Happy Father´s Day #AlexOLoughlin!

And this is how he gets himself in trouble 😉

mick-baby(Mick: You wanna have my baby? )

Since we don´t have any authentic Alex daddy material at this time, we had to rely on Stan´s baby skills.

The baby feet are kind of ruining my view, but I´m sure there are many of you going all gaga over the pink feet 😉


I edited some of Alex´s interviews, of him talking about becoming a dad for a 2nd time.


Tannya: Any names? Maybe a Hawaiian name?

Alex: Yeah, he’s definitely gonna have a Hawaiian middle name. There’s a Kahuna that’s a close friend of ours, that blessed my house and blessed Saxon and I into the islands and stuff. And so he’s probably gonna do something with our boy. He’s gonna find his name, you know.

But even if I had a name, I’m not allowed to tell you. She said I can’t tell anyone.

Tannya: I understand that.

Alex: I don’t know why?

Tannya: I wouldn’t want her coming after me.

Alex: Yeah, she was like ….. but I guess if you …. before your child is born and if you tell people the name  and they’re like ….

If there’s any other reaction … so, it’s got to be like,  “That’s awesome!”. If it’s anything else, you’re like, “What do you mean?” 

You know. Instead of, “Oh, yeah okay”.

Alex: My first son, his name is Saxon. So I kind of like to give my children names where they can’t just go on welfare comfortably, you know. 

The welfare people will be like, Lion O’Loughlin? Dude, I’m not …… you can’t  …. you gotta go run a country or something, you know. At least run a television network station.

AlexWhy do people say congratulations when you have a child? It’s awful.

I mean, you don’t sleep, you’re covered in vomit and poop all the time.

Alex: Hell yeah! I walk in the door and I get handed a baby, and I’m like, “Oh”, which is what I want.

But essentially like within the next 17 minutes, I’m pretty much guaranteed to be covered in either urine, feces, or both.

If that doesn’t ground you, what will?

Cheers to Alex on this Father´s Day


And just because I loved Alex´s reaction to Tanya congratulating him on the baby news last September.

He really seemed happy (before the sleepless nights).

alex-congrats-on-babyWe wish Alex a Happy Father´s Day.

Let´s hope his kids let him rest every now and then and bring fun when awake…..



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21 responses to “Happy Father´s Day #AlexOLoughlin!

  1. marnov2205

    Paula, I’m amazed by your commitment – how on earth did you coach yourself into making a post full of b@bies?!?! The gifs with the b@by twins scare me and I wish he were holding kitties instead. Only then would I consider it lovely. But of course, I’m weird, so I don’t count. *ducks to avoid shoes thrown by baby lovers*


  2. lunaterra12

    Awww. Happy Father’s Day to Alex! I admire him for his daddy skills. I guess because I got handed a crappy one. Anyway, yay to him!


  3. I have to confess, I love these pink feet gifs. As always I’m impressed by your ability to choose parts of a scene that are easily overlooked. Little pink feet wiggling near the FOY, big hands caressing little hands and little pink feet! Squeeeee! Yeah I love babies, especially if I can return them to their parents after 10 min. or so 😳
    And I’m happy Mick wasn’t Alex’ role model and his sons name is Lion and not Elliot!


    • I still keep laughing at that other baby disappearing under his arm 😀 also the tiny feet almost hitting the FOY. Could be why he grabbed them 🙂


      • Oh, you’re right, you think even so tiny objects as baby feet can cause serious damage? Delicate flower this FOY!
        And yes! The baby in hiding was funny! Wasn’t it the baby spitting? Giving him a chance to act unscripted!
        (btw. had to watch the movie maybe three times to get the fun in the baby’s name “Penny”.)


  4. LOL Paula the amount of personal sacrifice that went into making this post is truly phenomenal! Very fun! 🙂


  5. Ontlls

    Thanks for the gifs and pictures 🙂 Not a big fan of babies either, like to give them back to their parents after 10 minutes too.
    Seen a bunch of pictures of Alex with kids, and he likes them, so let him be!
    Happy Father’s day to all the Great Dads out there. Thank you! 🙂


  6. Thank you so much for the gifs of his hands with the babies! You can tell he genuinely loves children and obviously they feel comfortable with them.


  7. Excellent tribute to Alex on Father’s Day. Thank you for the time and effort you spent on that. And, yes, I would have preferred those baby feet (which I love) were out of the way of the crotch shot!


  8. Leah

    I’m sure he’s a great dad. 😀


  9. buttercup

    I don’t really care about the babies much 😉 all I can see is the peek-of-chest-hair, the FOY in danger 😆 (babies kicking and grabbing) and the tanned-long-perfectly-shaped-gorgeous-veinporn-covered-sexy fingers of his doing that baby-care-dancing, and OMG have you seen his thumb, so long! (I know somebody will have naugthy comments here 😉 ) Thanks Paula, great post!


  10. gracenotpark

    LOL! Y’all are all hilarious! Kittens v. Babies! Alex conquers em all. He’d be adorable with either species. 🙂

    I find it amusing that at the beginning of Season2, he was still denying he had a girlfriend, but by the end of the season, his partner was just a couple months away from dropping the baby. Hee! Such a private man, but now Mr. Domestic, and sexier than ever. Also happy, which is the best part.

    Lovely ode to our guy! Thanks for the great pics and the amusing convo.


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