Whiteout – BTS With #AlexOLoughlin

Who knew my bluray had such lovely hidden gems in the extras (well FOYeur did say they should be there, but I didn´t believe her … silly me 🙂 ), stumbled upon these scenes late last night. Now they are here for your pleasure.

Have fun 😀


Stunts in the “snow”


Blurry “sock”-run


Hat, socks, and boots – that’s all!


Easy to spot the guy with the lower back tattoo?


Chewing gum?


Lucky girl, or lucky blanket?


These gifs, especially the “bottom” ones are much bigger files than I normally do, so you might have difficulties in seeing them animated if you are viewing them on your phones.

I recommend using bigger “tools” for serious observing 😉 I will try to make a BTS video from these bits, but currently having issues with audio, hopefully, later tonight will have it done and added to post.

PS. if someone of you are trying to view what is covered under the blanket, I would say it is sock covered family jewels 😉

And since youtube refuses to show the other original clip, here´s the video of Alex´s bits on our FB


Links to Alex talking about this in interviews:



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61 responses to “Whiteout – BTS With #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Anwyn

    Wow, what a sight to behold. I never thought I’d need a blue ray player so soon, but just changed my mind.:-)) Thanks so much for sharing. It is simply awesome.


  2. Maria Joaoi

    Of course it is. It must be below freezing and not even the magical powers of the Foy would be able to work. LOL
    Thanks Paula for all the goodies.


  3. marnov2205

    Paula, you’re such a dear for sharing these treasures!! I haven’t decided yet if it makes me feel hot or cold. But it surely makes me feel that the movie is, ehm, how to put it nicely? Not an Academy Award attempt, say. Also, what you wrote!! >> “If someone of you are trying to view what is covered under the blanket, I would say it is SOCK…” << your sentence continues but I assure you that I auto-corrected sock to something else and stopped right here. 😛

    P.S.: I hate it that I bought a new laptop recently and the b@stard doesn’t play Blue Ray…


    • Your autocorrect isn´t that wrong, I would say it was the most accurate autocorrect ever 😉
      I bought an external bluray reader device for my laptop. You can get one for 100€ but you then need softwear to get the screencaps, that costs extra too.


  4. leiCa

    I’m going crazy here Paula! I have never seen those… pics… gifs… they are just fascinating… distracting… I wish I would have a x-ray vision because why oh why did they blur the ski-socks (it has to be that kind of sock because let’s face it (ha ha!!!) normal socks won’t cover everything)?
    So let’s concentrate on his fine ass!!! I remember Alex describing this perfect part of his body (what else is new?):
    • The ass-roof
    • The part where the ass does its thing
    • The lower ass-shelf
    Thank you for this so much Paula. I’m going to share one of those pics or gifs in our community, of course with credits and link to your studies, I hope that’s ok?


  5. goofy cheeky boy, just running along, chewing his gum.
    I have to work now, thanks for putting this in my head girls!!


  6. btw – I hate the person who put the blurry circles in there!!


    • I think Alex´s blurry circle is bigger than the others, if that makes you feel any better 😉


      • leiCa

        LOL!!! Right! Hence he is wearing a knee high ski-stocking, not a plain sock, I’m sure!


        • AlexNymph

          Wool sock, according to Kate in an interview. It had lots of “non-manscaping” to hold itself in place (damn!)

          Wow, love the long legs! I swear he’s got the longest calves! Wish we could see if he has any other, um, long parts 🙂


  7. Amanda

    Oh I say! 😉


  8. buttercup

    Jeez, I feel like watching very naugthy stuff here 😉 ! I keep turning my head in every direction and watching behind my back (and I’m having so much fun 😆 )!


  9. Lexy M.

    Boys will be boys. Women would never strip down and hang free to race in the frigged cold. Well maybe if AOL was the prize at the end. Thanks for the share.


  10. We should be thankful for that blanket girl holding on to so many covers, she actually caused the blue one to reveal a bit of the AOL secret, or maybe she did it on purpose 😉


    • buttercup

      She was too quick with the blankets (good for us 😉 ) ! He still has the sock, so we just take that hot bootie of his and keep on dreaming about other things!


  11. LindaSue

    Paula, YOU are AMAZING! Thanks SO VERY MUCH for sharing these “jewels” 🙂


    • It doesn´t get any better than this, I can retire now 😀
      PS In case some of you don´t notice, the stills can be clicked to view in original size (that means even bigger). There´s a link somewhere on the page when you scroll the stills.


