4 responses to “pilot-mo-9

  1. AlexNymph

    Is he really telling someone to F***off?


    • I didn´t think much about this when captured, but later occured to me he might signal someone “let´s go for a smoke” 🙂
      It´s not just the birdie there LOL


      • buttercup

        I’ve read this interview with Michelle and she said, that he doesn’t like the smell of smoke (when they had to make out for their first bed scene)! Maybe this was to show the figure “two”, whatever this means, I don’t know 😉 but he does it in the serie a lot!


  2. I can cleary see two fingers (first and middle) in the air. And you can also see the first finger is not bend forward, because it would have been more visible to see then 🙂


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