#AlexOLoughlin & Mick heating the atmosphere

“What’s great about Alex is he can turn on the sex for the job, but he never abuses his good looks.

He knows his place in the universe.”

Sophia Myles, TV Guide, December 2007

Working the eyebrows with a little smile…. really looking naughty!


Biting the lip……


Just touching the lips with his tongue…..


Batting the eye lashes and looking right into your soul…….asking if you are okay!


Letting mundane things look sexy…….


Without even trying, without even taking his clothes off, he just turns on the heat – at full blast!!


Filed under Mick wants to kiss you gently with his fangs.

21 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & Mick heating the atmosphere

  1. lunaterra12

    Well that’s it. There is point in continuing on today.


  2. LindaSue

    I think that quote from Sophia Myles at the beginning of this post makes Alex ALMOST as sexy as the photos. Thanks again, Paula, for this wonderful post on this lazy Sunday!!


  3. Mz Bunty

    Never ever ever get tired of looking at ‘Mick’. Never ever ever ever………….. sigh…


  4. Ontlls

    So, that is why it’s so warm around here. it’s Mick that warming things up 😀 Gif 2, biting his lip – WOW!! but, for sexy looks – this is my favourite http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v145/SueCanada989/AlexO/Moonlight/ProCaps/MLA-ML13-36016.png (thanks to blamethevampire for the cap)


    • AlexNymph

      Yes yes yes! Definitely–the best kiss of all time! And good music too. Love his hair, his look, the swaying–ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      This one makes me go THUD!


  5. That 4th gif totally took my breath away *sigh* ♥ Mick


  6. What Sophia said about Alex tells us more about this wonderful man. I so loved him as Mick!


  7. lurxgirl

    My absolute favorite ML epi! Alex was sex on legs as Mick in BC! So many great lines that are stuck in my head and go straight to my panties every time I hear him say them. Gif 4…Those are “drop to your knees” eyes…my pleasure Mick 😛
    His lips must be delicious because he can’t seem to stop licking and biting them. I’d love a taste test, but I know I couldn’t stop at just the lips. Especially if he gives me “those eyes” 😛 SLUURRP


  8. Emerald

    You couldn’t have thrown in a little Mick!Vamp just for me? I’m kidding, these gifs are great, especially the ones where he’s biting his lip at Josef. 😉


  9. Lorraine Pearl

    Reblogged this on Lorraine Pearl and commented:
    Steamy post. It should be illegal to be this sexy. Mick St. John (or rather, Alex) is the reason for global warming and the spontaneous combustion of millions of panties around the world .


  10. buttercup

    I’m totally crashed into ML since last Monday (wonder why)! I’ve found English versions on youtube! … and all I can think of is … I.Wish.He.Would.Bite.ME 😎 !


  11. SueB

    He is hot! but not too hot to TOUCH!


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