Making of #H50 Pilot with #AlexOLoughlin

Starting with some clips of Alex´s Aussie sound, since we all love to hear it 🙂

  • Alex on fighting with James Marsters
  • Getting rid of the first tension
  • Pulling off that uniform (sounds good, right 😉 )
  • Some screencaps from the video.
  • And some animated Alex

Just put some moments as gifs that I found funny.






I enjoyed watching these BTS videos of Alex working the scenes.

 Like that cute and odd little stomp in the sand. I bet he wished he was barefoot 😉

Also that tiny skip out of frame made me smile.

He has the heart of a little boy still 😀



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22 responses to “Making of #H50 Pilot with #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Maria Joaoi

    I love his accent and he is such a goof. I bet Malia has her hands full with 3 boys in the house, specially if Saxon and Lion are like Alex,


  2. SueB

    Oh, was he stomping to make himself not so tall? Loved the chewing gum and saying Book em Danno! On film he was not chewing LOL I remember they were filming on a bad day at the beach! They had to give up and go back another day!


  3. Absolutely yummy! And that third to the last gif….DAMN that overshirt! He almost gave us the money shot. Almost. Stupid overshirt. 😦

    McG in sunglasses. That is all. Boom.


  4. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Oh that White T-shirt… WOW!! Would love to see the “Behind the scenes” stuff, but.. don’t have the DVD’s 🙂


  5. Thank You so much Paula. I throughly enjoyed this


  6. vanduyn

    Is he the cutest ever?! I love that gif!! Thanks so much Paula!! 😀


  7. MCG in a white t-shirt and sunglasses…HELLO WARDROBE…we need to see more of this in season 4!! Less clothes would be fine also. 😉 Thank you Paula for the gifs. He is so cute skipping and stomping in the sand. 🙂 Even with the grueling schedule, they looked like they were having fun. They seemed to have instant chemistry. I don’t want to rush our summer, but I can’t wait for season 4!


  8. Here we go again…it’s AOL doing random sh*t and looking absolutely A.mazing while doing it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gum chewing….his jawline and neck are SPECTACULAR! And the grabbing of the wet overshirt…OMG…SO.HOT!!


    • buttercup

      “the grabbing of the wet overshirt” is just Steve doing random stuff and doing it so naturally and we all go *booooooam* 😉 his arm muscles and the neck, I wish we could see him more often “rained down” (can you say that? 😉 )!! SO.HOT!!! Thank you CG 😉 !


  9. marnov2205

    Thank you, Paula, for choosing the DVD extra feature for a post!! There are some really lovely shots in the extras, and I was always wondering why material from these is not posted more often. Now you’re reading my mind 🙂 . You compiled a beautiful post – again. The last gif *sigh*…

    And as Lurxgirl says, this brings sweet memories of the time before Wardrobe started drinking. #TeamWhiteTee + Sunglasses. The lack of sunglasses in Hawaii in all, or almost all, the other episodes literally makes me squint in unison with the actors. 😎 😎 😎 < Now, I feel better.


  10. can you, please, post links from these video – it seems that on YouTube is only legacy with Italian subtitles. Where did you get it (I assume it’s not from original DVD because od quality of gifs)?


    • They are from the bluray dvd extra. The same as the regular dvd has but on the bluray the extras seem to have so much better quality. Also why I didn´t really capture much before till now. The difference in quality is so big. One big issue was that for some reason capturing bluray bits kept crashing my VLC player all the time last night. It was a nightmare trying to get this post done.


      • marnov2205

        Poor dear 😦 … But your effort REALLY IS MUCH APPRECIATED!! Blue Ray makes a major difference, clear thing 🙂 .


        • well, it’s not really good quality on all of them… the white shirt (the bigest pic) is so grainy, like it’s from 360p video, not from DVD… but I love all these pics!


          • That happens when I crop the picture and just keep a small part of it. I have wondered myself about that too. If I had the whole frame it would look better, but there would be scooter´s too 😉


            • AlexNymph

              Yeah, the more zoom the grainier they get. THANK YOU for posting these–sorry the process gave you grief. We certainly DO appreciate all your hard work 🙂


  11. Karen

    I wouldn’t know 360p from anything. I’m not that picky!! All I know is, grainy or not, it’s Alex!! Sand, sunglasses, white tee shirt, gum-chewing, smiling, happy. YES! I’m in heaven!! TY for this and all you do!!


    • marnov2205

      ^^ What you say !! ^^ Exactly what I’m thinking 🙂 … Blue Ray or not, I’m taking anything as long as it’s Alex in the pics 😉 *off to find out what 360p even means*


  12. Brenda

    Love these audio additions, his accent thump thump thump. It sure rains there more than I remember.


  13. buttercup

    I love the way he pronounces the word “fight” in the 1st one, it sounds like “foight”! He accent in those days was so cool! Thanks Paula!


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