#AlexOLoughlin in The Back-Up Plan: Stan – Say Cheese!

Got my bluray box yesterday and finally managed to capture Stan the Man bigger and better.

So, sharing a few random caps and added gifs of some of the moments that made me smile 🙂









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27 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin in The Back-Up Plan: Stan – Say Cheese!

  1. Liana

    Lovely Stan, the father who all of us want as our children’s father.


  2. FOYeur

    McHottie’s face is definitely cuter and hotter, than JLo’s ass. 😀
    Well his ass is also cuter and nicer than her ass… 😆
    And that third last gif….I would really be pissed off if that face tells me “sorry darling it’s not gonna happen tonight” – that tongue and those eyelashes! SIGH!!


  3. marnov2205

    Paula, a beautiful collage! The pics do seem high quality, they’re so sharp and the colours are so nice – once again credit to your technical genius 🙂 And, of course, the funny trick with Stan checking out his own pic in the last but one gif! LOL! You’ll never stop amazing me. You and your subject matter 😉


    • I´ve been meaning to make that photo gif for a long time, but couldn´t figure out what the photo should be of. Finally decided on goofy Alex 🙂


      • leiCa

        Yes! You chose wisely (as always!). I’m so in love with this “I’m a guy who loves the jungle”-scene from the gag reel! So funny! As is your title. Stan – say cheese –> LOL!
        And this “huh is he talking to me” turn around gif is cracking me up. How many faces has this man???
        And now, off to
        “Steve say – densely layered ballistic glass laminated onto a shield of resilient polycarbonate!” 😉


        • marnov2205

          LOL, you memorised the long word for bulletproof glass?! You’re really good! And, who’d not be in love with the guy who likes the jungle! My favourite gag reel face, too…


          • leiCa

            What can I say…
            My brain’s a weird and scary place when it comes to all things O’Loughlin. Remembering what I was supposed to do in the basement after going downstairs? Not so much. 🙂


      • Marta

        You choose wisely. It’s one of your best fun gifs. Thank you


  4. Love the last gif!! Definitely one of my favorite scenes, Stan returning the stroller. His bum bounces as he walks!! Yummy!! 😉


  5. Lexy McLoughlin

    The McHottie is just brilliant. 💡Crack me up. 😂💛💙💜


  6. FarkSpark

    Let me categorically say, I now many genuine cheese farmers in Switzerland…..and none are in the same Universe of hotness as Stan lol! Taste testing cheeses and a six pack are mutually exclusive lol!


    • buttercup

      I’ve never seen a farmer like Stan where I live (switzerland) and I guess there isn’t one! (Driving a JohnDeere without shirt, jeez, he’s so frkn hot!)


  7. Karen

    I don’t like cheese but would give it a try if he fed it to me!


  8. kiwi

    I watched my TBUP dvd today. I just love Stan. If all men were like him…. Cute and Sexy.


  9. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Love the picture of Stan-20, the still before all the gifs. One eye is blue, one is green. it all depends on the light!
    As for the last gif – “I don’t like it when you leave, but I Love watching you go”
    NICE A$$ets 🙂 🙂


  10. buttercup

    As always your posts are awesome! I love all the gifs because Stan’s the Man and portrayed perfectly by Alex, he was fresh, funny, sad, lonely, hard-working, innovative, careful and patient, a whole different side from Bamf-Steve! It was so funny to watch him in a comedy, so fresh! And seriously, his body was fantastic, him pulling of his shirt, smiling and lowering himself (wait) omg OMGOMG on top of her! ( 😉 oops, I didn’t write that!)


  11. i love this movie alex is gorgeous in this photos as always i just love him


  12. Thank you Paula. Your work on this post is awesome. It makes me want to work on awesome Stan !!!!


  13. One of my favorite movies that I don’t yet own. 😀 I have a ton of caps from when I rented it from Netflix. Pop on over to my WP and let me know if you want any.


  14. gracenotpark

    Ah, who doesn’t love Stan? 🙂


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