Working Out The Fun Way, With #AlexOLoughlin (and Egan)





So what happened to this part of workout? I want this too!

workout pic



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27 responses to “Working Out The Fun Way, With #AlexOLoughlin (and Egan)

  1. FOYeur

    If the photo and the video was part of the same workout, they somewhere in the prosess swapped clothes and Alex’s ankle brace switched feet! Kinky 😀


  2. marnov2205

    Paula, you were so fast in giffing this! As ever. Thx!

    I wonder if I’m the only one who can’t help giggling at this seeerious workout? I can’t cope with the positions, really. Cause I’m 12, I guess.

    And, exactly, what happened to the thigh-hugging part? And, Natvalcas, LOL! Perhaps we’ll get the part when they switch clothes later? All part of the workout of course, and all education purposes solely, obvi.


  3. If you look at the still, both are grabbing the jackets, I think they get changed while Egan swings Alex over his head, they pull off each other´s jackets in one quick smooth move. Not sure what exercise they use for changing their pants…


    • marnov2205

      LOL! That would make me laugh even harder than I’m laughing now, which is quite a lot. I almost give the impression of a happy person. *sniff*


  4. Karen

    Really I should know better than to read these comments at work! I’m laughing so hard my co-workers are ready to commit me! Thank you ladies and Alex and Egan for making my day!! But I would love to see how they change pants! LOL!!


  5. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    I asked the same question FOYeur, what about the ankle brace. Above picture (still) has it on his left ankle, and some other stills, like this one his ankle brace is on the right ankle.
    Could be the exercises of that day, depend on where the brace is placed??

    P.S. watched this last night before bed, had a interesting dream!! It was nice and weird. It was Alex fighting, but I couldn’t see the face of the other guy, it was smudged!!
    P.S.S. not married!!


    • FOYeur

      Sue, I like your PSS – duly noted…. 😆


    • FOYeur

      Sorry Sue, I forgot to answer your first question – was laughing so hard at our PSS!. 🙂
      The thing about this picture of Alex in blue, is that we only see his left foot. It can be that for this exercise he either wears a brace on the left foot or maybe on both feet. All other footage I have seen, the brace was only on the right foot. And as I said to Andrea earlier. Egan did say that it is only preventative!


  6. Paula, I have not comment except, “You complete me.”. 😉 Nice work!


  7. Marta

    We loved to watch these videos but we must be grateful for Alex allow Egan share with us their workouts. One note: this video has a litle more quality image than the others or are my eyes?


  8. Is there anything this man does that I won’t find incredibly s*xy! I’m guessing the answer is a big, fat NO!!!
    I LOVE this video and the gifs. That little scootch across the mat to get into position (oh my!!) …with the wide open shirt and those huge feet (double oh my!!)
    And I LOVE the serious look on his face and the manly, masculine way he throws the punches while doing situps…SO.HOT!!!!
    Oh….and that first gif…mmmm….I am SO jealous of Egan. I wish Alex would wrap his legs around me and manuver me into (ANY) position that way!!!!
    P.S.S. I’m very flexible!!


  9. buttercup

    “Alex and I”, jeez, I’m so jealous when he says “Alex and I”!!!! Jealous as a fangirl, you know what I mean 😉 ? I could sit for hours on that mat, and watching those sit-ups on “livestream”!


  10. Liana

    Last photo, I’d enjoy being with Alex in that position, and with no clothes between him and me, you can’t imagine how much.


  11. FarkSpark

    So nice of Alex not to feel the need for the redundant t shirt underneath this time lol!


  12. So, Alex had on clothes in this video? O_O Hmm…that’s odd, ’cause in my dream, he didn’t.

    This would SO improve my boredom with my current exercises. 😀

    P.S. Married, not dead. 😛


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