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“Undressing Steve” (No 4) – Episode 2:09

It has been a while since we have had some mindless fangirl fun here, while ‘Undressing Steve’. This time we decided on an episode right in the middle of Season 2. Because of her love for this episode, I invited Lurxgirl to help with it, by sharing her thoughts with me. (Well those that were appropriate to publish of course 😀 ). And remember this is where we all let our hair down, enjoy Steve and just have fun!

Time Frame:

The episode started somewhere in the middle of the night – most episodes do, because I think night-time is crime time in Hawaii 🙂 ! What they fit into the rest of that day, is just miraculous.  Sometimes I think their days start when the new day starts in Australia and run for nearly 48 hours, till we get the end of that day in Hawaii!


  • Steve sleeping and getting up.
  • One longggggggg day of police work, organising a sting operation, running, chasing, jumping, strutting, flying in a helicopter to board a ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean, visiting a doctor (twice), fighting, shooting, interrogating…… and breathe


Mike Schaub – So far he has written four of the episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and I really liked them all.


Bryan Spicer – This was the first of six episodes that he directed. Since then he has also moved on to be co-executive producer of seven episodes.

Okay, so technically he is not wearing anything… well for those parts of him we can see:


Lurxgirl: “Danno, you are not making points with the fangirls. Making me put my shirt on, plus I am losing valuable beauty sleep.”

FOYeur: Most probably exactly what he thought. For me the biggest problem here, was that he was sleeping with pants, sweatpants at that! I have never been to Hawaii, but do people there really sleep with long pants like that there? Why?

Apologies for this long rant, but if he was sleeping in nothing, the scene could have been done with him putting on pants and not a shirt – same effect better viewing pleasure! 😛 Who is responsible for this error in viewing pleasure – writer, producer or director? (Surely it can’t be the actor?! :grin:)

Perfectly dressed to entertain a house guest:


Lurxgirl: Nothing says “Welcome” like a clingy pair of sweat pants.

FOYeur: After all my moaning about too much clothes in this scene, the sweat pants did have a welcoming feel to it, didn’t they? I feel quite at home with them and the way they look! 😛

House guest Danny and the TV, woke him up:


Lurxgirl: Thousands of fangirls collectively say, “AAAAAHHHHH” or “I could do this all night. Wouldn’t you like to join me? There’s a space open right here for ya.” 😛

FOYeur: Definitely an inviting position they gave him!

Lost causes:


Lurxgirl: You can’t rub the pretty off. (That sounded a bit naughty.)

FOYeur: You said it Lurx! 😛 I actually don’t know how Paula sneaked this one in here – not a lot of clothing to evaluate?!

Walking……strutting…..to the crime scene:


Lurxgirl: He looks like he’s going up and down, like the horsie I love to ride on the merry go round. You must keep your hands on the pole or you may fall off. 😉

FOYeur: Our first look at his “work” clothes for this longggggg day! Galloping at us very gallantly and worth holding on for – for dear live that is. 😉

Trying to get Max’s attention:


Lurxgirl: “Thumbs up, McGarrett” You certainly have my complete attention!

FOYeur: He looks like a naughty schoolboy, standing in the principal’s office. And oh boy those pockets are DEEP!

Perfecting the guns pose:


Lurxgirl: What big strong arms you have Steven. *gush*

FOYeur: Part of showing off the big strong arms, is wearing an appropriate watch. Does wardrobe have watches for Steve, or do they belong to Alex? Important questions, don’t you think?! 😉

Chatting to the good Doctor – who alters people’s faces for a living – no work needed here Doc!


Lurxgirl:  Shoulders, tatts and pecs..oh my!!

FOYeur: Oh my indeed! This of course was added once again to show us the ‘delicious’ modelling potential we have been missing out on for over a year now! (JUST SAYING!! – okay maybe shouting :grin:)

Barging into the dead guys room, just to find a damsel in distress:


Lurxgirl: DAT ASS that close to a bed…Good thing he has a gun.

