Andy wishing you a happy Friday

A quick check with Dr Andy and you can enjoy your carefree weekend 🙂
andy-nodandy-spongebobandy-brow-liftandy-smile4andy-quietHappy Weekend!



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18 responses to “Andy wishing you a happy Friday

  1. marnov2205

    Paula, that’s a smart choice to post Andy on Friday: to me, Alex pulls the prettiest faaaces as Andy, so lovely that it literally hurts, so I’m happy to have the weekend to recover. Thanks for the great selection 😀 !


  2. Happy Weekend Paula.Dr.Andy smiles so sweetly. ♥ beats faster.


  3. canadagirl66

    Awwww…sweet, gorgeous, delicious Dr. Andy!!
    It’s a rainy and dreery day here…but it just got a


  4. lunaterra12

    Aww Yeah!!! Happy Weekend everyone!!


  5. canadagirl66

    oops…my last comment was cut short. That’s what I get for scrolling back up to enjoy more pretty!!
    What I wanted to say is that my day just got brighter and a whole lot HOTTER!!!


  6. Ontlls

    Love the eyebrow in #3 gif 🙂 Thank you. And I agree with Canadagirl66, it’s ugly weather here, but it just got a little Hotter.
    Haven’t watched the doctor in awhile, maybe it’s marathon time!!


  7. AlexNymph

    Paula, thanks for the great weekend sendoff! I may have to watch more 3R tonight, to keep in the spirit of the day. But not the Mandy Patinkin one–that one’s too sad.


  8. lurxgirl

    Same here..dreary outside…HOT right here! Paula, I don’t want just a quick check up with Dr. Andy. 🙂 I want a thorough exam…requiring lots of hands on treatment from the Hot Doc. Naughty Dr. Fantasy…gif #3…Dr. Andy looks like he’s game. 😉


  9. miracle (@miraAOL)

    Does he know what those eyebrows do to us? I for one get weak in the knees, every time he raises this left brow. Can someone call a doctor, please?


  10. buttercup

    #4 is my favourite, the smile and face reminds me of Steve talking to Danno’s daughter Grace! Thanks Paula, gorgeous faces all of them!
    His frkn hot long-shaped fingers in the 2nd one, somebody HELP me please, I’m fainting 😆 !


  11. Friday’s gone, but there’s always a place in my heart for Dr. Andylicious!


  12. Dr Andy like Alex himself—–THE THINKING WOMAN’S CRUMPET: {Alex laughed when I showed him that quote in one of my scrapbooks} What a Darlimg he is !!!!


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