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“Undressing Steve” (No 5) – Episode 1:02

After covering the Pilot and some other random episodes, we thought it might be a good idea to continue our fun with Steve, covering (or uncovering) the second episode of Hawaii Five-o. I just want to add here, that watching this (and even writing this), made me very nostalgic! Come join us and remember this is just for fun, because we are simply, naughty fangirls! 🙂

Time Frame:

Less than 24 hours. (And as usual I was in total awe of what our super hero’s accomplished in one day! 😀 )


  • Steve going for his daily swim
  • A day of chasing bad guy’s, scaring a family in an elevator, climbing, swinging, fighting, shooting, running…..
  • And honouring their lady and rookie as proper gentlemen and officers …….


Sarah Goldfinger – She was co-producer of 9 Hawaii Five-0 episodes and this was the first of 2 that she wrote. (BTW, she sounds like a ‘Bond’ girl, or something 😛 )

and Paul Zbyszewski – He was co-producer of 31 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and wrote 9 – this includes Season Finale’s for S1 and S2 and also the first episode of S2. (Powerful stuff in my book)


Brad Turner

– He was executive producer on 23 episodes of H5-0 and he directed 8 of them. (In my opinion he directed some of the best as well as some of the worst episodes of Hawaii Five-0)

This is Hawaii, surely everybody goes for a swim every morning! We are introduced to Steve’s blue swim trunks (I think I miss those trunks 😛 ):


LaHagela: Sweet Baby Jesus, this was only episode 2, the pilot had been filmed months before. I wonder how many of the female crew needed smelling salts after watching him emerge from the water? I think there was a collective “hmmmmm” heard around the world that night (accompanied of course with lip licking)

FOYeur: I am pretty sure it is ‘only’ Steve (and not baby Jesus) swimming here – Paula, where did you get the footage? But it is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Watching this for the first time, I was kind of sure we would be entertained with this type of display quite often during the show over the years – boy did I get that one wrong! 😦

Just to remind y’all, this is the introduction of the tan cargos:


LaHagela: I love the tan cargo’s and I will not hesitate to say exactly why…..his ass looks awesome and it looks like he’s packing an armadillo for his bag lunch. Urgh!! I hate him. But on another note is that shirt brown? I like……Look closer! There is no blue in this entire frame!!! Ah, the good old days!

FOYeur: I am not entirely sure whether we ever see the brown shirt again (we will have to cover that, when we go through the rest of the episodes). From the looks of it, we might be entertained with it in the Finale of S3 again. For me the tan cargo’s speak for themselves, no commentary needed 😛 !

Inspecting the crime scene – the cargos proofs itself as suitable attire to do the job of police work:


FOYeur: I actually wanted a moving picture here to show how flexible those cargo’s are, to do the job of squatting – but Paula said something of not good frames for a gif – so you will just have to enjoy this one as it is!

Beautiful camera angle:


LaHagela: Who doesn’t love the tan cargos strut? I could stare at him leaving a room all day long…..I could also stare at him entering a room all day long, because yes, he should be a model and Carlotta Moye needs to get this man back in front of her camera STAT……the camera loves him, and he knows exactly how to work what he’s got going on…..and in those pants it’s obviously a lot. It’s too bad that when he was a young struggling actor back in Oz he didn’t do whatever their version of Playgirl is…….

Okay I’m back, my thoughts got away from me there for a bit.

onward ho!

FOYeur: Is Playgirl a fashion magazine :razz:? …..because this is all about the clothes here, nothing else! I just want to know what happened to this type of angle shots. Did they get lazy?



LaHagela: I hate his face, it’s completely relentless and unfair. And then those stupid eyebrows displaying all those emotions. Eyebrows are obviously underused by the rest of the world y’all. And the hair, the hair was sooo perfect……..the top is kinda bed head-ish……hmmmm.

FOYeur: I specifically added this “non” clothing picture for us all to just enjoy the pure beauty of S1 Steve. Why do they cut his hair so short now?………I wanted to say so much more here, but I just keep staring and this will never get done if I dwell on this FACE any longer!



Paula: It looks like he is inhaling those, oops. On another note, I hope we soon get to see Egan´s and Alex´s butt burbees. I want glutes like that! Well, I would rather watch him give those a good work out. Who wouldn´t…

FOYeur: The cargos did seem to crawl up that ass a bit too much in those early episodes.  (Makes me wonder what type of underwear Steve used in the early days? – any ideas? 😛 )

Danno getting the “finger”?


Paula: The glutes are working nicely, but boy does that vest look teeny tiny on him. There´s no protection on his lower back!

FOYeur: Very basic and “tiny” Kevlar for those early days. (Just to McNerd here a bit – Kevlar was developed by a woman!)

Should I be a model?


Paula: hee, I spy with my pervy eyes something beginning with F…FUN! Oh this was about modelling, sorry.

FOYeur: He definitely have all the modelling moves. I am pretty sure he will be accepted as model for any type of clothing line. (Maybe even underwear?! :razz:)

The tribe (task force) gathering around their computer table or is it a table computer?


Paula: P Lenkov´s angels! I like how they lined them in order of hotness 😉 If only Alex had had his hands on the table too, this shot would´ve been a H50 classic.

FOYeur: That cargo pants pockets really are DEEP. It is a ‘Alex’ thing that Steve used to do a lot in those early days. I think he let it go a bit during the seasons – yet another thing for us to check while we “uncover” the rest of the episodes.

The men to the rescue!


Paula: The tan cargos once again proving their sight worthiness. Steve sure puts those buttons to extreme test. Still holding, damn…

FOYeur: Yes, those cargos surely proof their worth every time they are put to the test!



LaHagela: I can’t think of a single other actor that wears Kevlar so well. I know it has an effect on most of us. Is it a primitive He-Man thing? I know looking at him and his guns holding that gun (and making it look sooo tiny in his big hands) is a total mental throwback to the battle of the fittest surviving and all that……..Shit…..I’m sidetracked AGAIN. Damn his biceps.

FOYeur: One of Steve’s accessories – his gun. To me it looks like he is going to squeeze the life out of it – I think I have gun-envy! 😛

Rising to the occasion:


LaHagela: Um, yeah, I got nothing, he should shimmy up a ladder every episode, in tan cargos…..only tan cargos.

FOYeur: Yes, like the blue trunks, I thought this was something we would see every other episode as well. (A pity that Mick could jump so high – it would have been nice to see him “rising” to the occasion like this in Moonlight as well) Oopsie – this is about Steve……..All about Steve – who is Mick?! 😀

A job well done:



Paula: Steve sure likes to kick his legs around, probably trying to adjust the FOY. It is known to get easily agitated, needs regular playtime and running with Steve all day long is not always  it´s idea of great exercise.

FOYeur: I think one of our friends call it “stomping”. Whatever he is achieving with it…..it is nice to watch – just like everything he does. Mundane things just become so much more fun with him……

The men all suited up to honour their lady: (One of my all time favourite moments ever on the show!)



LaHagela: Dress Blues, which we have learned are not just super dark blue, they are in fact black, but really, who cares? This man rocks a suit (when it’s fitted properly, yeah you wardrobe, I’m looking at you!)…..crap and there’s that damn eyebrow again…..I most go rest now. Crap, I’m out of batteries…..again.

FOYeur: Sigh…….I do not have anything useful to say here – maybe something like, “you can leave your hat on” ………..! 🙂

Once again, thank you for indulging our fun with ‘Undressing Steve’ – we promise next time we’ll talk more about his clothes! 😛


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