Thank you Mary! Saying Goodbye to another #AlexOLoughlin Fan Site

Another chapter in Alex´s fandom has come to an end. His longest running fan site has ended. Mary ran for many years, with some help (Claire, Elemental, Kagaine and Manu became familiar names to me, as I visited the site nearly daily).

I wanted to say a final thank you to Mary with some Mick, as I think he was possibly her most favorite character of Alex, or perhaps “first love” 🙂

I hope you don´t look back with regret, spending all that time on dat Man, instead remember the thrills of having the first row seat, watching his career getting started. Such exciting times you must have witnessed…








On behalf of FOYeur and myself, thank you for all those years of dedicated work on Alex. We wish you all the best for your future 🙂

 Thank you also to your help on the blog.





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20 responses to “Thank you Mary! Saying Goodbye to another #AlexOLoughlin Fan Site

  1. Karen

    Sad that another great site has gone. But many thanks to the ladies who ran it!! (BTW, just adore Mick w/sunglasses!!)


  2. Wonderful post, Paula and FOYeur! Agreed…many thanks to Mary and her people for being there for Alex fans old and new. Tragic to lose another great website but totally understand the time, money and commitment factor. ❤


  3. lunaterra12

    What a wonderful way to say Mahalo and Aloha to Mary!!
    Mary, you will be missed, but never forgotten!! ❤ ❤


  4. Manu was the very first site I ever visited when i “discovered” Alex, and thanks to it I have found some very good friends.
    I will miss it a lot.


  5. A big Mahalo for all the work they did.

    It’s a shame that some great websites dedicated to Alex are disappearing, really sad.


  6. AlexNymph

    Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Thank you, Mary! Thank you for the time and effort you put into running the site. So sorry you had to leave it. I hope you continue to follow the man, but at a more relaxed pace now. Mahalo! 🙂


  7. not another one.I read them all when posted .Thank you ladies.I just hope this site never ever ever closes i love all the post and comments here i may not always say anything .But i love this site.I read everything posted .I love Alex in every role he has ever played. 🙂


  8. Thanks Mary for all U have for us! We will miss U and the website! Take care and aloha mahalo!


  9. that was a great site, just like AOL rocks… I just hope that this blog (and H50BAMF, and JunkKicker and Champ box) will be here for loooong long time… I just feel like this is my home, it’s the first thing I read in the morning after my Naughty girls on FB…


    • and by the way – where IS Westly? She didn’t post anything after season’s finale – I just hope everything is Ok with her and Alicia and Andrea_Briz…


  10. Donna (dmcs66)

    Thank you Mary and your team for the wonderful site, and all that you did to make it so truly special. I was sad to hear that you were closing it down.
    I was a member who was not very active. I will miss you and the site.
    Best Wishes to you, in your next chapter in life. Wishing you success and happiness always. Big Hug to you!!


  11. Lorraine Pearl

    Reblogged this on Lorraine Pearl and commented:
    So sad that we lost another wonderful AOL site, but this post is an awesome tribute–and a reminder of how sexy that vampire was. 😛


  12. Emerald

    Fantastic tribute, thanks so much you guys.


  13. Sonja

    Mahalo Mary for your hard work in all those years! It was a great site …


  14. Cat

    Two years of fun and friends. Thank you Mary for making this possible. Good luck!


  15. BlueEyedMonster

    Sad to see you go Mary but thank you for all your hard work and dedication to both Alex and his fans.
    A hui kaua (until we meet again)


  16. Lee Ann

    I just LOVED Mary’s site and am so very sorry to see it gone. Best wishes for you Mary and thank you for all your hard work and the enjoyment you gave..


  17. nycdiva824

    Mary thank you for bringing us a bit of Alex



  18. Thank you everyone!! I’ve been out of town.. I got the link to this blog in my news alerts and saved it to read when I got home. I really do appreciate all of the support. It was a tough decision, but once made.. was actually sort of “freeing” 🙂 Now following Alex’s career won’t seem so much like “work”. And no.. I’ll never regret the years I ran the site.. I always enjoyed it.. and will always look fondly on on the friends I made there.


    • I can imagine the relief you felt, when you decided to let go of the site. I hope you are enjoying you free time now, stress-free 🙂
      You are always welcome to join in on the fun here 🙂


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