#AlexOLoughlin Modelling for EW Photoshoot Back in 2009

Filmed with a shaky handheld camera, but I had a go at it anyway 🙂













Ps I couldn´t find more of the finished photos from this photoshoot, if you have them, please share with me 🙂



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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Modelling for EW Photoshoot Back in 2009

  1. If looks could kill….dial 911! I need a DOCTOR!
    Those smirks, those eyes, that smile, that f-ing DIMPLE, those tight pants! :::fainting:::: I’m having a medical situation….FLR strikes again!


  2. Emerald

    Oh god that gif of him smearing the fake blood heart on the wall *UNF!*


  3. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    *changes drool bucket* Oh my.. WOW!!!
    Those three close-ups the second one, he stares directly into the camera. He.. um WOW!!
    thank you, thank you..
    Do you by chance have this interview on a link, so we could watch it with sound??


  4. buttercup

    It’s so much fun how he always waves his hands about in a interview, he even acts like that as SteveMcgarrett, his hands are always “on-the-move” (waving/touching his lips/moving from badge to holster/throw in some famous pull-up-his-pants) – jeez, one of the things that makes that man such a ***** hottie!


  5. Marta

    I liked the modelling part but loved the interview. Thank you.


  6. marnov2205

    Paula, thank you a lot – the interview gifs are amazing, and I’m still giggling at your outrageous caption “shut the fck up while I pin you against this wall” – LOL! As Andr3a puts it, FLR strikes again.


    • Since this pic was from this photoshoot I had to include it. Have posted this on twitter with the quote a while back, re-used it here. The quote in hilarious, and I kept looking for a pic of Alex so long before I decided on this one. I think it fits, with his outburst 😀


  7. lurxgirl

    The gif of him sitting against the wall, holding his shirt open and his smoldering sex eyes…((THUD))…landed in a puddle of drool. Love the last one with the quote. I hate it when my Alex dreams are cut short. Why is it when you are having a bad dream and you wake up, the dream continues when you fall back asleep? Why can’t the good (wet) ones do that?


  8. gracenotpark

    I was always a bit squicked out by this photo shoot. The pretend organs, the pretend blood. The weird valentine heart over his real heart, drawn in a dotted line like an incision site. Ick! But then there’s this handsome smiling face. And he is soooo handsome in these pics! So I get this weird hot/cold reaction. Attraction and discomfort. But I went on to love TR and the work he did in that show. And Andy is his most beautiful character to date, inside and out, IMO. So…. EW, how about a new photo shoot in Hawaii, dudes? This one was AGES ago! 😉


  9. He is a such a sexy b@stard in this photoshoot. I LOVE the 2nd and 4th gifs!!! LOVE that long finger touching his temple…and LOVE how he is holding his shirt open….but most of all LOVE the CFM look on his face!!! Oh baby…you know I would if I could!!!!


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