#AlexOLoughlin Faces a´la Steve on #H50

Paula’s laptop finally gave up on us – it surely must be all of the Alex gorgeousness that took its toll on it!

So for the time being, you only have me to serve you with some Alex pretty! 😀

Lucky for me, I found some of Paula’s famous leftovers ….. so here are some lovely Steve expressions on the menu.

This man’s FACE……..


I can watch this for hours…..


Please, I can’t take all this cuteness anymore!


Hopefully all this adorableness will keep you busy for today (at least)! 🙂



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24 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Faces a´la Steve on #H50

  1. vanduyn

    These are awesome!! 😀


  2. Jonna

    Every single one of them is brilliant!
    Thank you for never getting tired of making gifs of Alex!


  3. Sonja

    Thank you Paula! They are so awesome!!


  4. lurxgirl

    He is so adorable! Michelle has THE.BEST.JOB.EVER!! That PD smile in the first gif…*sigh* and the eyebrowP0rn and tongueP0rn in the last one…YUMMM!


  5. gracenotpark

    LOL! I totally could sit here and watch these for hours. I’m so ridiculously smitten. 🙄


  6. Ontlls

    Yep, can watch for hours!! To touch that face like in the first one *wipes drool of chin*
    P.S. Love the ending of this episode!
    P.S.S. if Paula laptop gave-up, and it says Paula is posting, um 😕


    • 😆 Who ever starts a post get the credit for it, does not matter who press the publish button……And it is Paula’s work after all, I just added the words! 🙂


      • AlexNymph

        Thanks, FOYeur, for stepping in to help out Paula–you guys are the greatest team ever! And very sorry to hear about the dead computer–I have no patience for those kinds of things, so wishing Paula well at this stressful time 🙂


        • Thank you.
          Paula is the best partner I could ever wish for! Just sad that she lives so far away!
          She will definitely need your best wishes and patience with the new one!!


  7. miracle (@miraAOL)

    Great gifs! Especially the last one. The eyebrows, the forehead, his eyes. His facial expressions are absolutely amazing and fascinating!


  8. Please………I really need to go to bed, it’s almost midnight, but I can/’t stop watching Alex’s TONGUE. No sleep again then♥♥♥


  9. heymomo

    Paula’s laptop is broken?!?! IS EVERYTHING SAVED? DO I NEED TO PANIC NOW?


  10. OMG you added the Bumble Bee gaaaaah I almost choked on my saliva. That is the cutest expression I have ever seen and I use it a lot in my videos. Poor little Gracie was the recipient of that look. I think she will grow up remembering it and loving Uncle Steve forever ♥♥♥


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