Faces with quotes

No gifs today, just doodles. I love beautiful nature pics and and always love capturing Alex´s face. Next step was to add some quotes, but not from Alex, just general thoughts I feel fit for me, maybe you like them too…

Ps the backgrounds are actually screensavers that I googled and then fiddled a bit with.








by | March 13, 2013 · 16:54

19 responses to “Faces with quotes

  1. LindaSue

    Paula, these are all beautiful. The first one is my favorite but today I will be using the last one! Thank you for sharing these.


  2. Karen

    Great work as always Paula! The scenes, the words and the man – priceless!


  3. vanduyn

    These are so beautiful! I actually just read the Thomas Edison quote the other day. Love the last one!! LOL! 😉


  4. The last one is from FOYeur, she has such a naughty mind 😉


    • Alicia

      That one made me giggle! It was serious all the way through, and then – bazinga!

      Beautiful pics and beautiful words. Thank you for this beautiful post 🙂


      • LaHagela (The Tinkler)

        His lack of nudity is disturbing…….crap we haven’t seen that ass since like 2005. Thats just way to long.


        • FOYeur

          It is actually since 2004 – when FEED was filmed.
          Nearly 9 years are way to long….lots of stuff could have happened to dat ass! 😛 We also need to see that tattoo in it’s full glory…..


  5. His eyes in the pics are just stunning, that’s what really draws me in ♥


  6. Magnifico trabajo..y las fotos son geniales…bueno porque en ellas esta ALEX besos.


  7. perfect as always… you can find tons of great wallpapers here: http://www.techsupportalert.com/wpotw
    (for next posts)


  8. buttercup

    I’m so glad you give me a reason to check on your posts daily ;-), it’s always a pleasure to gorge myself on Super Steve’s pics!! Number 4 gives me the creeps, the jaw lines, eyebrow wrinkles, nose, neckveinporn – he’s just so freakin’ h*t 😉 And the quote – just perfect!


  9. its the eyelashes that get you every time!!!!


  10. canadagirl66

    So much pretty Paula!! Love the gorgeous backgrounds…perfect to showcase his gorgeous face!! Love the beautiful quotes too..the first one touches my heart because it makes me think about Alex and what he went through this time last year.
    And of course LOVE the last quote…cuz its the thought that crosses my mind EVERY DAY!! 😀


  11. These are all great; however the last one is THE BEST OF ALL!!!!!


  12. Thank You Paula for these stunning works of art honouring our man. So beautiful and from “tears to Laughter” I love them all. A Great job. WELL DONE


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