  12. Karen

    Me too paula!! If I died today, I’d die happy!! I might have to add this movie to my (ever-growing) collection of AOL!! Thanks!


  13. Ontlls

    Oh my.. Good Morning, Good Morning. WOW!! Off to work.. will continue later!! *big smile on my face*


    • Ontlls

      That was the shortest day at work, or the happiest day. Clients were asking me while I was smiling so much. I said no reason 🙂
      Okay, now um.. I agree with Karen, this movie is going to be added to my DVD collection, soon!!
      What is with Aussies and snow?? Russell Crowe (sorry to swear!) did almost same thing in “Mystery Alaska” 🙂 Weird.
      Anyhow, I am glad the “family jewels” were protected, cuz no family members after that! 🙂
      And if Alex can survive the antarctic, wonder how we would do in Canadian Winters?? I could keep him warm!! 🙂


      • I have had the smiling thing happen to me too at work, with colleagues commenting 😀 I think Alex is a necessity at my kind of work, I should be smiling all the time, Alex helps a lot 🙂


  14. vanduyn

    Thanks for this excellent post!! 😀


  15. Thank you FOYeur for the heads up and thank you Paula for posting these wonderful “gems”! Anyone else incredibly jealous of the girl with the blanket? He smiles at her, looks like he’s almost apologizing to her for running into her so hard. GUH! I am mesmerized by his long luscious legs topped with THE PERFECT A$$!
    I loved his interview on NoGoodTelevision! “Find the penis!” If you want to see Alex be naughty and potty mouthed, it’s a must see!


  16. How many of you noticed that in the end with the sock run, Alex gets first his coat on (when we see his back) and the next minute there´s the blanket when we have the profile view! FOYeur our very own eagle eyed observer just pointed it out that there must be several takes of this run. Sadly they edited as is, you can see from the uploaded videos for yourselves.


  17. I know it’s a scooter, but I just realized that the white out scene with him attacking Kate B was done on a sound stage and CGI’d. Oh the magic of movies.

    FOYeur you need to change your screen name to
    “FOYeur (The Eagle)”


  18. Mz Bunty

    Definitely a great ass. But am I the only one who mourns his hair? Those beautiful beautiful curls. Why so short in Five 0. .. Can’t we campaign for him to grow his hair out!!!! Pleeeezze!!!


    • Ontlls

      Thank you, thank you. I love his curls too. I like the Season 1 length of hair for Steve.


      • Bunty

        I just get all oh oh I dunno when I see how his hair curls round the back of his neck and hangs over his face. Sorry girls I find that way more Hot than a sock!!! Ok each to their own I am a Brit soooo !!!


  19. I just had a naughty thought…Me? IKR? 😆 I wonder if my tongue would stick to him if I gave him a lick? *slurp*


  20. *speechless and drooling* (Clean up on aisle 5!) Now i’m gonna be late for work – totally worth it! *sigh* Thanks P


  21. These pictures and gifs made my evening, they are awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing!


  22. BlueEyedMonster

    I’m a little behind here so can someone tell me who and why (I can sort of guess why) and when Alex got the nickname A-Rod. Thanks


  23. Marta

    Paula you are very inspired this week. Steve’s tan cargos “pantsporn”, Dr. Andy in the bedroom, young and in love Jack, and now the naked Russell. You are studing hard in these H50 holidays. I really appreciate your effort to keeping us to learning, studing and having so much fun with these posts. TY

    PS May i ask for a Will Bryant post again. It’s been awhile. TY


    • Poor Will´s wardrobe was so hideous, it really doesn´t leave any room for daydreams 😉
      Meanwhile just looking at Steve in 206 (again!) and the fighting scene looks pretty interesting…hmmmmm…


      • Marta

        Yes, i agree that for daydreams is more with Steve’s fighting scene or the couch scenes with Cath or Jack and Pearl at the pier or Kevin and colleague at chair scene. TY


  24. iam just happy that I did see anymore then want I seen in the movie but then again I love want I seen” hot hot hot”’


  25. SueB

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!


  26. Paula and FOYeur. Thank you for these icy HOT pictures. First time I’ve seen Alex chew gum He’s really in to it LOL Of course WE’D all like to be in to the sock. {EYEPOP}


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  28. peacefulwild

    Mahalo for sharing this. though, I don’t think he is wearing a sock. There is too much defination to it.Can someone get a still pic so we can be sure. Would greatly appreciate it.


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