Hi Andy!

Me: what´s that stain on your pants?andy-coat

Here, let me take them off for a quick wash. You´ll get them back in no time. Promise.

Oh come on!

andy-faceOk, off with them right now, I said!

andy-funnyUmmmm…could I take a quick photo while you´re pantsless? Girls were asking to pretty up the locker room.

andy-nodI swear it´s not for myself!


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14 responses to “Hi Andy!

  1. Karen

    Hi Andy! I have this pain in my heart everytime I look at you. Think you could help me? Please?


  2. Ontlls

    Andy is too cute! I could volunteer my services to help him take off those pants 😀


  3. gracenotpark

    *giggling* If only… sigh. 😉


  4. lunaterra12

    Andy, I used to manage an eco-friendly dry cleaners! I can have them pressed for you… light starch so they aren’t stiff of course. as a matter of fact, we should clean all your clothes including under garments. the stain may have soaked through. 😉


  5. buttercup

    I love the 2nd gif when he turns and shows us his frkn hot neck and his gorgeous chin and delicious mouth! The light is beautiful, btw thanks Paula, I’m happy your gifting again 😉 !


  6. ncfox527

    Oh—my.—osh….laughing out loud at this one. I love reading everyone’s comments on this site, but don’t usually comment myself…..Had to do so today though. Just brilliant! 😀


  7. He is ridiculously pretty! His chest hair and collar bone in the 3rd gif is just…tempting, teasing, tantalizing, titillating and tongue twitchingly irresistible!


    • About time we got some extraordinary adjectives, inspired by his Hotness O´Loughlin! TY 🙂
      (not sure about my spelling, blame that man)


  8. Karen

    Love the alliteration lurxgirl!


    • 🙂 TY Karen. I know if I actually met Alex, I would not be so eloquent with my words. I’d be tripping on my tongue instead of licking him with it. 😉


  9. OH PAULA!! You just had to hurt my heart with the outrageous angelic beauty Dr Andy didn”t you !!! Pants ?? What pants?? What clothes?? I can’t get past that FACE, like a deer in the headlights It mesmerizes me!!.
    G .lorious. I..ncredible F.abulous, S..exy— Yes that sums up these great GIFS. Love you for them. Niw i need a bit of quiet time to stare at them some more,


  10. The last one satisfies me in so many way. SO.MANY.WAYS.
    I’m sure I’ve mentioned before what it does to me when he does THAT with his eyes. That slow look up….kills me every.single.time!!!!


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