Happy Birthday Anita!


It is time to wish a long time Alex fan, Anita, Happy BirthdayMick is already gulping down his own special Sangria. Always the first to get the party started. I hope you have stocked up on the wine, Mick´s thirst is insatiable…mick-wine

A little something of Mick, to give you that nice “warm” feeling…






Steve is a bit disappointed that he didn´t get an invitation … maybe next year then.

mcg-tongueA very happy and unforgettable Birthday to you, Anita! May your wishes come true today

Best wishes from Paula and FOYeur…

(PS. in the messy banner I put a staircase to “you know where”… maybe a slide would have been better 🙂 )


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17 responses to “Happy Birthday Anita!

  1. OMG!! This is awesome, thank you so much, I love my Mick and with a plus Steve!!:-) Just perfect to wake me up on birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday Anita 🎁🎉🎈 Why do I love to watch him eat and drink???


  3. Karen

    HappyBirthday Anita! Have a great day?

    Stevedores not have to be disappointed. He’s more than welcome to be my guest of honor at my birthday (hope he can wait 6 mos!) – he can show before, I promise I won’t mind!!


  4. lunaterra12

    Happy Birthday Anita!! Enjoy your day and Mick! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. This is so awesome!! Anita is such a wonderful person and you girls have given her a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!


  6. buttercup

    Happy Birthday to you and a very nice day, best wishes from little switzerland 😆 ! Love the Mick Story for your Birthday, sexy and funny! The McG pose in the 3rd one, wow WOW WOW, I can’t tell you how I love this swagger-manly (can you say that?) pose! Thanks to all of YOU !


  7. Thank you all for these beautiful comments!!!!♥♥♥


  8. Happy Birthday Anita!!! I’d say we all got a present with this post, though. Yummy Mick! 😛


  9. happy birthday, have a great one<3<3


  10. Ontlls

    Happy Birthday Anita, Have a Great Day with Mick. I love watching him!! 🙂


  11. Happy Birthday Anita…Enjoy your day


  12. AlexNymph

    I think this was happy birthday to us–thanks, Anita, for letting us share. Happy B-Day!


  13. happy birthday, Anita… sorry for delay, but I wasn’t around the web yesterday


  14. I hope your Birthday was as wonderful as the Prezzie that Paula and FOYeur made for you that we ALL enjoyed so much. You are a very special friend and i send you much love XOOX


  15. BlueEyedMonster

    Happy Birthday Anita enjoy your day.
    Mick is just so pretty


  16. Thank you to everybody who added their birthday wishes here to Anita. On a daily basis and also from the comments of the people close to her, we can see what a wonderful person and great fans she is!
    For me it is so nice to see Alex fans visiting us around here, that just enjoy him for who he is. It is also spesifically wonderful, to see all the lovely fans that has been around him far longer than us, who are still respecting his life and work and enjoying him with us – just the way he is!!
    A big THANK YOU, to you all!! 🙂


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