New video with Alex talking about working out with Egan

and of course some gifs of Dat Man (where did the chest scruff go?!)

aol-egan3 aol-egan2 aol-egan1

Who doesn´t like a well groomed man! 😉

aol-egan4And to finish us off, Dat Tongue 😛





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33 responses to “New video with Alex talking about working out with Egan

  1. egads…I’m with you…where did all that playground of chest hair go???? OH, NO…..not another manscaper!


  2. Alex wouldn’t man scape for nothing so I’m thinking it’s just the lighting maybe. Damn, he looks good.


  3. He does look pretty well groomed for just a martial arts video. 😕 I love his chest hair! Maybe he has a photo shoot coming up? Please, please! Chest hair or not, I would love to see some new professional photos of him! ALL OF HIM would be nice. 😉 Playgirl needing a new centerfold? 😛 I’m just kidding…not really 😉


  4. AlexNymph

    The lighting is dark, but even then it does look like he’s lost some chest hair–maybe trimmed for the hot Hawaiian summer?


  5. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Oh my.. That smile in number 2 😀 😀 Glad I am sitting far enough back on my couch! The rubbing the eyebrows is cute too 🙂 Like that his hair is getting a little bit longer!
    About his chest hairs, maybe his tan is hiding them. It’s warm in Hawaii!!
    P.S. is this from the workout video that Egan is selling or a tweet from Egan?


  6. BlueEyedMonster

    I love to see Alex laugh like his smile his laugh goes all the way up to his beautiful eyes. Thrilled to hear and see that after his pain killer addiction he has found a healthy and it seems happy life style.


  7. vanduyn

    Thanks so much Paula!! I was thinking the same thing about his chest hair 😦


    • Let´s hope that those guessing it might be because of a photoshoot are right! He doesn´t have that heavy beard either he had last summer. We need more professional pics of him! I almost wanted to send Egan a happy bday wish, “here´s hoping you got a new camera you can use on Alex´s workout videos” 😉


  8. SueB

    His hair looks shorter like when he was filming the last 3 or 4 episodes? But OMG Thank goodness some new Alex! Long summer!


  9. buttercup

    OMcG where is the chest hair? I can’t see any? I really hope it grows again, I liked it very much 😉 His hair looks great (HE LOOKS GREAT 😆 !!)
    Funny thing, while watching the video you can see the “Top Story” icon on the left with Dr.Andy (Alex with longer hair) and I’m torn between long and buzz 🙂 I guess, I just love both 🙂 very very much!
    That thingy with his eyebrows looks pretty funny to me, was tickling him 😉 ?
    Why did he laugh at the “brazil” Jiu-Jitsu?
    Thanks for these summer yummies!


  10. marnov2205

    It’s beautifully done, Paula!! As always. Thanks. You totally should have sent Egan that happy b-day wish with hopes he got a new camera! Though this particular video WAS probably shot on a real camera instead of the usual shaky cell phone… My bad that I don’t find it very enjoyable because I’m mourning the apparent demise of chest hair. *off to cuddle with my HAIRY cats to cheer up*


  11. hehe notice his little ‘Americanisms’ especially on the word cardio! lol Did you other Aussies notice the accent on that word? or was it just a Kiwi thing. Gosh he looks fantastic!! *sigh* ♥


  12. Brenda

    I just could listen to him talk forever. Never enough interviews. Although I think he seems so young vs the H50 show. And dang I feel like a big enough cougar. 😜


  13. heymomo

    Damn! Excellent work on the gifs.


  14. This is GORGEOUS and so is Alex!!! Thanks Paula


  15. Damn he’s GORGEOUS and SEXY and ADORABLE…his laugh and smile are incredibly contagious!!! I could watch and listen to him talk all day… and all night…preferably beside me…or on / under me…I’m not choosy!! 😛


    • Hey girlfriend, good to see you had time to get your Alex fix! Miss ya! I’ll try to be extra naughty for the both of us. 😉 Watch out everybody! 😛
      I miss his chest hair, but then I wouldn’t have to worry about stray hairs in my mouth…or would I? Just warming up ladies *cough* …got a tickle in my throat.


      • Thanks LG.!! RL has been an absolute bear these last few weeks and has taken me away from my regular daily visits of the pretty….and the naughty. For that alone, I have to say…damn you RL…DAMN.YOU.

        Speaking of naughty…thanks for doing double duty in that department. Your comments put a smile on my face when I needed it the most!


        • Speaking of putting a smile on my face.. I LOVE the 2nd and 3rd gifs SO MUCH!! It’s not possible to not feel better looking at that gorgeous smile and laugh. Thanks Paula…you made my day…two days in a row!!


  16. Marta

    It’s a nice video and great gifs! It’s a intense “workout” to our eyes. Thank you.


  17. Thank you a thousand times for these gifs! He looks phenomenal! Love his hair. It’s grown since the season finale and and it looks like he tried to comb it (unsucessfully) to one side, but it has its own mind. 🙂
    Hope you post these gifs in your tumblr, I’m eager to reblog them. His smile kills me everytime!


  18. buttercup

    Just saw Egan in 2.01 😉 so funny, he pulls Kono out of the car, tough guy! Thanks to you guys 😉 I’m connecting my new “knowledge of Egan” to the show while rewatching, I love that very much!


  19. When Alex smiles, his eyes sparkle! He looks younger here than when he’s McGarrett. He looks healthy, happy and hot! We need more interviews! Thank you for this wonderful one.


  20. buttercup

    I have some new information to the pink-beast 😉 I’ve just realised that there’s a “double-tongue-lick” in 202 when he talks to Jenna in his Office (questioning her about leaving H5O)! I was thinking of you and I had a great laugh at the pink-beast!


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