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Alex O’Loughlin – Déjà vu (Part 3)

To all our readers. Thank you for joining in the fun with us on a daily basis. As you know we always (well, most of the time) give references to anything we post. As you can see there are no source article for the Sophia Myles story.

So it is most probably not true. 🙂

Alex & Sophia

The only truth about the story is that I would hate it and Paula would love it!!

I think adding her to the mix would have really brought out some craziness in the fandom (cough!) 😛

Hope you all enjoyed your 1st day of April with us!! 😈



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Alex O’Loughlin – Déjà vu (Part 2)

The great news that Hawaii Five-o is confirmed for yet another season reached us this past week. So there will be yet another season of more guest actors appearing on the show. We also have some interesting regular casting news, hot off the press for those of you who haven’t heard the news yet! (Not so sure how I feel about it though?)

After this weeks episode, I saw somebody on twitter asking Peter Lenkov the question of how many actors who appeared in Moonlight, have now also guest starred in Hawaii Five-0. Peter must be far to busy to be bothered with this type of trivia. He there is also other actors like Grace, Michelle, Scott, Daniel and Max who starred in others shows with actors that also have been seen on Hawaii Five-0. We are dedicated to Alex and his career and thought it might be fun to take it even one step further and show you actors from both his previous TV series, Moonlight and Three Rivers. Which of the two do you think will win the contest?

1 ) Of course the most well known of the Three Rivers cast, who also appears in Hawaii Five-o, is Steve’s Dad, John McGarrett played by William Sadler. He also played Dr Andy’s Uncle – Michal Zelasko in two episodes of Three Rivers


2 ) The gorgeous Daniel Henney who played Dr David Lee opposite Alex in all the episodes of Three Rivers, came into Hawaii Five-0 as Michael Noshimuri in Episode 3:10. We suspect he will have a reoccurring role, as there is some unfinished business between him and Kono.


3 ) Jordan Belfi, as Beth’s lover Josh Lindsey in 7 episodes of Moonlight, also played Spencer Owens in Episode 1:14 of Hawaii Five-0. Both characters dying from gunshot wounds.


4 ) Meredith Munroe who featured as Coraline’s long time friend Cynthia Davis in Moonlight 12 (Mortal Cure), can also be seen in Episode 2:05 of Hawaii Five-0 as Trisha Joyner, who needs to be saved by Kono while working undercover.


5 ) Who of the Moonlight fans can forget the very lively actress Tierney Taylor, in Episode 14 (Click) played by Peyton List? In Hawaii Five-0 she became a grieving widow, Erica Harris, in Episode 1:11.


6 ) The man who caused the biggest chaos in Hawaii Five-0 with his pretend Tsunami in Episode 1:15 as Commander Sam Hale was actor Brian Goodman. In Three Rivers Episode 11 (Every Breath you take) he was a chief fireman, Capt Lance Carlyle who needed a lung transplant from one of the team members working under him.


7) In Moonlight 13 (Fated to Pretend) we met the corrupt politician Kent Morrow who let his daughter lie for him. He was played by Christopher Cousins who also appeared in Hawaii Five-0 Episode 2:13 as Rick Summers.


8 ) Spencer Garrett featured as a concerned father Robert Drinkwater, in Three Rivers Episode 1 (Place of life). We saw him as the terrible man Ted Lancing causing all the trouble, but who got severely dealt with by Kono and her gun, in Hawaii Five-0 Episode 2:22.


9 ) In Three Rivers Episode 13 (Status 1A) we have a policeman Detective Ted Sandefur played by D B Sweeney very keen of nailing Dr Andy and his uncle for money that has gone missing. He also appeared in Hawaii Five-o Episode 1:19 as a businessman Richard Davis who had an affair with his assistant.


10 ) In Moonlight 6 (B.C) we have the very shady doorman, Alan at the nightclub  played by Patrick Fisher. In Hawaii Five-0 Episode 3:14 we saw him again, but this time as a schoolteacher Ryan Webb, suspected of killing a prostitute.


11 ) Mac Brandt plays Craig Brant in last weeks episode 3:19 of Hawaii Five-0. He lost his brother, his boat got blown up and he was also a suspected of taking revenge on the Kapu, at some stage. We also saw him in Three Rivers Episode 3 (Good Intentions) as Mick the guy who gave Dr Andy a hard time on the rugby field.


12) And of course one of the most hated characters in Moonlight was Kempher in Episode 4 (Fever). –I am sure nobody actually know his name in Moonlight 😀 . He was the man hunting Mick and Leni in the desert. James C Victor also appeared in a very sad evil role this week in Hawaii Five-0 Episode 3:19, as Jay Lappert.


We surely might have missed some and please help us out if we have. So far my count is Moonlight 6 vs Three Rivers 6. We would however put Three Rivers team a little bit in front of the race, because both William Sadler and Daniel Henney are playing important roles in both Hawaii Five-0 and Three Rivers.

We have however heard some interesting news, that just might turn the scales back to the side of Moonlight. Sophia Myles, it seems, has after some tough negotiations signed on to also star in Hawaii Five-0 as a regular. I for one am not overly excited about the news. I have never thought it a great idea to bring either her or Jason Dohring onto Hawaii Five-0. It just seems a bit weird to me. (side note,  Paula however would LOVE IT!)

It will be interesting to see what type of character they are planning for her. Will she be a threat for McRoll, as a new love interest for Steve? What type of role can there be for a new female character? Let’s hope the writers don’t mess this one up!

Update: People asked the link to Part 1. It is a story about Alex’s career in general and here it is

Update: Please read Part 3 of the story here…….. just to get more clarity about Sophia Myles and H5-0… 🙂


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