#AlexOLoughlin – #H50 Steve´s looks

So, I am kind of obsessed with his eyes.

The iBalls are from this season and added the pretty faces from all 3 seasons.

He sure is easy on the eyes…

314-eyes4   314-eyes3








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20 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – #H50 Steve´s looks

  1. Ontlls

    Oh my.. Um.. Look at those Brown facinating, alluring, appealing, attractive, bewitching, captivating, charming, enchanting, engaging, entrancing, fetching, glamorous, luring, magnetic, enthralling, gripping, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, riveting, spellbinding; enticing, tantalizing, tempting; exciting, interesting, intriguing, titillating; beckoning, inviting, winning; delightful, pleasing, Seductive, SEXY EYES..
    Enough said.. *pulls out drool bucket and goes back to stare at the first gif*


  2. I Agree the eyes are windows to his soul.Ad that face makes the heart beat faster 🙂


  3. Love them all, but the first cap from season 1 (I think??) is my favorite! His eyes are glowing and the scruff on his perfect face…OMcG…the whisker burn would be so worth it!! I may walk funny for a few days… 😉 😛


    • buttercup

      OMcG (have you just invented that, so cool, never seen before), his eyes are so much beauty, he’s got so much to say with his eyes and his eyebrows, he’s so talented with his eyes, I can hardly believe it! #3 Looks like he’s saying “madame”! Oh and the season 1 pic, he’s such a stunning man, his eyes sparkle like diamonds, I’m completely under his spell 😉 ! (AGAIN, I love the EYES and the PORN) Thanks for that eye-perv-post now we can eyese*ing the whole day!


    • marnov2205

      ^^ LOL!! ^^ Love “OMcG” *writing it down*. I think you are corrupting me cause when you mentioned “whisker burn”, I was thinking of the face at the receiving end, but then you continued to talk about “walking funny”… Well, I have nothing to add, except maybe line forms to the right >>>.


  4. Anybody wondering where I will be all day….the whole day. RIght here watching that second last picture. There us just so much pretty going on there, I can’t help it!! 😀


  5. Oh that 5th picture!!! I’m SO glad i decided NOT to be a nun!!!


  6. marnov2205

    Paula, thx a lot for these!! It’s a tasteful (tasty, too) collection, and as usual, I must appreciate your originality and technical skills 🙂 Love the iBalls – that is, both the word “iBalls” and the gifs of them. I’m seriously in love with gif #3. Such expressive eyes… Also love that the colour keeps on changing all the time.

    Only today did I get privacy enough to listen to the songs and I love your choice!! (Am I repeating myself?) “Died in Your Arms Tonight” totally got me, obvi. You picked some of the songs that I knew and enjoyed as a teenager, a sensitive period, so I like to return to these. Great job, TY again!


    • Oh those songs are oldies, but they still seem to be popular (well some).


      • marnov2205

        As an oldie (kind of), I’ll always have love for oldies 🙂 My top three favs are “Died in Your Arms”, “I’ll Stand by You” (that moved me to tears, but maybe a hormonal disbalance is to blame) and “Je taime”, the most classic of classics. But Barry White is a must, too! Now, enjoy your break and have a good rest!! We’ll surely keep ourselves entertained in your pretty archives till you’re back 😉


  7. I am off for a week´s vacation. Laptop comes with but could be I don´t get to post my usual way. Please visit the old posts and comment. I always love to read what your thoughts are 🙂
    Tomorrow obv new epi post will come, perhaps later than usually, but it will be up.


  8. Ontlls

    Have a Great vacation. I can then continue on my catching-up. Thanks again for this great Blog!! Thank you, thank you!!


  9. buttercup

    His eyelashes are so unbelievable long, I can’t stop looking at #1 (and the header) jeez, I mean, can you believe that 😎 I guess,it’s what makes the eyes sparkle like diamonds! Green, blue, amber whatever fits the mood and the teeshirt, so frkn hot (like Edward Cullen, hahah!)


  10. It was his eyes that made me first take notice of him. They are so expressive, and the long eyelashes just make them dreamier! Thank you for the great pictures.


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