Steve worried and me too

Steve is channeling my emotions for this past week. After laptop crashed and didn´t get back to life…all confused, what do I do now?
steve-hurtaccepting the cruel reality, all my files and bought/borrowed soft wear are gone…

steve-hurt2No blogging, withdrawal is a biatch!

worried-pipDriving to the city to seach for a new laptop, will I get one with Windows 7 anymore…

steve-worried2Looking at my options with growing concern, not a lot to chose from…

mcg-armedOnly Windows 8 available, dammit. Will it work?!!

mcg-armed2Wtf? W8 is still looking sort of ok 😉


And finally back to gifíng 😀




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30 responses to “Steve worried and me too

  1. lunaterra12

    How stressful! Losing all that, then changing to a new system. Ack! Glad you are back to making gifs! I see Steve is too, and looking great as always! ❤


  2. Ontlls

    Not a big fan of the Windows 8. I have Windows 7. I like it. Good luck on your choices! 🙂
    Great gifs, Thanks. Love the second last one, the turn is nice 🙂 🙂


  3. marnov2205

    Aaww, Paula, so glad you’re back!! *happy dance* The post is hilarious!! The reference to Windows 8 cracked me up, I’m a Windows 8 h8ter…


  4. Emerald

    Welcome back 🙂 ❤


  5. Anwyn

    Halleluja, congrats. I think we are all extremely happy that you gif again.
    Withdrawals from Alex aka Steve are really baaad.


  6. gracenotpark

    What a comeback, tho! Awesome post. Awesome gifs. Awesome freakin’ arms, and other parts… 😀


  7. great story… finally, your gifs are back!


  8. Her laptop was broken for more than three days,
    now she’s gifing again in her talented ways. *sorry*
    Welcome back and I hope W8 won’t give you aneurysm face!


  9. Karen

    My sympathies – I’m a Windows 8 hater – hate it, hate it. But on a good note, Welcome Back!! Love the gifs!!


  10. AlexNymph

    Happy Happy Friday! Glad you’re back. I hate dealing with computer issues, so my admiration for you is endless.

    LOVE the story, great Steve faces, they match perfectly! You are truly gifted.


  11. ursuspolaris

    What a great idea to channel your frustration this way. Good work.


    • Welcome to comment on the blog 🙂
      I have been very frustrated with stuff this week, and still some major issues to solve…*sigh*


      • AlexNymph

        Hang in there, honey, you are doing FANTASTICALLY! Do not worry about us, take care of you. As the Desiderata says “be gentle with yourself”.


  12. buttercup

    Your gifs are so beautiful, I admire your work and your energy to fix all the new stuff!! Me using an iphone is also new and I’m trying to adjust! …. And comment😆!!
    Paula – that man is absolutely stunning and gorgeous! I cannot help but stare, sometimes his beauty frightens me and all his moves are so cool! I’m an addict to the Aolmyths
    Thank you paula – i ❤ you!!!


  13. LOL! Glad you’re back up and running Paula! If you’re missing any of your gifs I’m sure I’ve saved every single one!! 😉


  14. Please don´t say you hate W 8! Now I am getting even more worried. I still have hopes for a smooth future for me and this new system.


    • buttercup

      You will get along fine, I did too, had to 😦 ! Give yourself some time!
      #3 Those watery eyes and his worries about Mary, I hate it when HE does that to our sensitive pantieeeeees!


  15. cvc-eve

    Sorry that happened to you but brilliant post!!


  16. Thanks for the well wishes everyone 😀 Happy to be back at your service.
    Sorry if the gifs look very saturated. It´s the new laptop. Everything looked very colourful, and I tried to calibrate it but now on a different monitor, they still look very bright. Must try to reduce the redness next time….


  17. Welcome back Paula and thank you for these Glorious Gifs of TWMGM, They are stunning. Hope things staywell for you.


  18. The last one with the smirk… Jhgfdawrfvbbnuuikmmbp


  19. Glad you’re back and up and running.


  20. Lee Ann

    Sorry about your computer meltdown. Have you looked at the Apple computers? I know they are expensive, but do really nice things & their customer service is in the U.S.A.!


    • I am not in the USA. Our selection is more limited, especially in a small city. I trusted Acer again. Clerk asked me if I had considered Mac. But never used those, thought it would be too much learning and with no certainty how softwears operate on those, had to go with a PC.


      • I gave up on windows 2years ago and although expensive I like my MacBook Pro.


        • Lee Ann

          I loved all the capabilities of the Mac that were explained to me in the store and dream of getting rid of my 9 yr old Dell w/unending problems, but what I like is too expensive for me right now. Hate to downgrade my computer lust….


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