Andy wears blue so well











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49 responses to “Andy wears blue so well

  1. Karen

    He wears everything well! Love blue! Love green! Love him!

  2. Mm, nearly too good to be true, blue or not. I love the various facial expressions. The pics + gifs are extremely finely done, a great choice, Paula! I like #1 a lot. And the rest… Well, it’s beautiful. TY!

  3. I hate to see him leave .But i love to see him walk away! Line from a movie! Alex can wear almost anything and be awesome.

    • gracenotpark

      LOL! Love your movie line. So true! And Andy was his most beautific character. Wish there were more eps!

      • I agree with Dr Andy being Alex at his prettiest, of course the angelic character helps a lot too. He was always compassionate or smiling. If I am not completely wrong, there should be a few more episodes of 3R that were shelved when they pulled the plug on this show, such a shame not to share those with us 😦

        • FOYeur

          They actually did broadcast all the episodes in the end as far as I know. So no other hidden treasure I think. They even made an episode out of the first pilot scenes (that is why the footage for this post looks so different from any other episodes – it was actually shot 5 months before the rest and before he toned up for The Back-Up plan) 😛

          • I kept thinking if this was the episode out of order. His butt does look chunkier is this episode 😉
            I wonder why I got the idea of there being un-aired episodes…

            • FOYeur

              Maybe because it took them 6 months to air the final 4 episodes in the USA (they pulled it of the air in Dec 2009 and only broadcast the rest in June 2010)

            • buttercup

              “chunkier” that’s what I thought too, ’cause I just recently watched TR and I thought in this episode he looks more moonlightlike 😉 (all over huge!) So now we know why 😉 (he had to toned up for J.Lo !)

          • Farkspark

            …so which epi are these scenes from then? Excellent captures, as ever! Are these the tighter scrubs that they then ditched ? Yum!

            • FOYeur

              This was broadcast as episode 9, if I remember correctly, but the actual footage came from the original pilot. They just cut out all the parts with the people that did not make it into the show after the pilot and adapted the story a little bit.
              And yes, these are the tight scrubs that were ditched 🙂

          • buttercup

            Good job he toned up for TBUP, he surely needed some strong muscles to throw her on the bed in that busted white dress 😉 ! He did well anyway, no pained face 😉 !

  4. He looks at his very best. Of course AoL looks good in anything, but Andi was the cutest when he discovered the tattoo on his friends neck when they washed hands for an ops. You could literally read his naughty thoughts! 😉

    • paula

      You remember the neck tatt from this pic? Amazing 🙂

      • More likely his thoughts. That are exactly like mine every time i see him… “Hm, i wonder how many other, hidden, tats there are? And how could i manage to see them?”

    • FOYeur

      It is atually interesting to watch this scene, because I think in the original pilot when this was shot, they were actually thinking of something romantic between Dr Andy and Dr Miranda (because Dr Lisa was not part of that original team)
      By the time it was broadcast we knew they were just friends and it makes it kind of weird!

  5. leiCa

    Sitting, smiling, strutting, showcasing that butt, breathing, eyelash-tickle testing – perfect gifs! He can wear blue, red, black, white, green, nothing, everything’s alright for me.
    Some weeks ago someone quoted Alex on twitter: “It takes a real man, to wear a pink shirt.”
    OK, I wouldn’t go this far.
    I’m extremly inconsistent when it comes to this man.
    Don’t tell the man next to me.

    • buttercup

      add the broad shoulders and the huge arms muscles and I’m in with you 😉 You said it all so wonderful in your comment 😆 !
      I can’t stop starring, no kidding!

  6. Manu

    In the last picture I was kinda distracted…can you guess by what 😉 ?

  7. Holy crap!! That first gif is the absolute bit of eyelash porn I’ve ever laid eyes on!! Thank you hunnie! 😀

  8. Marta

    When I look at Dr. Andy have a set of atypical symptoms such as staring, hot flashes, strong heartbeat and incongruent speech or even unable to speak. He still could not diagnose my illness, but you know who causes, right? TY Paula for the Dr. Andy’s gifs.

    • Andy is a bit difficult to capture in action for some reason, but glad you liked these 🙂
      Anyone like Andy would be useless measuring your blood pressure 😉

  9. Another busy day and i don’t have time to stare at all this loveliness. He is totally rockin’ those scrubs!! So nice and form fitting…YUMMM 😛 I am very jealous of that desk. The last 2 caps and gifs speak to me..well you know…in a way that makes my panties ache. Must attend to RL 😦

  10. FOYeur

    I am struggling to get past the first gif……..the lashes got me mesmerized.
    I will move onto the rest tomorrow. 😛

  11. Blue clothing, no blue clothing, or my personal fave, NO CLOTHING, he’s always SPECTACULAR!
    P.S. I’m sooo jellis of those clingy pants! Oh the places they’ll cling!!!

  12. Mz Bunty

    We NEVER got the chance to see Three Rivers here in the UK No DVD either so not fair. He looks soooo gorgeous!, sigh!

  13. canadagirl66

    I was stuck on that first gif for a LONG time…those eyelashes are INSANE!!! Oh how I’d love to rub my lips across them!!
    Good lord…that man is HOT in those tight blue scubs!!! You can see every
    muscle in his chest and his arms and his back and his @ss and his *cough* pants *cough*….HOLY HELL…why is no one talking about the gloriousness that is gif #4?!!!! It is making me tingly in all the right places…and speaking of wanting to rub my lips across something!!! 😛

  14. buttercup

    I’m not a real fan of those wide blue cotton pants in that past pic, I prefer them tight! But the shirt, omg, that huge body of his, I love it and I loved the Moonlight-Body as well and the now Steve-Body! I mean (rethinking) I love TBUP-Body as well, (omg, can’t decide) I also love Season1-Steve-Body 😆
    I guess, we love him in all those different bodies, huh?
    I have to admit, I had a very very small crush on that Michael Noshimuri Doctor, he was cute too 😉 ( and a rather nice body ) I hope they do some emotional action in the season final! Steve versus the Noshimuri’s, ahh, that would be epic!
    BTW love it here, so many new things to find out and so many questions are being answered! I love your community !

  15. buttercup

    I love the way his eyes are moving in #5 😉 how he bats his sexy Long and gorgeous eyelashes, yummy! He did that a lot in Moonlight!

  16. This lovely lot of the BEAUITFUL Dr Andy has put me in a “Blue Mood; So sad it got cancelled but at least we got “SEXY STEVE:

  17. SueB

    OK the first one! Adore the eyelash porn! Anytime Anywhere!!
    Third one! He kinda plopped down on that desk! LOL Never noticed that before!
    Fourth one down! So glad they got rid of those scrubs, but Dang, he even made them look good! Thank you for the Blue Look! 🙂

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