#H50 Season 4 On Its Way – Blessing Ceremony

Well I think Alex is to blame for the blessing being delayed.

Apparently he had just got of the plane.

He said he had been on a trip with his eldest son and hadn´t had time to shave.

Even though I personally don´t like this heavy beard on Alex, DDK seemed to find it extremely sexy 😉


click pic for a link to HNN video, they have the best quality video up from the blessing, they are in 3 different clips.

Sorry, the live feed video HNN shot was such poor quality. I don´t get it, with today´s HD cameras, surely they could have used their a-game equipment!

Next year I hope they will allow a fan to come shoot Alex´s unbuttoned-shirt-wonderfulness in HD quality!

But they did, fortunately, catch some nice moments on the set, let´s enjoy them till new material appears 😀


I think Alex is giving the lady a stink eye after she told him to button up. Bitch!

Alex: "I lost my guns over the hiatus, look how slim my arm is"

Alex: “I lost my guns over the hiatus, look how slim my arm is”

I think this means a new bromance is set up for this season?!

Look out Danny, Chin is already at first base with Steve 😉


Oh Cath, you have lost your man…


Some pics from the blessing, courtesy of HNN




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42 responses to “#H50 Season 4 On Its Way – Blessing Ceremony

  1. Maria Joaoi

    No wonder Alex is so loved in Hawaii, he shows so much respect for the culture of this state.
    If he gave the stinky eye to that B– she earned it. He was so sexy with that shirt with the top buttons undone., it was the 1st thing that caught my attention.


  2. I really don’t care much for his full beard, but when DDK rubbed on it…mmmm…I liked it for that brief moment. I’m sure it is incredibly soft and would feel like heaven against my inner thighs… 😳 I went there.
    It covers up his beautifully sculpted face and that spot right under the jawline that I love to dip my tongue into. His eyes and smile were still mesmerizing with all that hair in the way.
    His guns do look a little smaller. Maybe Eagan will provide us with an upper body building workout video featuring Alex O’Hottie! When will he have time to work out now? He looks like he’s slimmed down a lot this summer. All I know is there better be some serious skin showing this season! Or I may have to start tweeting PL, and I never tweet! And I don’t mean Michelle in her dental floss bikini 🙄
    It’s a new night and a new time, so the show needs to grab the attention of its new viewers! I know when I first saw him take his shirt off in so1, I was hooked! CBS, get with the program! They are nearly nude over there on ABC and they are owned by Disney! WTF?!
    Can’t wait for some BTS shots during filming. And hopefully some fan pics will start rolling in soon too. I’m feeling a bit like a junkie waiting for her next hit 😦 Why oh why does this man have such a hold on me? Ugh!


    • I will be very worried if we don´t get shirtlessness in the first 3 episodes. Remembering that all those moments in so 3 happened in the very first 4-5 episodes.


  3. Anwyn

    How can anybody of the right mind tell HIM to button up???? She must have been totally out of her mind:-(

    BTW: I don’t like his beard, but then after all there’s nothing that can deface him. Thanks for sharing…


  4. Tracey Waddell

    Thank you! I don’t like the full beard; however, loved the unbuttoned shirt!


  5. AlexNymph

    He was miffed because she made him bundle in his hotness–even he makes himself hot 🙂

    I do not like the beard at all–totally hides his gorgeously strong jawline (which I love).


  6. Did anyone else hear Daniel say “It was sexy” or something like that, right after he buttoned up. Even the men can’t stop looking at him!
    I love Michelle’s little “I get to touch you again/ I have the best f*cking job” dance she does for Alex. 🙂
    He did seam more interested in Daniel’s “seduction” though. 😆 I don’t blame him. Daniel is pretty hot!


  7. I don’t mind the beard, actually I like it but I’m sure it got shaved off right after the ceremony. And yes, who did she think she is telling him to button up?!!! I was rather enjoying the view 😉


  8. canadagirl66

    I don’t know why I LOVE the beard. I think it’s because I want him to do dirty, dirty things to me with it.


  9. LaHagela

    I wanna slap that woman who buttoned up his shit? WTF is she thinking???


  10. buttercup

    I wanna slap her too and the camera for the poor qualitiy, we wanted to count those chest hair, what’s with todays technology!
    Ahhhh, his body looked way too hot! We def need some new bare skin pics! A.S.A.P. 😆 !


  11. Anwyn

    No doubt about it: we are all slowly coming (apart) in HIS HOTNESS.


  12. lunaterra12

    I’d wait for him if he was delayed too. lol And that beard was all kinds of amazing. 🙂


  13. I really don’t like the beard but seeing it being stroked like that…maybe I could put up with it as long as I was doing the stroking… 🙂


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