Missing G.I. Steve

I was taking a trip down memory lane, that is so 3 Steve. Let´s hope for some more of different stories in so 4. I like when they get out of their regular island crime scenes.





320-prettyAnd I only just realized I didn´t even notice that rug in this last one, because his face looked so pretty. And that peaking manly chest hair didn´t hurt either 😀


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25 responses to “Missing G.I. Steve

  1. AlexNymph

    That’s because the rug isn’t so glaringly light brown in your shot. There’s so much green, almost looks like it was shot with a green filter (or was that you, oh talented one?). Perhaps that’s the secret–to watch through green-colored glasses. CBS should send the FUCUP fans different glasses for different effects, like those special ones for 3-D movies.


  2. Maria Joaoi

    I loved that ep, for me it was the best of the entire season, though I have some more that I liked.Alex was Great in this one, so much emotion in his face and eyes.
    Hope that will be more like this in S4, we are still missing the Cat/Steve story,we only had a glimpse of it through Freddie.
    Today is the last ep here which I will enjoy again.


  3. lunaterra12

    This was pure bliss. Powerful episode. Mahalo


  4. gracenotpark

    GI Steve. Happy sigh. Perfect pics and gifs. More happy sighs. 🙂


  5. OHH Thank you Paula. Steve is so stunning and manly in his camos Nowi know what “GI “stands for “GORGEOUS INDEED” !!!


  6. 3.20 is my fav episode. G.I. Steve makes my heart pitter patter. I feel he gave this ep his all and I love that.


  7. Linda E.

    This was my favourite episode of the season, despite all the plotholes and logistical problems. Alex was heart-breakingly wonderful. I’ve noticed that some fans complain about Steve-centric episodes on some sites, and that really pi**es me off. Considering all the flak Alex has gotten, I welcome every opportunity for him to show his talent. When he’s in a scene, I don’t even see anyone else.
    I’m so glad this site exists, for Alex lovers. Thank you.


    • canadagirl66

      “Alex was heart-breakingly wonderful” <<< LOVE this Linda E…..it's exactly how I felt about his performance in this episode. It's my favourite of the season as well!!
      I'm always annoyed too by those that complain about him getting more screen time than one of the other actors. Some people out there seem to forget that Alex is the LEAD actor and that H50 (like the original) revolves around STEVE MCGARRETT. Personally, I think we should see more of Alex, not less!!
      #cantevergetenoughofthatman #nevereverenough


      • buttercup

        So true, we can’t never get enough Alex in H5O! And we love every bit of it! We love him with Danno, with Kono, with Chin, with Cath and with Joe, Kamekona, I even loved his scenes with Lori, she made him sexy while Cath was in the MIA! McG rocks every scene with whatever is needed. Just think of that elevator scene with McMom, I loved Alex in it 😆 !
        … and I love it here too, because we can adore Alex *nomattertheconsequences*!


  8. Ontlls

    Loved watching this episode!!
    Watched it again in my Re-watch of Season 3 and I had to pull out the Kleenex box again – Steve – 1 Me – 0.
    This episode ranks up in the top 5 of Season 3.
    Oh and um, I didn’t know that last gif he was wearing the “rug”, I didn’t notice it, now I do – Thanks (just kidding!)


  9. lurxgirl

    His t-shirt is pulled so tight across his pecs and I can’t stop watching him breathe in and out…GUH! Anyone else craving a nice salty snack? *slurp* His bloody lip should not be such a turn on. 😉

    I loved this episode because it was Steve-centric, and Alex was incredible in it! Those that complain about him getting most of the air time need to realize that if he would have been absent last year for more than a couple episodes, H50 would not be still on the air. IMO

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ohana moments! But Steve is the main character and he should get more air time. He also works more hours than the others too, I assume 😕 He is pretty much stuck on the island during shooting, while some other cast mates are able to leave briefly to pursue other opportunities. Having a family on the island keeps him from this too, I realize. *Off my soap box* I love all the cast members and if I met any one of them I would be thrilled beyond imagination! BTW, I love it here and am thankful that blatant negativity towards Alex and show is not welcomed.

    Too heavy…sheesh…need to get back to McPerving 😉 The BDUs or camo fatigues fit him to perfection! He looked so big and strong and fierce in them! Then he goes and gets all pretty in the last gif 🙂 Even with “the rug” and the dirt and sweaty chest hair…unf …The man is going to kill us. *sigh*


    • canadagirl66

      Hey LG…thanks for pointing out the heavy breathing…I don’t know why I didn’t notice it before….I guess I was so distracted by the walk…and the TH…and the pretty. Now I can’t take my eyes of that heaving chest…and thinking about one or two things that would cause him to be out of breath like that…and they both take place in my bedroom!!


    • AlexNymph

      I didn’t like the episode because I thought it was too contrived, (I know, I know, this is H5-O so what am I expecting), but I LOOOOOOOOOOVED Alex as Steve.

      I agree, the show is about Steve McGarrett. The original one was, and this reboot is also. Danno, Chin and Kono are supporting players. I’d love to have every episode be Steve-centric, but I wouldn’t want to put Alex through that kind of shooting schedule.


  10. buttercup

    I got dragged off, this post is about G.I. Joe 😆 #1 the breathing, HEAVY-I-DID-something-exhausting-breathing, OMcG! I wonder how he breaths after …!
    CG and lurxgirl: because of you my fantasies are running frantic, and I’m perving endlessly (if that is possible 😉 ) !!!


  11. Anwyn

    I just love you all for being so naughty and screwy and pointing out everything so nicely – just in case one of us might have missed something:-) Like that he’s wearing a rug, which totally slipped my attention as I was focused on other things. How can anyone look so awesome wearing a RUG???


  12. Me too! I never noticed the rug (the ‘fifi’ as we call it 😉 ) in this scene. And I have to admit, Alex played the three different Steves so amazingly and fine nuanced that his drop-dead gorgeous looks came second. But now, after watching this favorite episode of mine a zillion times, everythings normal again —- NOT! He is so intense, the three gifs where he is walking/strutting/heading to MEEEEE they are incredible!
    BTW, I think they used three different colour filters or to differentiate between the 3 periods of Steve’s life?


  13. This episode showcased Alex’s excellent acting skills. I love the Five O team, but some people need to be reminded that Steve is the MAIN character. Enough of the serious stuff and back to that heavy breathing! Oh my!!!


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