McGarrett loaded

I happened to watch this scene briefly today and it brought back those wonderful memories of getting Alex back on the show after his short absence. Thought you might want to take a trip down the memory lane and watch this Navy Seal in gull gear. Wasn´t it good to see a totally transformed man, Dat Face!  🙂









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37 responses to “McGarrett loaded

  1. karin@notmcnerd

    One of my fave episodes. Many thanks!


  2. FOYeur

    Paula, I thought I have had enough of crying this week over Alex’s performance of last week and now you come up with this……I think you are a bit cruel! 🙂
    It sure was a wonderful sight to see him look so much better. – Thank you!


  3. marnov2205

    Paula, you probably didn’t mean to, but you made me giggle at your text “I HAPPENED to watch this scene…” It’s probably just me being hysterical. Again.

    I’m puzzled by how large his eyes look in this scene and even more puzzled how come that the big eyes make him look helpless despite the full gear. What a mystery!


  4. canadagirl66

    This brings back so many wonderful feeling. I remember crying like a baby when I saw how amazing and healthy he looked in the back of that swat wagon!! This will always be one of my favorite episodes because it was really well done…and for the joy I felt having Alex back!!!


  5. maggs

    gorgeous just gorgeous


  6. buttercup

    Way to go! Paula, “Way to go!”!
    I was as happy as you all were, by watching him “back-again-with-better-health-and strength-and-his-most-beautiful-looks-again”! It was so nice to hear his familiar voice again!


  7. It was so great to see him. He had gained some weight and looked badass (my word for the week lol) And Now look at him, happy and healthy!!


  8. Paula
    Much love and MANY Kudos for these awesome pictures of gorgeous hunky happy Alex.. You chose so well !!Each one is a jewel of great beauty. Thank you for brightening a very sad week for me XOOX
    {My husbands brother died last Friday}


  9. FOYeur

    That first phonecall to Danny, will always be special as well!. Lots of great moments in this episode made it that much more special.


  10. I loved the quiet little moment when they saw each other again for the first time in weeks at the airport/heliport, that felt so real. (Yes now i know it actually was, and yes i know here comes the Swissmama with her quiet moments again…)
    Thanks Paula for reminding me of them 🙂 xx


    • buttercup

      Yes, I loved that moment too (must be swiss-thing 😉 ) such a special moment, difficult to describe! And man, I loved the way Steve was getting his gun and pointing it in the night at those Noshimuri Guys as soon as he realised there must be something wrong, just such a great bamf-pose! And Kono shooting out of nowewhere, jeez, that airport scene, was a bunch of great acting performaces! Too long, sorry, my emotions got the better of me 😆 !


    • I will never forget the first pic tweeted of the core four meeting. It gave us such a warm fuzzy feeling and almost tears. And also felt the hugs in the end were more than just written to the script.
      I actually loved how McG picked up the phone in this above scene and called Danny. There was that small pause before he said anything, so brilliant. It felt real. Almost got me misty eyed, but then of course D started yelling at him LOL


  11. vanduyn

    Hey’s such a beautiful man! I agree, I was so relieved when this episode aired. He was back and better than ever.


  12. Sam

    When that episode aired I was so deliriously happy to see him back. Obviously happy and healthy. It was such a huge difference between these pictures and the last we had seen before his break. It’s unbelievable that he came back to THIS in just a few weeks.

    This episode will always be one of my favorites, not just because it was a really good one, but because AOL came out as a winner.


  13. rita

    He was a sight for sore eyes when he came back after seeing how ill and thin he was. The strength of this man amazed me.


  14. Yes thanks for this. We were all so relieved when Alex returned to the show and they handled the absence well I thought. The blond tips were surprising but so happy to see that gorgeous face. ….and now he seems so happy with his cute family. A year later already, wow.


  15. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Well, I didn’t have the same re-actions as all of you, cuz as you know I am a late comer to the brilliance of Alex O. And I watched Season 1 and 2 in marathon style.
    I knew McGarrett was gone, cuz he didn’t come on the cross-over episode to NCIS LA. If he did. Oh my, to much Heat in L.A. at once.
    O’Loughlin, O’Donnel and Olsen.. WOW!! (hey all “O”s :shock:)
    Anyhow, I love the first phone call and the “watch your six” from Danno!, and the phonegument! -since they weren’t in a car
    The ending was great, the hugs “You never call, you never write” from Kono!
    I enjoyed it!


  16. Marta

    This episode was very special indeed. The story was very well written and they had great care and attention in the dialogues for the return of the character Steve McGarrett. But the best was witnessing the return of Alex, with all the energy, vitality and happiness at work. The final scene of five-0 team reunion for me was also a meeting of friends who love working together.



    I love this episode especially Alex coming back I missed him so much when he was away it broke my heart so very much he is my special oreo that I love so very much


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