Great emotions by #AlexOLoughlin

For me this scene was the most emotional in this episode, possible in the whole season so far. Somehow I felt more Steve´s hurt and sadness in here than the funeral (that was great too).

Scenes from Episode 3:20


Identifying his friend’s body




Seeing the mutilation






Powerful emotions …..



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38 responses to “Great emotions by #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Oh my.. *wipes tears* I um.. Oh man!!
    was doing okay till I got to gif #6
    Thank you, Thank you!!


  2. Melissa

    last one: so imposing ♥ love it!


  3. Melissa

    vein neck porn at the last one 😛


    • I loved his sweaty neck in this scene, I might actually capture just the part of his jaw, neck and chest, yummy galore for sure…


      • buttercup

        That scene was phenomenally acted, I kept looking for tears but because of that sweat on his face (over all of him 😉 ) you can’t see any (if) ! But after a few seconds, he composed again and the changing from sadness to anger was awesome ! Thanks !


  4. FOYeur

    How am I suppose to get anything done now?! I can not type when I can’t see through the tears!
    First the realisation of the mutilation, then the sadness and then the anger…….just perfect!


  5. rita

    I felt his emotion in this scene. Alex rocked it from start to finish


  6. buttercup

    His hair is perfect, I love it very much! More like season 1 style 😉 and the bruise, is it always this side, when he gets the BTTF or I’m a wrong? His eyes are darker than normal, must be the mood!


    • marnov2205

      I feel almost as if I’m desecrating this moving scene by saying this but yeah, Steve looks so exceptionally fine in these shots! And a very cute BTTF, too. The right temple seems to be the favourite place really 🙂


  7. Marta

    Yes, it was the most emotional scene of the episode! The whirlwind of emotions that Alex showed us was very powerful. We really felt sorry for Steve and his friend. Perfect acting.
    Thank Paula for detail this special scene. I knew that sooner or later you reconsider showing us more of 3.20 episode.


  8. Im a gonna cry again …So emotional..Alex is great when it comes to this stuff.Makes us love him even more if thats possible.One of my favorite eppys .Thank you Paula.For the gifs


  9. kiwi

    Alex did some amazing acting here,it was real I believed it.


  10. I cried like such a baby through this episode and revisiting it through pics makes me feel just as sad. Alex did a phenomenal job in this episode the depth and range of this mans talent knows no bounds! ♥


  11. vanduyn

    I have to agree with you Paula! While the funeral scene was so touching, this is the one that got me!! He went from grief to anger so well. It just got me when he started to cry! The look of pain and anguish on his face was just too much! I told a lot of my friends is I was Cath I would have shot that guy for making my beautiful boyfriend cry. hehehe
    Thanks for the post!


  12. That scene was a real tear-jerker. I cried then and the funeral scene. Alex deserves an Emmy for this performance!


  13. marnov2205

    Paula, thank you for this pretty and seeerious and thx for waiting a few days before posting this. This particular scene is the most emotional and haunting of H50 so far to me. It upset me so that I couldn’t even rewatch it for some time. And I’m normally no softie. When I got over my anxiety about this scene, I could just applaud in awe to Alex’s brilliant acting of the emotions.

    A random personal thought: this scene felt much more powerful to me than the funeral scene, for some reasons. I suspect that the script writers meant it the other way round (I think they meant the funeral to be THE ultimate emotional scene) but it turned out otherwise. Maybe Alex put just much more into the mutilation scene than he was expected to by how it was originally written.

    Now I promise I’m not going for such serious critical theoretical observations anymore and will just stare at the pictures. *goes to stare*


    • Sue (@ONTLLs)

      I enjoy your serious side marnov2205, sometimes we need that. I too had a hard time going to back to watch this episode, aka my re-action at top of the comments.
      I am taught old school, men don’t cry – sorry, but as time goes on, I see it, it’s okay.
      Alex’s emotions showed up for me in episode 3:06 then “I Ka Wa Mamua” after Steve and Danno hugged, Danna starts walking away, and Steve’s eyes are just – I lost it then!
      I knew this episode was gonna be big, when Steve always said “We don’t leave anyone behind!”
      Thanks again, enjoy reading everyone’s comment here.


    • Emerald

      Honestly I think it depends on how long they’ve been filming on a particular day. From what I’ve heard through little things people like Scott Caan have let slip in past interviews, plus what Alex’s publicist has said (about Alex’s schedule being hectic) I think they do have a very punishing filming regime for the show. Some of the episodes I skipped through recently, you could tell in certain scenes both Alex and Scott just looked exhausted and not really 100% on the ball in terms of their acting. Maybe the same thing happened here, maybe they filmed the jungle scene at a point in the day where Alex was still fired up and good to go, and the funeral scene at the end of a long day when he just didn’t have that level of intensity left in him. Or maybe Alex decided that it was more realistic to play it the way he did, and I have to say I would agree with his choice. A battle scene, when the endorphins and adrenalin are running high, and you’re facing all manner of horror, you’re emotions are more likely to be ramped up to a factor of 11. Once you come down from that surge of adrenalin etc, then you tend to go into more of a numb, almost calm exhausted state. I’ve lost a number of friends to suicide, the ones I’ve lost in real life, where I’ve been able to attend their funerals, my reaction between getting the news and then seeing them laid to rest has been very different. Getting that initial phone call is like a sucker punch to the stomach, it knocks the wind out of you, and then the tears come and they’re uncontrollable and it just hurts so much, but when it comes time for the funeral you move more into a state of numbness, almost like you’ve cried so much and now you’re just going through the motions. Of course I still cried at my friend’s funerals, and I still felt the weight of their loss, but it wasn’t that gut wrenching feeling of just needing to sob that you get when you first find out someone is dead.


