#AlexOLoughlin – on and mostly off Stan

Once again, re-done gifs from The Back-Up Plan bluray extras.

I will never get tired of this first grin, I wish they had filmed more of him having fun shirtless 🙂


Even Alex looks nicer with wet hair, weird cause so does his characters too 😉


Here´s a question for you.

What on earth is he doing?

Showing how they were taught at NIDA to bring out the inner chicken?


Always such a devoted actor… 🙂


… well not all the time (lucky for us) 🙂


That´s a nice excuse to get under him.

Will try that one too 😉


I´m thinking all those lovely lumps on Alex´s body are just for show.

He couldn´t even push her over.







And finally a conversation from a deleted scene of TBUP….

(play me)


Clive: Look at him.

Daphne: I’d like to see him naked.

Clive: What?

Daphne: Oh Yeah. He’s all man …. Rugged.

Clive: … Broad chest …



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37 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – on and mostly off Stan

  1. lunaterra12

    Wow he looks amazing all golden and glistening. I wish he had his tats, but I’ll ogle anyway! 😀


  2. Loves that audio clip!! LOL! Us too, huh?! Thanks for the post!! 😀


  3. lurxgirl

    ALL MAN >> OH YEAH! I am ready and willing to test those lumps to make sure they are all real 😉 Hands and tongue gliding over every inch of that golden body…mmmm…slurp 😛


  4. The first gif. Mercy…..


  5. I was just thinking that if someone comes across the AOL blogs, they are going to wonder why he hits like so much. Most of the Avis are of him. LOL 😛


  6. BlueEyedMonster

    You always know what we want and delver in spades. Thanks I’m off to a very cold shower


  7. SueB

    OMG The veins on his neck in the first one with the GRIN!


  8. Uug that man! *swoon* ……I have no words….. ♥


  9. buttercup

    Jeez, I’d give everything to get pushed by his lovely lumps (and shirtless too) 😆 !
    I love Paula have a go with the blueray 😉 ! Thanks!


  10. miracle (@miraAOL)

    Call me crazy, but I like the last one best. :mrgreen: His face, the open shirt, the way he walks… Yes, he IS all man and I like to see him naked! 😛 *scrolluptoseehimatleasthalfnaked* *sigh*


    • Ontlls

      I agree with you, I love the last gif.. Alex in Jeans 🙂 That is beautiful 🙂
      Yes naked is good too, the first gif is nice, couldn’t open this page till I got home, but saw it in my email while at work – had a smile on my face for the rest of the day 🙂


  11. marnov2205

    Alex / Stan is such a goof 😀 ! I love this post more than the movie! Thank you, Paula, and the more so for sharing the DVD extras – I didn’t see them before because I couldn’t look myself in the eye if I bought a romcom on DVD 😳 . Also, Standwich on the grass – well, that would do 😛 .


  12. Liana

    Normally I don’t see rom-coms, I don’t like it, but this does, and just for him. Look at him, he’s gorgeous, sweet, charming and sexy. You’ll laugh with this, but when The Back-up plan was released in Spain, I past like two months taking a bus daily on a bus stop with a poster of the movie and I past all the time on the bus stop look at him in the poster. He’s so handsome in that poster.


  13. I’m a little bit (make that completely) mesmerized by the tendon on his neck in the first gif. When he is grinning like a model for tooth-paste (that GOOF!) it’s popping out. Can’t help… I’m sitting here and keep staring and staring, although it’s a shame, that there are no tats. He is REALLY naked without his tattoos, but it’s not the kind of naked I like. Damn…


    • AlexNymph

      “Naked without his tats”–what a great way to put it!

      I love the way the rest of his body is perfectly still–just the grin (and neck tendon) are moving 🙂


  14. Is it weird I like that last gif more than the first one? Damn. That’s hot. *scrolls back to perv*

    Great job!!


  15. AlexNymph

    Well, I tend to put my foot in my mouth, so I’m going to say it: the main problem with this movie was her–I could never understand why Stan was so interested in Zoe. Her only personality trait was whining. She’s not really all that attractive. So what was it about her that got his attention? The thrill of the chase? Stan, Stan, Stan, you could do SO much better.

    Oops, maybe that’s my problem with the movie–Alex playing such a dim bulb as Stan, the guy who for some unknown reason went bonkers for Zoe.


    • There are part of the movie I didn´t mind, but also when Stan´s character went all too mushy for me, like the end in the hospital and then the proposal. I really struggle to watch those bits, even if Stan looked so gorgeous.


      • AlexNymph

        Yes, exactly. Though I do love near the end when he’s holding the babies and the one spits up on him–he’s just so natural with them.


        • That bit was nice, cause that was clearly unscripted. Glad they kept it it. and I hate babies, but his shirt in that scene looked like it was also a baby onesies LOL


          • AlexNymph

            Holy crap, I just pictured him in a white, long-sleeved onesie. Not really what I’d call sexy. LOL

            Speedo. Okay, picturing him in a black speedo now. Ahhhhhhhh


            • Well you just made me laugh, picturing him in a speedo LOL not sure they look sexy on anyone….hmmm, Alex sure needs to make a photoshoot in those so we can test that theory 😉


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