#AlexOLoughlin – My Sunday Extras

Oops, he went through the guillotine again 😳

Just my practice doodles from yesterday…


…. strutting Steve


…. Steve & his gun


… doing his little dance …..




… yes, that phone is getting bigger. 😉


Steve … of Alex being impatient?

Knock, knock …..




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17 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – My Sunday Extras

  1. lunaterra12

    They are still quite enjoyable!!!!
    Oh, and if I may point out respectfully, around here a “Sunday dump” sounds like a guy with the paper in the toilet. Americans, we can be so rude. 🙂


  2. SueB

    I am drooling here! Now how can I go to a Family Reunion with Alex on my mind! I should have waited until I got back! Love the bottom one especially! You could call this the Sunday Bump!


  3. The irony of the English language and the different nations that use it… 😆
    If I remember correctly there has been a whole story from Steph about how he could sell us anything…….ANYTHING! … warning – a trip down memory lane, not for the faint hearted!


  4. I must say, the green cargos are not bad at all. Episode 2:09 will always a pleasure to watch …… sigh ……the good old days. 😆
    Those scenes on the ship really provided us with some special points of view! 😛


  5. Such a beautiful way to spend a Sunday….just have to wipe the drool off my face. Love the green cargoes and how they accentuate the pleasure points…LOL But I seriously think it should be called the Sunday Hump coz after all..isn’t that what we would really like to be doing????
    Keep up the great work Paula 😀


  6. Ontlls

    Oh, to watch this episode without a smile or giggling isn’t gonna be easy!! I love the second Gif, just short of the “hitch” eh! 🙂
    I agree, um Sunday Dump 😯 needs to be named Sunday Rejects.
    Glad I checked my email after I came back from Brunch today, Thanks 🙂


  7. cvc

    It could be that Bloody Mary I just finished talking, but rejects is the last thing on my mind looking at these. Sunday Bumps, a Hump or Lumps but not a Dump for me. Luna is right, on this side of the pond a ‘dump’ of anyone’s is not something I want to see or share. I’m not usually a fan of a pic that does not include the faaaace but nice guillotine job!


    • I’m with you CVC . NICE observation and while enjoying Alex’s stunning attributes below his lovely neck as well as above. {THANK YOU PAULA} it’s his gorgeous face that got me interested in “What lies beneath” {Apologies to MOONLIGHT}
      KING KONG could fill out a pair of cargoes but I;m not the LEAST bit interested LOL!!!


  8. buttercup

    Hands, busy fingers, loads of veinporn, great FOY views, greencargos and streaming blueshirt, I guess I can handle the gifs for once without his gorgeous smile 😉 !


  9. Anwyn

    I do have the gorgeous smile and lots of wonderful facial expressions incorporated, but I can’t get around that FOY and the strut. Once I started looking I catch myself at trying very hard to stare something more out of what I actually see. I think I am having an AOL seizure:-))


  10. AlexNymph

    The last one–OMG, what is he DOING? I also love the way he runs across the screen in #5.

    Why not just call them The Sunday Doodles?


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