little children do “I close my eyes so you can’t see me, or not? Just checking!” and the last one has THE EYEBROW…, butt… 😀


  7. lunaterra12

    beautiful as always!


  8. AlexNymph

    The butt can make an entrance any time 🙂

    Love #3–he did that expression just to mess with us (“Bet they haven’t seen this one yet”). We need a poll–does he practice in front of the mirror?

    Oh, and good morning everyone! Paula, thanks for the post!


  9. lovely post… did you notice how, in last gif, his eyes are BROWN?


    • Working on Andy, if I add more brightness/light to his eyes, they are always brown, whereas so 1 Steve had blue eyes, and so 3 Steve green. Can´t really remember if Mick´s eyes are brown or blue, they always look so dark…


  10. lurxgirl

    Those are some very happy scrubs! I mean look how they just curve around that incredibly perky @ss and thighs. Mmmm…I would love to spread my fingers around those glutes and pull him in close. Sexual bliss only a drawstring away. *sigh*
    As if my panties weren’t pulverized already, he hits us with that faaace in #4…full on assault with the eyebrows, neck and mouth. Hnnggg!


  11. SueB

    LOL when you said moving Andy, I though emo Andy! But I like this better!


  12. oooh I could watch that first gif for hours! *sigh* ♥


  13. Thank you Paula. That is one beautiful HOT morning “Muffin” In hopes of reamaning a “Lady: I will refrain from saying what I would like to do to “it” HIM!!!


  14. Marta

    I love Dr.Andy very much, so Paula you are always welcome to give us great gifs like these ones. TY


  15. Kimphin1

    That eyebrow speaks to my soul. Dammit.


  16. Dr Andy moves me …! (in a good way, or maybe I should say a naughty way?!) 😛


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