#H50 3:23 – Steve and Bits of Buddy

"What ever he can do, I can do better."

“What ever he can do, I can do better.”


Burn extra calories the Navy Seal way, stomping!


Two fingers are nearly not as convincing as one, right?


Four legs marching to the same beat.


Danny – “damn he looks good with that extra button undone”


You can not tame the pink beast.


Maybe this way?


Mission Impossible?


Sudden stop gave us the pretty face 🙂

Double threat.

Double threat.


Sim-sa-la-bim Steve 🙂

"I am soooo good"

“I am soooo good”

Secrets and magic suits Steve ;)

Secrets and magic suits Steve 😉






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21 responses to “#H50 3:23 – Steve and Bits of Buddy

  1. marnov2205

    Thank you very much Paula, except it frightens me that you picked the absolutely exact scenes that I would. I have never been in such agreement even with my NotMcG. Perhaps I’ve married the wrong person. Whatever, thank you, really, I love this!


  2. For the one of Steve & Danny walking in synch, just watch it & you can sing a slightly slow version of “Staying Alive” by the BeeGees to their strides. 😆 Not that I’ve been doing that for the last 5 minutes or anything. heee heee. Great gifs Paula!


  3. Marta

    These gifs and comments are awesome! Humor, action and beauty at the same time is great. TY


  4. vanduyn

    Thanks for the gifs!! Love the last one because a) love the way Alex drapes himself in any chair/couch he sits on b) when he says “What’s your point?” it reminded me so much of Mick!!
    Color me happy!! 😀


    • buttercup

      I love the last one too, he’s even strutting while seating (can you say that?) or is it more like, he’s seating in a swagger cool manner? 😆 My english isn’t that good to describe this man!


  5. buttercup

    Jeez, Paula, I need weeks to go over this post 😉 not to mention making any comments!


  6. Love the “I am so good face” perfect!!


  7. Karen

    Oh the return of the pink beast! SIGH…. Ninja Steve…. Guns and fire…. If I died right now, I’d die very, very happy! Thanks Paula!!


  8. venus

    these pics are perfect. You capture everything that I love about these two. They are funny, and sexy and sweet and you fond the best bromance moments out of the episode great pics and captions they all made me laugh .


  9. LindaSue

    I just love the pretty face, the “Staying Alive” strut, the stomping, and the pink beast. 🙂 Thanks, Paula. They are all GREAT!


  10. Ontlls

    Danny – “damn he looks good with that extra button undone” LOL!! Oh my.. couldn’t get past that one, but I did and then I stopped at “Double Threat”.. will continue post later!
    thanks for all the great gifs.


  11. “Double threat” >> Those were some seriously snug ninja pants! 😯 I’m thinking if I were Cath, I’d be suggesting a ninja fantasy next time. 😛
    You picked some great moments for gifs! I love the walk and you know I LOVE THE STOMP. Danny has a very good eye…chest hair..YUMMM.
    Larry Teng is a genius! He films at the best angles and Steve’s ninja moves were incredible! The Steve/Doris scenes were surprisingly enjoyable. The array of facial expressions she evokes in him are priceless! And as a bonus, we get the pink beast 😛 Him in those tight ninja pants, a gun and his tongue=Triple Threat!


    • I loved ninja Steve, but Mom was not quite as convincing. There was a moment when they were running and her face was totally un-spy like 🙂 But Steve and Mom scenes were so good. I hope we get more of those.


  12. heymomo

    “pink beast” LOL!!


  13. LaHagela (The Tinkler)

    Whats Steve hiding behind the envelope? Did the FOY get too rambunctious for the scene?

    Paula, I can watch that gun gif all day long!!!


  14. Oh, you are torturing me with the pink beast again!! Actually, I love it.
    Thank you, thank you!


  15. Thanks Paula. awesome gifs and I love it!!!


  16. buttercup

    It took me quite a long time to figure it out about the “pink beast”! I was thinking about mom first (but she’s the “honeying him”-beast) and then I was thinking “was Cath in that scene?” and finally the gifs was fully uploaded and the “pink beast” showed its famous *action* 😉 !
    I love the blue button-down and the double strut, wow, so much to love! I just love it here, I have to come back later AGAIN 😉 !


  17. Another great post Paula. Love it all!!
    I said it last night…but I think it bears repeating…I.LOVE.THE.HAIR…and I’ve never seen him look more handsome!!
    I LOVE the gif with those long (oh my!), sexy fingers and thinking about what he could do with them…sigh.. and I’m pretty sure if I keep looking at that pink beast I’ll probably pass out due to all my blood settling in my nether region!!!
    And what is there to say about the double threat gif?!! I agree LG, those tight,black ninja pants are SO.FCKN.HOT. Please Show…put him in these pants more often (well if you don’t intend to remove his pants that is)!!!


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