  14. Magnifico estan grandiosas las imagenes 😉


  15. buttercup

    I have to admit, that this ep didn’t make me cry, am I the only one! I mean, I was touched, but I wasn’t shaken to tears 😦 ! There were only 2 scenes that made me burst into tears: Chin telling Danny the Story of how he met Malia and Steve eating the salty cake before his break for rehab!
    I’m really tough, huh 😉 ! But I’m with you, Alex’s acting was so “real”, he’s such a incredible hottie!


    • There have been moments in show when other fans have been moved to tears while I have been less touched, we all feel about things differently, also as women our hormones might be pushing our buttons some days more than others 😉


      • buttercup

        So true! Thanks! Rethinking, I guess, I was pretty much shaken up while watching the cake scene for RL reasons as well, so let’s blame my hormones for that 😉 ! Thanks again!


  16. KarinA

    This is a perfect illustration to one of the major reason I admire (no, more than that but I can’t find the right word/words) Alex so much – an incredible actor who can make an emotional scene like this seem so totally genuine, to be so convincing that you can truly share all the feelings rushing though him, and ultimately understand, even if you not agree with all of them!, the actions he takes afterwards


  17. Sam

    Thank you so much for these wonderful gifs. Those were great scenes and Alex absolutely nailed it. That was a perfect display of emotions. He is really great with that.

    This scene and the one where he has to leave Freddie behind are more of a tearjerker for me than the funeral. Not because his acting was flawed at the end, but simply the other scenes felt more real and in the moment. A funeral is always arranged and we are ‘supposed’ to feel emotional. The scenes in the field were much more heartbreaking for me.

    Even the scenes at the airport with the casket and all the people showing their respect got to me more than the funeral itself. But again, just because it felt more real. Hard to explain really.


    • You explained it very well, I can relate to what you are saying. The “outburst” at the corpse was sort of unexpected and then Alex portrayed his sorrow so powerfully, it really caught me by “surprise”.


      • buttercup

        By “surprise”, it’s so very well put! It was like the McRoll upset-scene in 3.18, nobody expected it that way, and we were all the more suprised and shaken because it came out of the blue!


  18. “For me this scene was the most emotional in this episode, possible in the whole season so far. Somehow I felt more Steve´s hurt and sadness in here than the funeral (that was great too).” Totally agree!!!


  19. leiCa

    Thank you thank you thank you Paula for these gif(t)s!
    For me this was the most touching and !yes! most surprising scene in the best episode of all three seasons. I was totally blown away.
    The emotional change from finding his ‘brothers’s body, the examination, to realisation what was done to him was brilliantly acted. Even SuperSEALs have a breaking point and this was his. He is sorry, he feels guilty (I mean he was the one who picked Freddy for this mission, he was the one who stopped Freddy quitting the SEALs) and maybe he remembers what else he lost because of this one mission. Steve breaks, his walls break and sweat and snot are dripping from his chin. But he can’t have that, can’t he? So in a blink of an eye his emotions change to hate and anger! These emotions he can handle, they don’t make him lose his focus, those are emotions he can “use”! And looking in his eyes as he kills Jin Wun(?) I don’t want to be on the receiving end.
    I cried, I had tears in my eyes (and I’m beyond this hormone thing 😉 ) but I will watch this epi again and again without ff one second!
    Alex portrayal was outstanding and made me proud to be a fan!
    Again: Thank you!


    • Sam

      Perfectly said! You are SO right. You put my thoughts in words. Totally agree with you, just had to let you know. 😉


      • leiCa

        Oh, thank you Sam! I’m honored, really!
        This was one hell of an episode and while watching it the first two times I didn’t even care that he looked so damned freaking hot in the jungle.
        And we all know he is “a guy who loves the jungle”! 🙂


  20. LaHagela (The Tinkler)



  21. fever (switzerland)

    Thanks Paula for all this gifs.. absolute outstanding acting from Alex in this Scene. Heartbreaking.. and i got tears in my eyes. But the whole Episode was great and Alex acting in this one awesome. Hope the writers from h5-0 will give him more epis, like this, (where he can Show his great acting Talent) in season 4


  22. I loved this episode just LOVED IT


  23. Watched this episode for the first time a few weeks ago and I got all choked up at this scene. Steve is usually so tough and stoic, and then he breaks down and is so close to crying… *sniff*

    BTW, I’m loving your blog!


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