Hurting so beautifully

It sure looks like Steve shows his most radiant smiles after a good beating (remember 210 helicopter smile) 🙂



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16 responses to “Hurting so beautifully

  1. SueB

    He is so beautiful! Is it okay to call a perfect man Beautiful? I think so!

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  2. So what your saying is our beautiful man likes it rough? 😉 😆

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  3. buttercup

    All I can think of is changing places with Kamekona 😉 !


  4. buttercup

    I have never actually realised the color of his arm tattoo’s, it’s a wonderful emerald green like color, is it! It looks stunning on his sun-tanned skin and the towel giving us some white around his face! Thanks Paula for another soothing to the eyes!


    • I think it looks more vibrant green because I used some filters that enhanced the colours, so in reality they probably do not look that green. Sorry, took some “artistic” freedom…


  5. Anwyn

    You’re absolutely right, Paula, no one hurts so beautifully. TY for bringing this into focus:-)) And to think he likes it rough makes me weak in the knees…


  6. Paula, this is just to say thank you for the post: it’s beautiful and it hurts me; and when it comes with Lurxgirl’s comment, it’s really too distracting for me to think of anything “deeper” to say. Surely not if I’m to keep it PG 12. *off to find her mind in the gutter*


  7. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Thank you, thank you! 🙂


  8. Taty

    I have no words… I’ll just stand here drooling if you don’t mind 😉


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