#AlexOLoughlin as Cool and Curly Kevin

Thought we could use a bit of Kevin (From The Shield) for the hiatus.

I still keep thinking how much better the pictures would look, if they had shot the show with regular style.

Imagine seeing Kevin´s curls, both on top and bottom of neck, in better details 😉

Cool Kev ….


And the smile …


… got to get there!


Yeah … right


Love the curls …..


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33 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin as Cool and Curly Kevin

  1. Ontlls

    Oh that is timing!! HUGS Paula, I just bought Season 6 of “The Shield” I guess I have to watch Alex on screen now eh! Thanks for the preview!!


  2. lunaterra12

    I really need to see this!! He’s so rugged in this. A bit more than Steve… edgier than Steve! ❤


    • Kevin reminds me a lot of Steve. Or the other way around, I guess LOL Not a lot of people liked him in The Shield. I LOVE Kevin. Thanks Paula! 🙂


      • I keep thinking Kevin looks a lot messier than Steve. Also Kevin has less angst and seems more laid back. But then again Steve has the Navy Seal background. I wish Kevin could visit H50 one day 😉


      • lunaterra12

        I’ve only seen a few clips and gifs, but I definitely can find a resemblance in characteristics!


        • buttercup

          I like both characters but I’ve seen only those ep of The Shield where Alex’s on! It was kinda depressive and brutal and there was no fun in it! I love Steve’s humorous sides and the bit of comedy in H5O! For the little tv I watch I like being entertained and not cloudy!
          Thanks Paula, Alex in his different rolls is always interesing to watch!


  3. Amanda

    I agree, that filming style drives me mad! Only persevered with it because Alex was in it.


  4. gracenotpark

    Heh! Given the rest of the cast, the wiggly tv was just fine… but once they hired Alex, they shoulda switched to real camera work. :mrgreen: Hiatt for the hiatus works for me! He was one hot cop!


  5. Karen

    I watched the Shield long before Kevin’s brief appearance and found it to gritty for my liking. I have been intrigued about s6 because of Alex but don’t know if I want to invest in a whole season for a few epis. Though it is Alex…. decisions, decisions


  6. AlexNymph

    Thank you Paula! Just what I needed to see today–keep having these kinds of thoughts 🙂 The last gif–the way he looks down at the guy, just before he turns away, I don’t know why, but I love that “knowing” look.

    I only bought S6 because I wanted to see the infamous chair scene. I don’t like Michael Chicklis (sp?) and the hardass characters he always plays, so I never watched the show.

    What was it Mick said to Beth in the first episode–something like “you’re probably the best–thing there”. Definitely applies to AOL and The Shield.


  7. I tried to watch the whole season, but it’s not my kind of show. The messy hair, scruff and sun glasses made Kevin one HOT cop! The style of jeans is a little baggy, but that was the style back then. I like it when his jeans cling to his muscular thighs…mmmmm. The chair scene is blurry, like the whole show, and looks more painful than sexy. The audio of him grunting about 12 seconds into the scene makes my knees buckle and sends a ZING to my lady parts.
    Love the first pic of his profile with his sunglasses and that scruffy jawline I want to nibble or have rubbed over my special places. 🙂


  8. Kevin Hiatt certainly does it for me *sigh*


  9. marnov2205

    Thank you, Paula, you just hooked me to FINALLY watch The Shield 😀 ! Your visuals did it for me and everyone’s comments – rough and gritty sounds actually very inviting. And yes, I am weird 🙂 . But Hiatt surely is the best choice for the hiatus!!


  10. Hated ThE SHIELD too depressing for words Loved Kevin!!!Worlds most beautiful Bad Boy I would be happy to jump his bones and I don’t even need a chair !!!!


  11. Leah

    So what was Kevin exactly? Good cop or bad cop? I’m just wondering.


  12. I bought this season just for Alex, and I only watched “his” episodes. Not my cup of tea. My hubby loved it, so all the money was not wasted. 😉 I think it’s a male show. The camera work made me feel drunk, hated all those cops (except of Kevin of course), I need more than one character in a show I can actually LIKE. Hated the scruffy pics but loved the scruffy Kevin, although his jeans were too far away from his body! #showfail
    And I’m all for the white v-neck!
    I have to add one thing: I love his ears, LOVE LOVE LOVE, they are CUTE! Look at gif #2! Twee hee hee! For me nobody’s looking good if he has the “wrong” ears. But his are perfect! Sigh. What else is new?


    • karin@notmcnerd

      Wow! I guess that does it. With mention of his ears, I think we have completed comments on every single part of Alex’s body! Anyone know something we missed?


      • AlexNymph

        He does have good ears. I’m usually distracted counting all the ear piercings, so I never notice the entire ear, but you are right.

        How about his head in general? Not his faaaace, but the perfect half-circle of the back of his head. The curls just add to it, but the guy’s got a great head! (And I’m talking about the one with his actual brain.)


        • I think we already established that even the shape of his head if freaking perfect. It really is 🙂
          But I suspect his big toes might be crooked 😉


          • LOL! I really hope so Paula! There has to be something that is NOT perfect. Because perfect is boring, isn’t it? But in HIS case all my preconceived opinions go to hell in a handbasket.


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