#H50 3:23 – Steve´s Nerves Tested

And so Steve´s day took another turn, blame Mom!


“You are on your own today, I got something else to do…”


Haven´t had enough tongue lately on the blog. Had to be included 🙂


Mom getting a bit of snarky Steve.


Oh crap.


For the veinp0rn obv


“Ok, I am in.”


Steve still needs his Mom. *snif*


“Why can´t they live in an elderly home and play bridge like the others do”

Freakin Ninja duo!


For some reason, sneaking ninja Steve, gave me a good laugh with this one 🙂


Super cool! Alex did it himself too! Wow.

Sweet Steve and Kono, triple aaw 🙂




Happy Ending!




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30 responses to “#H50 3:23 – Steve´s Nerves Tested

  1. Maria Joaoi

    Love yr gifts and loved the ep. Again an amazing performance of Alex. The ninja Steve is our reward for all the training that he is doing with Egan.


  2. Maria Joaoi

    Sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyy and Loved yr comments,


  3. venus

    word cannot express what a great episode this was and how great alex was in this. BUt I would not call him ninja I thought he look more James bond, but that is me. I only wish you had some bromance moments becaue he and danny has some great ones in this episode. I love the ending in danno office. but I have to say there seemd to be a weird vibe between those two in that last office, on well just me. But great pics I will replay this episode on my dvd when the dvd comes out.


    • I must try to capture the buddies too. Sometimes I just have to ignore Danny because Alex is already a handful to work with 😉


      • venus

        Honey I don’t blame you one bit and as hot as alex was in this episode I don’t blam you at hall that mans hottness is a handful.


  4. Marta

    This is one of my favorite episodes this season. The combination of the two stories: Kono and Doris, were very well presented by Larry Teng. Again loved watching Alex is in protective mode, either in ninja mode. And your gifs illustrate the quality of this episode. Thank you.

    Ps. I hope you are inspired by this episode for giving us more gifs tomorrow.


    • I will do more for tomorrow, there was so much to capture in this epi, hard to catch it all for one post. Hopefully more on “ninja” Steve and perhaps buddies too 🙂


  5. Ontlls

    Loved this episode!!, But Mom is starting to get irritating, why can’t she trust him?? The parts with Kono and Steve – Love how protective he is for her, for all of his team.
    Loved the ending, and the hands trick revealing the micro-whatchamacallit!
    Great gifs job. ((HUGS))
    Gonna be a great Season Finale, but we have a great break in between
    Alex on the “The Ellen Show” on Friday! 🙂 Wonder what he is gonna look like?? Longer hair, scruffy, beard?? Can’t wait! 🙂


    • His hair is usually this short on hiatus, but I think it might be grey though. Hopefully just a bit of scruff instead of a heavy beard. I am more excited for the Ellen show than the finale 🙂


      • Ontlls

        Me too 🙂 🙂 I want the natural look of his hair.

        Just wonder how Exec’s of the show don’t notice what the fans notice. Someone doesn’t go from “silver” to darker hair over the years, it’s darker hair to “silver” as in Silver Fox 🙂


      • AlexNymph

        Yes, me too. Can’t wait to hear his Aussie voice! Tivo is ready to go–must watch after notMcG goes to sleep or he’ll be calling the paramedics when I faint dead on the couch.


  6. vanduyn

    Love #4!! That was one of my fav scenes when he opened that door. Don’t know why but then my obsession with Alex goes beyond explanation 😉 Thanks so much!!


  7. gracenotpark

    Really cool caps. Love the McG/Kono scene. Both tender and unnnnfff!


  8. marnov2205

    Thank you very much, Paula, I love this. Not much to add – you said it AND showed it all. Almost all, that is, I can’t wait for the next post! Sneaky Ninja Steve trying to become one with the wall amused me, and I love that you giffed the action scene of McG eliminating the two guards. Since Alex, I’ve been enjoying action scenes like never before. So thank you again.


  9. I LOVED this episode so much….great storyline and fantastic acting….and SO.MUCH.PRETTY! You managed to capture some of the best bits Paula.
    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I.LOVE.THE.HAIR. I don’t think he’s looked more handsome…and that is saying something!!!
    That 2nd gif…with the tongue…licking those lips…makes my girl parts v v happy!! And I love the button-down shirt…it makes his big, thick (oh my!) neck look so yummy!!
    His eyes in that 8th gif are so beautiful and expressive…I love how he shows his vulnerability when he’s with his mother.
    One of my favorite scenes was the one with Steve and Kono. He was so sweet and tender with her. It melted my heart the way he said “Kono” after she told him she got her intel from Adam. I love BAMF and ninja Steve but I think I LOVE the softer side of Steve more. That’s where Alex really shines!!


  10. Thank you Paula for this amazing and delicious post. it really got me Drooling YUM YUM. to the “Ninja” and his mum!!


  11. buttercup

    Thanks for this wonderful gifs and comments! This site will always be my “first love” 😉 ! Steve rocked this ep, and I don’t know what to add! I guess his short hair emphasizes his facial expressions and his emotional eyes even more! Him acting so many different emotions was amazing, angry with mom, caring about mom, shocked with mom, joking with Danny, sweet with Kono! We had it all, and he was just frkn amazing! I love every scene and I could watch over and over again! That funny scene (in the end) in the elevator, when he said “yeah, you welcome!” and then his smile, gorgeous, wonderfully acted, just real! (I forgot to mention how deadly good looking he is, can this get any better?)


  12. buttercup

    When he’s angry the vein-porn always rocks violently 😉 !


  13. leiCa

    This episode was brilliant. 5-0 meets Ocean’s 11 and Mission Impossible. And the acting was superb. As much as I hate McMom, twice as much I love the Steve/Mom scenes because Alex rocks these scenes. From little lost boy to grown-up man to freaking ninja to desperate son to goofy magician! And as a McKono Fan (nothing wrong with McRoll btw!!!) I melted seeing the “triple awwww” scene. No favorite gif here, because all of them show his range of emotion. Sometimes I just want to grab people, push them towards your gifs and shout: Look! This.Man.Can.Act.


  14. This was one of my favorite episodes! Thanks for the recap. Love, love the tongue shot!


  15. Great recap. Thanks for tongue porn!


  16. buttercup4u

    I know I tend to repeat myself but after rewatching this ep, I have to say it once more, the verbal fight with mom was just “facial expression” at its best! The veinpOrn was great and I really hope Doris (or someone else) makes Steve do THIS again in the season’s finale!


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