Summer quickie

316 pants among the best in so 3 😉







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24 responses to “Summer quickie

  1. #Pantsporn I just had an #aologasm THUD


  2. haha! #pantsporn !! I love it!! lots of junk in his trunk!


  3. Ontlls

    *ouch* from the last gif
    *wipes drool* from all the others.
    Great post. Thanks 🙂


  4. Awesome!! One of my favs this season! 😀


  5. Maria Joaoi

    These pants are amazing specially with That package.


  6. How NICELY they hug his perfect A$$ :O


  7. If I got my hands on him in those pants, the only thing “quickie” would be how his pants come off. 😉 I had myself convinced I favored the white pants, but HOLY H3LL! He is wrapped perfectly in these! Then he goes and does his McIndy BAMF move and… Ouch! There goes my ovaries! 😀
    I’d surely take a quickie from his hotness, but I dream of LONG SWEATY SUMMER S3X with him…oh my…*SIGH* *quiver*


  8. buttercup

    That post “screams” pOrn allover 😆 ! Thanks, perfect Sunday evening goodies!
    #1 Him doing the eyes**ing, ouch, I like that!
    #2 Look how tight they fit, omg I.LOVE.THOSE.TAN.CARGOS! Leaves so much for our imagination (or not 😉 )!
    #3 Swagger-porn (nobody can match McG), to the ultimate!
    #4 He looks so much like season 1, I have to admit, I didn’t notice this while watching the ep! THANKS PAULA
    #5 Ouch, that line was just frkn cool! McG for the win!
    To sum up, have I told you, how much I.LOVE.THE.TAN.CARGOS 😉 !!!


  9. Oh the way they strain around his thighs as he moves *drool* Takes me to a beautiful place where his pantless thighs are straining above me *sigh* GOD DAM THE MAN IS BEAUTIFUL!


  10. come again?? why, yes, yes I already have :p


  11. marnov2205

    Thank you, Paula, for pleasing me (did that go out wrong?) and also for scaring me – in the last gif!


    • I wonder if Alex being sick at this shoot (I think someone mentioned it a while ago) had something to do with that last scene, like Steve just didn´t care 🙂
      How can one look so good being sick!
      The bullet hole was kind of cool 😉


      • Maria Joaoi

        It was Treat Williams that said in a tweet that Alex “was sick as a dog and that he was a pro” Its so good to hear all the praises about him.


  12. Liana

    Those pants are so hot, and the fill, wow


  13. Karen

    No one can a fill a pair of pants like McG!! Is toooo early to go to bed??? I’m lovin the pantsporn!! Ty!


  14. SueB

    Ooooo! Love it!


  15. leiCa

    Do I have to think about my email-sorter because your “Spam…” post ended in my spam folder, but the “Quickie…” post not? It’s not that I get so much quickie-posts so that the sorter is kind of trained. 🙂
    As much as I love the white pants… but to be honest (with myself) IF there have to be pants (for medical reasons, to prevent an international hyperventilate-crisis – not only affecting females, see this guy in the white shirt ogling Steves behind-package and refusing to go, but where’s the problem to build up stocks of paperbags, I would, I survived Oyster Farmer without further damage, anyhow I think so or I don’t care, am I babbling…? I’m zoning out…) so, IF there have to be pants, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a shilly-shally woman who likes especially that colour he is just wearing. Hell, he could wear Kono-like-coloured pants… and it would be #pantsporn for me! It’s the content that matters. And the way this content struts and swaggers, arms swinging (*cough*) like a boss!


    • buttercup

      “And the way this content struts and swaggers, arms swinging (*cough*)” I’m so with you there 🙂 that scene so much rocked, fully loaded 😆 !


  16. This is the bestest #pantsporn on the internet!!!!!


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