FOYeur: And the hand is saying, “Don’t come closer, things might escalate and Danno might get jealous” 😛

Perfecting the sitting on a cupboard, while talking to a witness:


Lurxgirl: I don’t know if I’m more jealous of the table or his gun he is so fondly caressing. The song “Stroke me, stroke me…” is playing over and over in my head.

FOYeur: We don’t often show Steve in full Kevlar gear here, but we have to because it is an important part of his outfits – and I am jealous of it all! The vest hugging him so tightly and keeping him safe. The thigh holsters keeping his gun close – and yes that gun is being stroked very fondly (damn you Lurx for putting that thought in my head!)…….I think I am feeling a bit light-headed now…….where was I?! 😛

The “Okay, so where do we take the case to from here on?” pose (And don’t I look pretty and need a modelling contract?):


Lurxgirl: I think this may be one of the sexiest pics of him EVER! Did I say how much I love those green cargos?! He’s standing there with those orgasmic hands on his belt and hips and Good Lord, what is he doing with his leg?! Maybe he’s bracing himself for when I pounce on him and push him to the bed. 😉

FOYeur: All I can think of at this moment, is that maybe the leg is making room :razz:! Yes, no other coherent thoughts here……sigh…….

Okay, so now we have to strut by the pool, because this day is not getting any shorter:


Lurxgirl: I REALLY LOVE THOSE GREEN CARGOS!! Pass the DeFOYbrillator ASAP!!

FOYeur: Borrowing some words from Canadagirl here – “I need help, don’t send any!” 😀

A lot of “stuff” can fall into the wrong places after making that kind of an entrance – looks like we need some adjustments:

209-cupping-cropped 209-cupping


Lurxgirl: These 3 gifs are making me squirm. It’s like I’m in a trance. Really Steve, you already made the guy feel emasculated by tying him up, did you have to flaunt your “goods” in front of him.
Are those tear away cargos? “Magic Mike” has got nothing on “Magnificent McG”

FOYeur: You said it all girl, you said it ALL!! 😛

Ship to shore – we need to contact the team ASAP! Let’s bring out the BIG phone to do the job:


His hands holding that phone isn’t bringing anything to mind…nope…nothing. 😉

FOYeur: Needing BOTH hands to handle this tool. 🙂

(And BTW if you can tear your eyes away from Steve holding his equipment, you will be able to see, just left of the badge that there is a slight lift in the T-shirt – giving us a small peak of forbidden treasure of the wrap around tattoo! Why does that make me feel hot and bothered (Maybe menopause is hitting me?! :razz:)

Steve, wishing he had Mick St John’s hearing abilities:


Lurxgirl: Totally mesmerized by his eyelashes.

FOYeur: Nothing about the nose, Lurx? 🙂 And I just want to add that I am totally jealous of a door! (And Paula, where is the outfit to discuss in this picture?)

Steve appreciating Kono’s skills:209-gear

Lurxgirl: His eyes match his cargos. Funny, my eyes are ogling his cargos. 😛

FOYeur: And once again the cargos show that they can handle the job, allowing for all positions – and I know what you are thinking now Lurx!

Storming out the door to have a better look at Max’s date for movie night. (For those who want to remember, it was Lori looking like Sandy from Grease):


Lurxgirl: I’m so glad he answered my dying need to know if he was going commando.

FOYeur: Interesting thought you have there. I think this will be a new feature from here on – What clothes is not visible and are they doing their job?

(PS. With lots of imagination, I am sure there are some ink of the forbidden back tattoo to be seen here as well – look  just above the undies! 😛 )

Thank you very much Lurxgirl for helping me with this DIFFICULT task of ‘Undressing Steve’  It is a dirty job, but somebody has got to it and you did it outstandingly well!!

…….and everybody, please remember to enjoy Steve and just have fun!!



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