Hurts and smiles

RL has currently gotten me exhausted. I haven´t had much energy to search for yummies so I continue with my lust for one-armed Steve 🙂



So happy to get new McG material to work with tomorrow!



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18 responses to “Hurts and smiles

  1. marnov2205

    Poor dears! Both you and Steve. Love the smiles and the foxhole, I mean the basement fantasy. Thx so much for posting pretty! Have I mentioned recently that I adore Steve in grey? Guess I have. Sorry. *end of flail*


    • buttercup

      Yes, you have (mentioned the greyteeshirt) but with McG repetition is a “must-do” and “totally understandale”! I could repeat myself all the time 😉 !


  2. buttercup

    Yes, Paula, #3, yes yes yes yes, yes, yes, YES! So frkn sexy how he holds his arm against the kevlar, jeez, I have to come back later! Middle of the day, have work to do, children to look after 😆 ! Looking forward to the quite hours in the evening (4 hours to go) !! (because I can’t watch 3.20, not until tomorrow 😦 )


    • marnov2205

      I may keep you company when you’re back. No 3.20 for me today either. I’d take one-armed Steve all the same, as long as certain other limb is fine. #justsayin


      • I don´t get to watch the new episodes till Tuesdays myself either, but for the majority it is today so going with that thought.
        Ps the other limb is indestructable! It will survive all apocalypses.


  3. Karen

    Major eyelash porn going on in gif2! There’s nothing like his smile! Sigh… Only 11 hrs and 30 mins to go…..


    • FOYeur

      Karen, those eyelashes are just rediculously pretty!!…..and the smile…sigh!


      • buttercup

        For this one – I have to quote Andr3a (from the black crystal post) “his eyelashes are way beyond ridiculous. They are longer than Beth’s and she’s wearing frikkin’ Mascara!”
        That sentence’s sticking in my mind ever since then! And evertime I put on “frikkin’ mascara” I think about that quote (and it’s making me chuckle)! I live with the quotes here, they’re affecting my RL and really sometimes it scares me 😆 but only to the best!


  4. Sorry to hear that, baybay. I know the feeling. Thanks so much for taking the time to share these pretty stills and gifs with us. {{HUGS}}


  5. karin@notmcnerd

    Hang in there, Paula. Hope you’ll soon be kicking RL in the a$$ so hard it has to wear a sling!!


  6. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    Thanks for the great Gifs again.. Love when he comes back and sees Kono and she is like “phew” and Steve says it’s fish and Danno went home to change his shirt LOL!!
    Looking forward to tonight’s episode can’t wait, I have almost 9 hours to wait for it.
    Currently posting while at work! 😯 don’t tell anyone! 😉


    • buttercup

      I love the scene with Kono too, when she goes like “hey boss”! And the nice smile in #2, melting ahhhh! I like it when he works with Kono and I’m looking forward to the Kono/Adam/Michael story, because I hope Steve’s got to save her @ss!


  7. buttercup

    Hey, McGarrett Monday! Finally, 3 absolutely unbearable 😦 weeks of waiting are over! But all those gifs made it easier for me 😆 !
    This one is def one of my fav ep! Steve being (no, looking) hurt is gorgeous, somehow sick, huh! And the grey tee nicely shows his perfect pecs! I mean, he has got the swagger-strut with that plastered arm, frkn amazing that guy, seriously! He even makes a fist when he’s descending into that basement to show us his massive arm muscles, and the gun in the other hand, eyes darting, totally in control of the situation! Don’t we just love Steve like that?
    Too long sorry, I had to give myself a therapy 😉 !


  8. vanduyn

    So sorry to hear about RL for you Paula, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say I am SOOOO good with the one armed Steve!! Thanks so much!! 😀


  9. Melissa

    I can’t express how much turn me on Alex or Steve (whateva) with the “lights on” #freethegeko (1st gif)


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