3:24 – #H50 Season 3 Finale With Steve

*snif* it´s the last episode for the next 5 months 😦

But it had loads of real pretty Steve 🙂


Also gave us some nice full gear McYum too.


and cool look under his skin


Dat Strut to show WoFat who´s in charge


A bit of BAMF dancing


Take that CIA! 😉


The Tongue




Cool Collar up Steve, me likey!

Mucho 🙂


They had the chance to ship off Danny and they didn´t? 😉


I love this song, Promise by Ben Howard, they had playing in the background, had to add it. 

(Click on the link to listen to it)

Goodbye Kono



Goodbye, Mom?


Only one “proper” smile from Steve, it will have to last till Season 4.


The End – Dun dun dun!!!


as usual, more to come tomorrow….


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45 responses to “3:24 – #H50 Season 3 Finale With Steve

  1. Karen

    Thanks Paula! Love him, love his smile. OMG – what a finale, I’m so sad. Do you really think Kono’s not coming back??? I hope not, As for mom, hope so… Is is September yet??


  2. Karen

    Forgot to say I love that song! Do you know the name of it, I’d like to download it (even tho it makes me cry!)


  3. venus

    thank you for the steve pics they are great. To me Alex was the best thing in a other wise disapointing season fina( ok I know I am going to get hate mail ) I am sorry it did not work for me, but alex was great in it.


    • I thought this epi was ok, apart from the kidnapping (yet another one in HI, what´s up with that!). I was watching the end with the beautiful music playing and thought, how nice, finally a calmer season finale ending, such a nice change to their usual stuff 🙂 Then noticed there´s a couple of minutes left and oh boy, sure enough the WoFat drama to hold us in suspense for the hiatus LOL
      Ps I doubt any hate mail will come your way, don´t worry 🙂


    • I totes agree 100%, Only S1 had what truly felt like a worthy season finale. The 5-0 writers need to take the hiatus to figure out how to step up their game. If not, we may not see S5. JMO


      • buttercup

        I hope there will be another one or two (or three) seasons, because I like Alex as Steve, the cop/commander stuff comes natural to him! I love the show and I think the finale was not as bad as everyone says! The actors play well together and I love the personal stuff too! Famous NCIS had one or two lame finals too, but I still enjoy them!


    • Ontlls

      Thanks for the Steve pics, and some of the Finale was okay. The Steve and Doris in the office was good, but noticed Alex had a cold, or is it just me.
      I found they almost covered too much in this episode. Could have made it a two-parter!! If you don’t record it (like us folks! 😉 ) then you miss half the dialogue, at least that is for me! I re-watch either next day or later, just to catch up!
      But of all the favourite re-watches for me of Season 3 are
      “Olelo Ho’Opa’I Make” Chin kidnapped, that smile from Sergeant Duke Lukela when the helicopter flies over!,
      Hana I Wa’Ia – Where the governor and Steve are yelling at each other, and Danny is in family court!
      Hookman – Love the tribute to the old series, and the episode itself. The ending was kinda so-so. .but those are the kinda episode I enjoy! Need a pick-me-up and those three are tops, for Season 3..
      Anyhow, off-topic a bit! Sorry!
      Thanks again for the great caps.. I wanted to cap the Steve and Doris in the office, buy local TV icon was covering some of that Gorgeous Face! 😯


  4. venus

    I hope kono is coming back I am not to happy about cahty being the new memeber sorry not a cathy fan


  5. I hope for more McRoll too, but if she becomes part of the team, that may put a damper on there relationship 😕 I know a lot of people are upset that Kono is leaving, but the show will survive and change isn’t always bad. It reminds me of my other favorite show NCIS, when Kate was shot at the end of season 3. She asked to leave the show to start a family too, I think. Social media wasn’t as accessible back then, but if it had been, I bet Cote (Ziva) would have received a lot of H8.
    I will be back later to comment on all the pretty! 🙂 McYum indeed!


    • buttercup

      It was the end of season2 when Kate got shot (sorry, I’m McNerding a little bit here 😉 ) and I was shocked, but Ziva was doing a great job and I loved every ep (and I love the old ones with Kate)! Changes are a chance too (we say that in swiss german) So, we will see!


      • Good catch buttercup 🙂 I should have my NCIS fangirl badge taken away. I guess it seemed like Kate was there longer than 2 seasons. Hmm. BTW I love Kono and hope she comes back..maybe for season 4 finale?? The writers need to get a clue how to write for strong women characters, IMO. I just started liking Kono again, then she leaves 😦


        • buttercup

          Maybe she comes back pregnant to the show with Adam’s buybee, what else is there to do in Japan? Sightseeing with the Jakuza on your back 😉 !


