Steve – easy target

Easy target (?), because of his injured arm. Surely he couldn´t put up much of a fight if I jumped him…I promise to be careful  not to hurt him any more 😉






And he is taking advantage of his boo-boo, how cute 🙂

ps. this post is just because this episode showed Alex so frkn pretty, and this grey tee with grey cargos and lovely arm bondage make him irresistable in my eyes  😆



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22 responses to “Steve – easy target

  1. buttercup

    Seriously, Paula, I thought you would take a break 😉 ! And here you are, bringing us more adorable Steve! You know exactly what we want, DON’T YOU? That scene when Kamekona comes to fetch Steve ( I have to admit, I’ve watched it about a hundred million times, at least! ) because of his injured-swagger-strut-walking, just so perfectly cool! HE’S EVEN MORE SEXY WITH THAT blue SLING! 😆 😆


  2. karin@notmcnerd

    Thanks for the BTTF reminder. These are great! Oh that strut!!


    • buttercup

      That strut is doing us in all the time! I love the way he kind of double-swings his other arm, somehow to make up for the other one that can’t swing at all 😆 !


    • I have once made a gif of the BTTF but not sure if I ever posted it, I made it with a funny quote a long time ago but thought some might not get the humor…if only I could find it in my files.


  3. Sue (@ONTLLs)

    That man walks on his heals, love it.. the strut is great. The T-shirt is great, just tight enough! 😉

    Love all the work you do Paula, but I thought?? Never mind *confused* Thank you, Thank you (((HUGS)))


  4. marnov2205

    Thx v much, Paula, you’re a prodigy. You made me extra happy b/c of the grey, my fav colour on Steve. I won’t repeat in length what has been already cleverly pointed out by others: the strut & the sling & the extra arm waving = a nice combo 🙂 *end of flail*


  5. SueB

    It is like you are my sista!! You read my mind so well!


  6. Tracey Waddell

    Thank you! Question, did Alex really hurt his arm or all the story line?


    • FOYeur

      Hi Tracey.
      No, Alex did not break his forearm in real life. This was all part of the story in S1. He also still wore the fake cast in the next episode. (this was his left arm that was fake broken)
      I think people sometimes confuse it with he fact that Alex did hurt his shoulder early on in Season 1.(And as far as I know it was his right shoulder that got hurt)


  7. buttercup

    Hey there, I was checking on your page today and I was happy to still find Steve – easy target on top! I had some time to kill while waiting and I kept on thinking about this post! Steve and his hurt arm is so beautiful (kind of a sick mind thinking 😉 ) !!! In the end of this ep, they are in those killer-father’s basement and Steve is pointing his gun at him, while holding his broken arm against his chest, omg, so beautifully acted, omg OMG, that makes him so frkn sexy !
    Thanks again, Paula, your posts keep my mind working overtime, it’s real fun!


    • Now you make me wanna go capture that basement scene!


    • marnov2205

      Pls don’t use the phrase STEVE ON TOP again cause it triggers all kinds of associations for me, but Steve on top of a web site is NOT one of them. The basement talk doesn’t make me comfortable either cause it evokes in my mind the foxhole fantasy. And no, I certainly don’t see double entendre behind everything. #NotAtall


      • Sue (@ONTLLs)

        Just clicked on your name.. I am sorry. LOL!! (thanks for giggle, I needed it)
        I usually just go um “Thunk” and hit the floor for a bit and then wake up slowly.
        I know, I know Paula and crew should be posting a Warning of some type eh!
        Like maybe..
        WARNING: The following picture may cause a rise in temperature, dizziness, fainting, heart attack, and a whole bunch of other symptoms that are totally worth it!!


        • marnov2205

          Feel free to click away – as long as you don’t have anything prettier than me to click on 🙂 Health warnings are the default setting here, it’s up to us to approach this site with our safety in mind and take necessary precautions.


      • buttercup

        wrong language use sorry marnov2205, but at least it gave you some naughty thoughts, huh? … and naughty and Steve is always a good combi!


  8. Melissa

    Soooo pretty that hurts my eyes ♥ 😀
    2nd gif…. almost like a run way baby! shake it if you got it ♥
    seems so easy for him to be cute, even when as been injured ♥


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