#AlexOLoughlin and #H50 Stevie…

Good news is, Paula got her second new laptop today, after the first new one came out the box with several faults yesterday! 😦

Unfortunately it takes time to get everything started and in working order and I am therefore still in mourning over my general daily fix of all things Alex, which Paula serves up for us on a daily basis.

Of course there are also those of us who are mourning the loss of McGarrett Monday! 😥

Here are just a little bit of Stevie’s comings and goings, to keep us moving for today! 😀

317-strut2Is his phone getting bigger? 😉

317-steveThis face will surely be the end of me……

317-strutAny thoughts left……?? 😛



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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and #H50 Stevie…

  1. AlexNymph

    Paula, yeah, welcome back! Thank you for the quick post–the comings and goings, and standing in front of the shrimp truck looking like a little boy trying to make up his mind of what to eat for lunch, are perfectly fine! FINE FINE FINE 🙂


  2. Liana

    Keep moving Steve.


  3. Ontlls

    Welcome back Paula, I know how it feels to get a new laptop! Pain in the butt fixing it up to the way you had your old one. It took me a few days also.
    Thanks for the gifs. I was wondering about his phone.
    In season 1 he is talking on a Apple phone, in season 2 it’s different, and in 3 it’s different again! I guess I depends on the supports they have for the show!
    We don’t have McGarrett Monday’s anymore 😦 But we have Fabulous Five-O Fridays 🙂
    Good Luck with the new computer 🙂


  4. Sue

    Welcome back!!!! Oh do I love that Swagger in his walk you caught it real good in the 1st and 2nd gif. Thanks for that one. Oh was that his phone..lol….yeah it does look different. Maybe the Gallexcy 4, I know they are bigger than Apple now….we will have to watch & see as he’s texting or talking. Thanks for theses. Sue


  5. canadagirl66

    That walk will NEVER not kill me!! So manly man masculine…so friggen sexy…so *THUD*

    As for the phone…I think they just keep giving him a bigger one to distract us from the other bulge in his cargos…ha..they are so silly…there will NEVER be a phone BIG enough for that!!!


    • buttercup

      That strut is just so frkn hot, if it were up to me, I could watch him walk for 40 minutes and it’d still be a success 😉 ! Jeez, I love him WALKING!


  6. I only just got back. Still no gif making but at least I have a laptop to tap on. This new keyboard is so stiff, or did my fingers already get used to idleness being away for nearly 3 days.


  7. lurxgirl

    Is that Super McG’s cape blowing in the wind? 😆 He is really packin in gif 1. His legs are accommodating for the extra large package.
    Gif 2.. “Hmmm..what sounds good to eat?” Love that boyish grin!
    Gif 3.. Something must have satisfied his appetite. 😛 Look at the bounce in his step! I will be enjoying it all day! Thank you ladies!


    • AlexNymph

      And why does he wear the overshirt? We know he’s Super-SEAL, we don’t need the cape (unless that’s ALL he’s wearing). I think it’s to distract us from his “behind”.


  8. buttercup

    I LOVE McG’s cap blowing in the wind, I LOVE IT! I tell you, they do it on purpose 😉 forces of nature 😉 !


  9. lunaterra12

    The strut
    The smile
    The swagger
    The swooning over here


  10. heymomo

    Thanks for taking such care of us FOYeur!!


  11. LaHagela

    His seems to grow every time I look at it!


  12. Setting up a new computer is the worst! I’m still having to download stuff I forgot about….2 months later!


  13. Anwyn

    Welcome back Paula, hope the trouble with the new laptop is soon over. Thanks for giving us the strut and the heavy loads to sort it out:-) I wish I was a menu to get the LOOK.


  14. Nice to have you back Paula. and NICE of you to serve up these Delicious Steve goodies Packed lunch and all !!


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