  6. Maria Joaoi

    Thanks Paula for all the goodies and pretty Steve. Again Alex and Christine were amazing they work so well together and that give us an emotional Steve and that man can act, He is the best of them and that’s why he has the leading role.
    Another ep that made me cry in the end. I love Kono and I will be sad if she doesn’t comeback, she said to Steve when she embraced him that its not forever, I really hope so.
    As for the new 4 with Cath, I’m really happy. I’m a McRoll and I love them together.
    And now we have Steve locked with Wo Fat until September and how the hell is he going to get out of this mess with no guns and the bad guys on the other side of the door.
    I had to laugh at your comment ” they had the chance to ship off Danny” lol
    I thought the same thing, you know that I’m not his fan,


    • buttercup

      That Danny comment was funny, and sometimes it would be cool to ship him off, but hey, he can fuss with Steve and thats so cool! And they have many great scenes together (like “why do you always have to be so negative”) and hey Steve wouldn’t have the cool camaro to drive 😉 !!


  7. Peter Lenkov has already tweeted that Kono isn’t going anywhere. And I really don’t see them putting Catherine in team mode as the last time (Lori) they tried to do that when scenes of Kono were sparse, fans hit the roof.

    As always the season finale was off the chart from the first moment it hit the screen. And they did a great job of leaving us hanging for a season 4 premiere which finds them on a new night. They also did a great job of not killing off recurring actors who have new shows next fall.

    Now all CBS needs to do is promote this iconic show in the manner it should be.


    • Hi Niecie, thanks for stopping by.
      AND thanks for this comment!! 🙂
      I was just about to type something similar to everything you just said.
      Half of this finale was setting the stage for the new season!


      • AlexNymph

        Not a big Cath fan–I don’t mind her with Steve, it’s the suspended state of belief about her job that I don’t like. She IS in the NAVY. How does she get so much free time to act as a Five-O? It’s just so unbelievable (I know, I know, silly comment on THIS show). But it bugs me. I’d really like @Plenkov to explain THAT.


  8. buttercup

    I was goggling at Steve while he was walking closer to WF behind that glas in that bunker, “Dat Strut to show WF who´s in charge” has nearly killed me! Thanks Paula, I knew you would have that gif ready for me tonight 😉 ! He wasn’t really strutting, he was literally shaking his back-FOY at us! I was like omg, omg, is he really doing this, OMG! It only would have been more perfect with tan cargos and non-stuffed pockets 😆 ! But I’ll take it anyway!


  9. marnov2205

    Thank you Paula for the stunning post!! As great as ever. Love your text caps, too. The epi worked for me fine, not perhaps the best I’ve ever seen, but good enough. Especially in the second half, the beginning seemed rather slow to me.

    The Wo Fat scenes really got me – I found myself not only making inarticulate sounds and giggling when watching (which I do normally), but actually trying to negotiate with the screen… Such as attempting to convince Michael not to hurt Fong – apparently, I failed. I’m glad I have sense enough to watch only when home alone 🙂

    I’m curious what you’re preparing for us tomorrow – this post is so extensive that it covers pretty much everything, or not…?


    • I don´t think about stuff like that, meaning I hardly ever plan any of my posts. I will let my gutter mind take over tomorrow, hopefully there will be something to work with 😉


      • marnov2205

        Yay! I’m impatiently expecting tomorrow. Also, it was not a serious question, sorry for bothering you, it was rather a weird but sincere compliment to your elaborate post… 🙂


      • buttercup

        Please do not *hurry*, I’ve got to digest this post and I love to linger around for some time!


  10. buttercup

    With that cool collar up he looks like an older version of Marcus!


  11. Sam

    Love your gif posts so much.
    And even Steve wanted to ship Danny off. LOL Oh, and btw it’s four months, not five. Don’t scare us like that. 🙂


  12. buttercup

    It’s interesting how Steve called Mom “Doris” (again) in the end of their McMom-riot in his office, never trust her Steve!!!!! Will WF have some answers for Steve (I mean with mom gone undercover again!)


  13. Marta

    Thank you for adding the song “Promise” to your awesome gifs. It’s a nice way to enjoy your summary of the episode 3.24. I love it.


  14. heymomo

    Love it!!
    Also, that face scan thing was REALLY COOL!


  15. I thought the show was good and exciting…the only thing was was I expected more of a cliffhangar. It would of been better with Wofat
    explaining what is really going on with MAMA MCGARRET! STILL LOVE THE SHOW AND WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH.


  16. vanduyn

    Love them Paula!! I love the way Alex says baby and buttercup has come up with the perfect pronunciation per Alex!! “buy-bee” Loves it! 😀


  17. leiCa

    I loved the finale! For me it was the best of all 3. So much possibilities for S4 and a really surprising end. The false sense of security with all this romance and then BANG! Plus, I think Alex was incredible in this one. So much emotion. Totally loved that. And your gifs show it all! Thanks.
    But this -> “They had the chance to ship off Danny and they didn´t?” cracks me up everytime I read it! Oh this wasted opportunity… 😉 (not a Danny fan, (not) sorry 🙂 )


  18. fever (switzerland)

    Thanks for this one. I always love your gifs. And i love this last Episode for season3. This time you dont know what will come in the first epi of season 4. It will be very surprising. I love that.
    Pitty we Need to wait so Long until H5-0 is Back in September. And because the swiched to friday, i think this year i can’t see the first epi of s4 when im on Hawaii.
    But i can’t wait for season 4 and all the great stuff you People will post here on this great side than. Thanks for that. (and im sure you will made the waiting for S4 much shorter with all your ideas here)


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